Alya Qistina

Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to business

My holidays are really over. Gosh, I feel like a huge pang in my face. I don't want to go back to work. I don't want to get myself to be involved in the same routines again. Wake up-work-sleep-and then wake up again. So bored. I want to be at home. Waking up at whatever time that I like. Eat whatever that my mum cooks like a boss. Watching TV and surfing to the internet like there's no more tomorrow.

Look, face it! Go back to work. Face the fussy patients, face the two-faced colleagues. Feel the pressure again. Feel the tense again. Get yourself tired again. Oh my god, I want to cry.

See, this is the price to pay for being an adult. For being an employee. Wake up, please realize that I'm a big adult, I have my own job. I need money and I have commitments. Sounds heavy, I know.

So welcome..

Bring it on. And I'm ready. :)

Ololo pucatnya muka. -__-

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those things that I missed.

1. Watching Gol & Gincu and Pisau Cukur 2 to 3 times in a day without bored. Remembering those lines and mocking what Fazura said!

2. Ate at this Thai's stall in Penang and they had such mountain of rice and we won't be able to finish it, every time we had it. And the best part was, they had a delivery service but that's only valid for us, the housemates. Cool much, huh? And they left a piece of paper written their phone numbers. Funny!

3. This is weird. But during my school days, we used to shower ourselves with air pili bomba whenever we had water supply problem. Such an euwww but that's fun. We were kind of dancing in a rain. You see, I lived in a hostel and I studied in all-girls school. We girls ruled the school, like a boss, really. Haha.

4. Having a make up session with my ex housemates. We make up each other, trying out our new clothes, taking picture as though we were models of magazines and laughing when we looked at it together again.

5. Created our own cinemas. Downloaded the latest movies and watched them together on the laptop in the dark. Hugged our pillows and ate our favourite snacks. Super wow.

6. Playing kite on a wide clean field in front of Queensbay Penang with Ameerul.

7. Stayed up late at night just to make a revision and memorized how antibiotics works. I used to study up until 6 am and woke up again at 8 am to sit for a final exam paper. Kepala weng!

8. BBQ time with my ex coursemate. Loads of pictures were taken. Lots of chickens were eaten.

9. Eating McDonald's every 2 days just to gain my weight and ended up with some lecture by my Pharmacy friends. Like, "It has too much cholesterol". "This will affect you in your old time". "Blood pressure will increase then". "You will suffer from hyperlipidemia". Gosh, that was so Pharmacy!

10. Those sleepovers! Those pillow talks. Those gossip girls.

11. Sneaked out during lectures and went to surau to sleep. Especially during inviting lecturers session. Gosh, so bored. I skipped the class and went lunch with Ameerul then. That was much fun and better. I mean, at least I passed the paper.

12. Blogwalking with my blogger buddies and couldn't help giggling out when reading others' blogs. We're acting shit right? As if our blogs are good. But never mind. We're just did it for fun.

13. Char kuey teow Penang. Oh my god, that was unforgettable.

14. High school moments when our class ended and our class representative asked us to stand up and thanks the teacher by saying, "You are the best teacher" out loud and that was followed by the whole class. The teacher was just smirked and went out. And we slept back! Zzz.

15. I was not a good student during high school. My friends and I stole baskets of fruits at the school's garden and we were being chased by our discipline teacher. I'd always hope she won't never remember my face, at least until I finish my school.

16. Still counting...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Where the heart is

If you come to my house, I warn you, please don't get yourself shock seeing our messy house but seeing our so called lawn is in an opposite condition.

If you know my mum, she's so addicted to gardening. She planted variety kinds of flowers and trust me, she also has serai, pokok daun kari, limau kasturi and whatsoever. I don't recognize those plants. Thank you.

This one. Spot the small cottage there. You know what is that for? We used to have more than 11 rabbits before and we built this just to place them. It's comfortable for the rabbits. And now some of them had died and we sold some.

My mum's favourite place.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mind therapy

I'm taking a leave. I'm going back to my hometown and now guess where I am?

Kelantan, wehoo. I'm home everybody.

I'm quite busy with the preparation of documentation to continue my study and I'm busy lazying around. Seriously, I need to rest. I worked 7 days in a week and now I think I've had enough.

I'm coming back here for a week and I want to forget all about work and all about work politics. And think of going to Penang in two weeks time. Hehe.

And reading this as a mind therapy. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was playing a game online and I registered under a username 'Qissy'.

My mum was sitting next to me and she wanted to teach me how to play that game because she used to play it like thousand times before and she thought that she knew all the answers.

She was like, "Qissy? Qissy?". Making her face. Then she continued, "You know your name, Qistina is a favourite name of a genie. It's your dad who gave you your name. Not me."

And I said, "Qistina is okay. It's just a name. It's all about us who shape our attitude".

Mama said, "If I were about to give you a name, I would name you Sarah".

Me, "Sarah?"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love Conference

I can't quite well remember when was the last time we'd contacted each other through Skype. But the last time I met Ameerul was 4 weeks ago. A month ago. A bloody 1 month. Sigh.

I wonder how I survived my weekends without him. And my family.

I'm strong enough, am I?

This was a last month conversation.

The only thing that can keep us going is through cell phone.

So I called him this one day on my way to work and he asked everything about what happened around me.

"Is that the sound of you punch your card?"

