Alya Qistina

Friday, August 27, 2010

note to self..

I used to think that I just need a guy to be my husband so I could have children. Apart from that, I don't feel the need for their love and attention. I can survive on my own and I don't think I need a guy for sometimes I'm much stronger than some of weak pathetic guys out there and it clearly shows! Hey, and of course, I've got my mindset to not to trust them because by experience, boys are cannot be trusted, aren't they?

I wish my hands could stop typing this and my mind could stop thinking of this. Ameerul Ashraf, I'm totally in love with you. Can I have everything in pink one super fine day?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Wedding

WWW is no longer stands for World Wide Web. Thank you.

Hello bloggers, hello readers, hello stalkers. Hey everybody, I'm in love. Yes, I fell in love with Kak Diana and Abang Adan wedding reception. It was awesome and hey, it's was just so perfect. Enough said. I love the calm garden wedding environment, the united family members, the new Abang Adan and everything. Great weekend, and I won't regret the long Kelantan-Shah Alam 7-hour journey. Sakit pinggang!

Kak Mardiana and Abang Adan. They're so sweet, aren't they?

Abang Adan lafaz the aqad in English for only once and Kak Mardiana is his wife for officially. Yeay! Congratulations cousins. I feel like having my own akad nikah in Mandarin. Okay, call me gedik. I know Kak Diana was so nervous during the akad as she kept rolling her smoky eyes, she bited her lips and sometimes she closed her eyes tightly. But I love Abang Adan. He's cool.

My 7 years old cousin said, Cantiknya LANTAI kakak Qistina. Colour hijau la.

I was having such great moments. I met my future sis-in-law for the very first time and our family likes her so much. I wonder, family-in-law aku nanti suka aku tak? Terfikir-fikir. Spent my days with wacky wacko cousins, gossiping, chit chatting, catching up, and I miss them already. :(

Last photo of them in mine. Lepas ni Kak Diana stay dengan her husband dekat New Zealand. Bila boleh jumpa lagi? I'm gonna miss you.

The cousins.

Having BBQ a night before akad nikah.

Cousins, aunties, uncles, families, thanks for a great weekend wedding.

Kak Diana pesan, cari boyfriend yang best. Hey boyfriend, kalau you ada Volkswagen New Beetles, you memang best!