Alya Qistina

Friday, August 12, 2016

summer hospital training

Going back to Malaysia in 2 days wohoo. Of course, I'm all excited. Should've have been feeling this earlier but I told you we all had a hospital training to attend, I postponed my holiday for a month zzz.

When my dad asked me about this, I said, "It's bored. We listened to lectures and seeing patients, that's all". But honestly, I learned a lot of things through this.

So now it's all over. 4 weeks of hospital training had over. And also we'd done with the final presentation. Truth be told, it wasn't all that bad. I had fun, really. Even though I had to go to the hospital everyday seeing the patients, attending the lectures for hours, in the hot summer - to be added. But never mind - it's all ended now. Hahaha.

And so we had a presentation to finish this. Supposedly the presentation would be after we finished with all the training, which means it's gonna be soooo late. We (ie: I) were running out of time! We desperately wanted to end this early, I even spoke to one of the coordinators to make everything so fast. She asked me why? I really have no choice but to answer, "I have to get married in Malaysia this summer break" hahaha.

(My apologize to any Egyptian colleagues who are happen to be reading this. Trust me, we aren't selfish. But we really have to back to Malaysia. We have to book the plane ticket early - so it won't be too expensive. And the time is very limited. Hahaha).

So yeah, she made it early, in the middle of the training. We had one day off of the training just for the presentation. She said "I made this for you. You Malaysian people are always polite". Yes of course, I was flattered. How could I respond to her kindness. Awhh. Bless her.

My team

And then like the usual annual routine, we had a class photo shoot. Everyone agreed to wear all green, so that's the theme of our class portrait for semester 8.

And so, we've done with Year 4 officially. 

See you guys again for Year 5, our final year. Seriously, can't wait to end this.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

squat challenge

I need to get in shape, I think. I'm too skinny, everybody knows that. It's not that I don't have a body shape, it's just not shaped enough. The only thing that contribute to my body shape is the bloody estrogen which giving me my feminine characters haha thank god. Apart from that, nayyy. I'm no exercise junkie. I'm never gonna be your gym buddy. And the only exercise I do is walking 15 minutes to school.

(I'm so gonna be one sick grandma at this rate)

But I used to make a stretching every morning after I woke up. Because I wanted to make my muscle flexible. I wanted to spread my legs like the gymnastics people did. Hahaha. Wani, my friend witnessed this everyday and shook head seeing how I rolled from one side of room to another side. She said I was crazy when she had to see me trying to do my failed backflips hahaha. But it was years before, now I'm back to my non-exercise routine.

So I've decided to start with a small and flexible exercise at home. I'm doing my one-month squat challenge now which I've started to like doing it. It's so easy and I can do it at home. Anytime. Even in the middle of watching Harry Potter.

But the downside of starting any heavy (this is heavy for me haha) exercise is that the muscle pain you got. It's disturbing. My muscle who had rested for so long has to work hard now. Poor dear muscle but this is for your own good okay.

The first few days was the nightmare. And even now, I can't really walk properly. I can't still straighten my legs. Can't even sitting properly on the toilet bowl. Getting down from the bed is already require me a lot of energy. And of course to make it more dramatic I would yell "Ahhh". Hahaha. Sometimes I would just laugh cause it's too painful. It's too funny, but you have no choice.

And sometimes I would just stare at my thighs wondering how much they suffered inside hahaha.

I need to continue this. Wouldn't be like the old Qistina who would probably stop just because it's painful. But I swear, it's painful.

But it got me a little addicted inside. I want to keep doing it. One time, when I sat on my toilet bowl I thought about how beneficial it was to exercise and probably this was going to be a starter to my exercise routine. Yeah, should start with a simpler one first, then I thought of doing yoga/pilates after this, consistently.

#dream #notsureifitsgonnabefulfilledornot hahaha

Friday, August 5, 2016

2 days 1 night in Alexandria

Just a very short trip to Alexandria with my Egypt sisters during Sham el-Naseem break.