"Oh that's the sound of pharmacy's number-caller machine"

"You're buying a Pepsi, is it?" - He heard my conversation with the salesman.

So I said, "Okay I want to get inside Pharmacy, I have to work".

Him, "No, you can't. I won't let you go!"


So I asked him something, "Boo, I have a question. You know The Smurfs? You know what The Smurfs will be when they grow up?"

Him, "No, I don't know".

Me, "They will be Avatar! HAHAHA".

Him, "Huh, okay now go to work, don't waste your time".


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She who I call Shy

Sometimes, I miss her sweet talk.

Like this.

I didn't believe we actually fell into a fight last week. I got angry with her and so do her. I might be misunderstood of her explanation and it turned out so bad. And she told me how she worked so hard for it.

Anyways, thing is better now, after she ended the fight with, "Hoi are you deaf? I said another thing."

Then I said, "Yes I'm deaf and dumb. Okay".

"Oh don't go sulky. You're not deaf. Or else I'll not going to give you any birthday present".

"Okay fine".

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Look, our annually treat has came. And it's going to last soon.

Tell me, who could deny the taste of yummy beef flooded with hot black pepper sauce and the taste of crunchy curly fries? Tell me, are you blind enough to see how wonderful is this meal just to serve us the best? It is a God's gift you see.

Stake a claim now!
I'm addicted to it. The feeling is like you get what you're waiting for a year and now that it has came, there's no way for me to ignore its existence.

This. Beef, yes. So alluring.

And this too! My god, how I love this Milo Supreme McFlurry. Cold and sweet. How it melts in your mouth. And the cold feeling when it's going down your throat. It makes you freeze.

But now that they have discontinued the production of this McFlurry and that is just an agony!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Medical term

Everyone around me should enroll themselves in Pharmacy. Really.

Honestly, I talk about pharmacy every day. Every day. I always share a lot about my work to Ameerul and Shushy. I tell them everything. Work, colleagues, work flow, drugs, errors and whatsoever.

I'm not sure if they do understand what I'm saying, but they seem to. They replying my talk with silences and go like, "Oh, em, then?"

And now they seem to be familiar with some medical terms! Gosh. Blame me, I'm influencing engineering students to be nerd!

Now they're telling me some terms like, medication errors, antibiotic resistance, dispensing medication, key-in charges, patients refused.

Haha, it's so funny then.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dekat Padamu

My goodness, Ameerul and I went karaoke last week and he picked this song and he asked me to sing it! (Which is common. He'd never sing and whenever we go karaoke, he'll just choose out the songs and I'll be the one who sing them).

And to the video above, I'd almost forgotten that this song has ever existed. He just found it in the song list.

He loves this song and it took our memories to the old good days as the high school students then. It's hilarious.

Well, happy monthly anniversary Ameerul Ashraf. I will always dekat padamu.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year with loves

Oh happy new year 2012 guys.

I was off the day so Ameerul took me to his place Seremban. Guess who I met?

And we're off for some refreshment .And now looking back at this picture making me to have a huge urge for Tutti Frutti. Well, I'm not good in decorating topping for the yogurt and my Tutti Frutti cup always ended up being a so not tempting one.

Even Ameerul refused to eat it!

Played a game on a piece of paper. We just didn't know what to do while waiting for other friends to arrive.

Lake Garden.

Why I couldn't just stop talking?

And spotted Yasmin Hanani at the back!

This was my first time meeting her. She's so sweet and easy going. She's just adorable.

And she's wacky! Haha.

And my other girl, Mariyah.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Studio Apartment

Last time when we went to Ikea, we spotted this very incredible bed.

Incredible, at least for Ameerul. You know what, I think people with soft skills tend to see things differently. He saw this bed as an awesome bed, he even impressed by the design. I don't know which part that impressed him the most. Wood, maybe. Height, maybe. Colour, maybe. Oh yes, I've never told you, Ameerul actually has an impressive soft skill. He loves drawing and designing. And I think he does that amazingly well.

He designed a T shirt for me once for my birthday and it's cute. (Once. But I want more).

But yes, I admit that it was awesome. I mean the bed above. Creative and cool. I love how it has a broad space under it. So cool. You can put anything under it.

You know what, Ameerul was dreaming to buy this bed when he get married soon. He wanted to put a telly and a small sofa under the bed and a romantic lamp besides it. Imagination got him insane.

So I asked him, how can he still buy this bed when you're marrying? What if your wife gets pregnant and do you expect her to climb on it? You cruel.

And what if I'm going to be your wife?

He replied, I'll carry her up.


Always came up with a lot of excuses!

Personally, I love this bed too. It's just cool. I love how they can be so creative to innovate this! Love!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tea break!

We're rarely having time together. He was in Penang, studying and now I'm working in Kuala Lumpur. Guess how many times we meet in a month? One to two, yes. Pathetic. Haha.

So he's here! Coming back for a week for a mid semester break. I wish he could extend the holiday and make it up to a month. I don't know how he's going to do that, but you know I'm desperately wish it.

So we off for some tea.

With a good book. Nerd.

Good foods. Slurpp. Yummy tummy.

And we went to Ikea.

And dreamed to buy this lazy chair. Weeehoo.

And practiced to be a good wife. With a beautiful home designs.

Ahhha, red sofas! I don't know why but I kinda love red stuffs lately. Red pants, red lipstick, red handbag. And red money as if they exist!