Alya Qistina

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday Qistina

Jam 6.45 pagi, handphone berbunyi, a call from,


"Hello Baby, happy birthday ( shouting ), hey tak respon pun, happy birthday ( shouting again ), bangun cepat, pergi mandi, kita breakfast sama-sama, 30 minit lagi Papa tunggu depan rumah Kakak".

*Oh, wait. Did somebody just shouting at me? I bet he wished my birthday. Oh true, he's my dad. By the way, I'm not baby anymore, I've reached 20 since 12 am last night. Nevermind. Tidur balik*

Oh no, tak boleh sambung tidur. Nanti Papa akan complaint punctuality saya. Okay, mandi dan breakfast bersama Papa tercinta.

Text message from Mama,

Selamat Hari Jadi Yang ke 20. Nanti Kakak balik rumah Mama buat kek chocolate ya.

Text message from Ameerul,

Selamat hari lahir sayang. May Allah bless you. Thanks for everything yea. Its gonna get harder each and everyday but so let me say that I love you. You're my dream ever. I pray that our love will last forever. Amin. I love you Qisstina. Good night. :)
Your love, Ameerul Ashraf Awalludin.

Oh my God, they are sooooooo sweet, aren't they? And Ameerul is the only one who spells my name with double S, though I've told him for thousands times and he knows he's wrong. I didn't even seen my name's being spelled that way before.

Kerja as usual, Happy Birthday-bila-nak-belanja di mana-mana. Terima kasih semuanya. :)

Text message bila-bila masa. Semuanya Happy Birthday juga. Terima kasih tidak terhingga.

Dari blogger tersayang, Wany Bunny, Chiquita Ficha, Shushy and Zafirah.

Di Facebook juga, Shushy Ynunie, Ibtisam Mushriff, Chenta Fatin and 398 others wrote on your wall. Thank you so much buddies. You guys were really light up my big day.

Sambutan di our own page, Dolls juga sangat mengharukan. Thanks, I've lost my words.

When I reached home last Thursday, hehe, tadaa, surprise choc cake by Mama and Faris.

Thank you so much for all those wishes. I really appreciate it. Thanks for making up my life. I HEART YOU.

p/s: The best part, my big brother didn't even wished my birthday. He sent his regard through my future sis-in-law Kak Hafizah instead who called me for a birthday wish. Thank you Akak, tell him, ganti hadiah lahh!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OH HI, I AM 20.

I reached 20 last Tuesday, October 26. I can't believe I've already passed 19 years back. I mean, it is a long way to go until I reach to the stage where I'm standing now. My life is hard, trust me. You'll never know what to feel to have a separated family.

I'm moving on, left the sad pieces of that and reborn with a compulsary smile on face no matter wherever I go, whatever comes in and whoever hell comes challenge me.

Being 20, oh yes I'm growing up and hello, I'm at the stage where I can seriously think about money, oily faces, boyfriend and study. Yes dear, it is harder.

The only thing about growing up is you'll have less time for friends. Thank God, I'm only 20 and still in studying atmosphere tho I'm doing my practical training and it is nothing to be compared to real working world. I mean, IT IS JUST SAME.

Thank Allah for still giving me the chance to breath in your fresh air, lending me all the complete organs, smart brain, and for still letting me live my life with lovely family and friends. I'm older and my responsibilities are tougher.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I always wanted to learn Psychology, anyone?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

long distance relationship tips

It doesn't important on how long are your distance between you and your partner. What more important is the way you handle the situation.

Being in a long distance relationship is not that tough, seriously. Look, distance is just kilometres. You are separated by roads, that's it. The rest, it's your way of thinking.

Pros and cons.

Girls, you are totally free, you can do whatever you want, you can spend on whatever you want, and YOU'LL HAVE MORE TIME TO YOURSELF! Please say hello to facial treatment, scalp massage and shopping time. ( Sorry, scandalling is excluded, smart girls won't do scandalling, right? Right Shushy?)

* Don't worry, your boyfriend won't read mine *

Bad side, you'll be missing him/her so bad. That's not a bad side actually. Never mind.

How will you handle this situation?

Step one... Keep in mind that it is just distance. Jealous kilometres that separate you guys so you'll be missing each other much more.

Step two... Start saying hello to 1 plus 5 Celcom package.

Step three... Always keep doing anything together. Even though you're not in the same place, but try to watch a movie together while staying in a phone line. If it happens to him to sleep during your movie session, just forgive him. He'd try so hard for it.

Step four... Suprises! OMG, I love surprises, that is why I do suggest this for you guys, and yes for you specifically! Send him out cute gifts. Happiness won't come to find you dear, we have to work for it. Google out for gifts convenient store that provide delivery services , for examples, cupcakes, t-shirt, puzzle, card and flowers. MAKE SURE IT'S NEAR TO YOUR SUBJECT'S HOUSE.

Or just press his house's bell and tadaa, make a funny face for him. He'll love it and he'll loves you more.

Steps five... Be loyal.

Steps six... Trust each other.

Steps seven... Respect.

Steps eight.. Cheating is your enemy, honesty is your bestfriend. Be nice to others and they'll be nice to you back.

Steps nine... Never make assumption. Assumption was my advisor before but then I'd realized it won't get me far. Say no to them, stay positive and smile.

Steps ten... Repeat all the above steps.

Jodoh is in God's hand. That's for real.

"If you're in love with somebody, you will swim the stream, you will climb the mountain, you will slay the dragon..."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfectionist? No, I am not!

My days are filled up with works. Pity me? Oh please don't reader, cause works are still treating me nicely after all. Been having in a practical training needs me to complete the hospital attachment and the research proposal for the final presentation. We have to be in a group, we need to pick up the RIGHT topic, make papers from it, create a slides presentation and feel pressure from it. Did I tell you, I've got migraine from it? No, I didn't? Okay, I've got heavy-till-passing-out migraine.

* Nose longers suddenly*

Hehe, at least I do tell you, right smart readers?

Firstly, creating a group. DONE!

I have been in a group with two gentlemen. Why men? Because girls are taken! Not a good answer actually, but I'd rather work with these two guys compared to them. No girlfight at all, it is just that we can't get along that well. Plus, Shafiq and Izat were my classmates last time and we're close. That's it.

I clearly have no problem in dealing with boys, please don't be bias in gender issue. It is just a gender and it is just a work, you have to be professional, everybody is the same when it comes to work. Some of girls refuse to work with boys because for them, they'll look like a cheap girls. Hah? Why should be thinking that way?

Secondly, get the brilliant project tittle. DONE! We have found ours. I love the topic so much and I can't wait to make a presentation of it. *gulp*

Good for me, my teammates are seriously super-cool guys, funny, hillarious sometimes and crazy, alwaysss. We discussed in laugh while eating, jotted down the ideas in the middle of stupid jokes, and when the lecturers came up to our hospital for a pre-presentation, I guess both lecturers were in love with our proposal. Hehe. Yes, they didn't say I love your work, I love your work, I love your work, I know. But with a simple very-good-work-well-done-I-like-it-you-have-potential, I know l'll keep this proposal with me in my sleep, hug it every night like it brings me happiness and light in darkness. Haha, don't euwww me!

Thirdly, work work work!

For all that I have been surrounded by the cream of working world, there's no more important than completing your work and make sure the perfectness of it.

Fourthly, make the best of it.

Fifthly, stay professional and cool.

Works are still on. Many things to be settled up. Too much tiredness to overcome, with a little time.

Always be nice to your work, make it work perfectly-well and trust me, they will always be nice to you.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

gila kerja. oh no, kerja gila.

Being attached to Outpatient Pharmacy Department for 3 months starting from last week until the end of this year. Oh God, my first day at OPD was really tired. I'd have to get fast as patient's waiting list is like chasing you and if you're about to late for just 30 minutes, the patients would kill you! Scare enough huh?

I need to move here and there since the drugs are located everywhere. When you receive a basket with a drug's slip, that drug slip will tell you all the drugs needed by the patient.

Lets say the patient needs to take Metoprolol 500mg, Paracetamol 500mg, Lovastatin 1g and some more drugs, you have to get to every place where the drugs are being located. Just imagine, you will receive 200++ baskets in a day and there are 10 drugs in each basket, and you need to get fast too. So tireddddd.

I have no time for myself, seriously. When I came back from the hospital at 5 pm, I'll just sleep and stop thinking about other works. ( Oh, I need to complete my proposal and send it to lecturer before their dateline; 15th October, plus a presentation in HUSM. Arghh ). And wake up at 10 pm. I really hate my life. I wonder if my life will continue like this for 3 months long. And yes, I missed my uni life somehow.

Way to go to hospital

Plus meeting and meeting and some more meeting. urghh.

And new shoe. :D

Help me finding the drugsssss! Have you heard isosorbide dinitrate? losartan? jetepar? esomeprazole? and bla bla bla.

Farhan. Mahsa student.

Muizzzzzz! :)

Ameerul keep complaining that I have no more time for him. Darling, I am so tired. I promise you by next 3 months this thing wont happen again. I mean, not until I jump into real working world. And Shushy too, my bestfriend who really loves to leave a phone miss calls. She too keeps complaining me for didn't ring her anymore. Busy sayang.

And when I'm writing this post, my both legs got cramp!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Teach me how to smile, please?


I wanna have bunch of Amitriptyline so it could block my norepinephrine and serotonin hormone reuptake into presypnaptic nerve terminal and increase concentration of my monoamines thus resulting in antidepressant effects of mine and bla bla bla. Oh arghhhh!

Ignore the paraghraph above.

Jiwa kacau.

Benar-benar lemah.

Saya fikir saya cukup sempurna, cukup bahagia. Tapi sayang, tak tahu di mana kekurangan saya, saya tak mampu puaskan hati semua.

Sabarlah hati.

Kuatkan semangat. Allah Maha Kuasa.

Sahabat sehidup, semati belum pasti, Shushy, good luck for your ECM test.

Kekasih hati, have a safe holiday to Bandung. Take care.