It took 4 hours to Alex from Zagazig by road, my motion sickness got me sleeping throughout the journey after I took a pill and just to find myself wake up several times sweating. It's early summer at that time by the way. It's really hot - my face burnt. I had weeks-long episodes of not knowing myself hahaha. (After the trip, we all had nights of face masking to get rid of the sunburned face - totally discouraged haha)

I'd been there twice before, all with different people. And my recent trip to Alex was with my classmates and it was all 9 of us.

Day 1

So we started the journey early in the morning (couldn't get ready properly cause my neighborhood suddenly blacked out zzz) and they all had an egg and falafel wrapped by a pita bread as breakfast. 

In Alex, we fully traveled by public transports, except to a few first places we rented a van with the help of this one friendly Egyptian. And entered every places with the discount from our student cards. So here's the tip: Bring along your student card (though not from any local universities, and claim you're Malaysian. Cause people here treat Malaysians really nice haha)

Okay, at around 1130 am, our first stop was Pompey's Pillar (Amoud Al Sawari). I was kinda hypo at this time, cause I didn't eat my breakfast yet (didn't feel like eating so early in the morning) and I was still under the influence of my motion sickness med. Plus it' really hot there, I can't really focused. But we just gotta do what we gotta do; selfies (just girls doing what girls gotta do hahaha). And at the end, I just sat there quietly sharing my breakfast with a cat while the other were happily playing tourist around the area. 

You can read more about Pompey's Pillar online (Hi Rab the history lover hahaha)

Alright, next was Roman Theater (Masrah Rumany). Read more about Roman Theater here.

Lunch time at this one seafood restaurant near to Qaitbay Citadel. What's Alex without seafood, right. I was getting myself back - so energetic now, so alive hahaha. And we walked to Qaitbay after lunch. Shela and I had been here before with our families, so while the other entered inside, we sat there by the sea taking as much pictures as we wanted, talking to some random Egyptians, watching some people on the boats got hit by crazy waves, just enjoying a very nice breeze. 

Second tip: always check the availability of the places you wish to visit cause Qaitbay closes early on Friday so the other girls were mad that they couldn't get enough pictures hahaha and the guard just chased them out hahahah. 

It was still so hot but the breeze really helped. We really didn't feel like going to the next place. Just wanna sit there all day. More about Qaitbay Citadel here.

And spending some sunset watching at the Stanley Bridge which was so nice to get to see people just chilling an evening air with the loved ones, fishing and all. Then, moved to our home stay which operated by some Malaysians who was living there with a nice rates and facilities. At night, all of them going out to the mall to find some foods leaving me, Shela and Aifaa at home cause we were too lazy to go out. So we played Uno instead. They came back with food, some groceries and Uno game continued until midnight hahaha.

#themyth If you travel to this Stanley Bridge with your loved ones, there's a high chance that you will be together with him/her for forever. Awww hahaha.

Day 2

They woke up earlyyyyyy in the morning and had a few rounds of Uno games (at 5 am, seriously you people? Crazy haha), I was the last one to wake up to find Syaza cooked instant noodles for breakfast. Everybody got ready to Maamoura Beach.

The beaches here are clean, cause they treat them like a private one. Most of them need an entrance fee. We just had a productive morning by cycling hahaha. And brunch at the nearest restaurant.

We got home to check out and heading directly to The Library of Alexandria. That was my third time there. Having fun this time with the pharmacist-to-be at the Pharmacy books section, dreaming about becoming the book worm (which is never hahaha).

And so, we got back to Zagazig.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


"You know people are crazy about Pokemon Go right now" - Ameerul said.

"I know".

"So, you know Snorlax? Look exactly like you".

Me, "Really? How does it look like? Cute, cute rite? Hehe"

"Search yourself. Then you'll know".


You know someone who never follow any cartoon wouldn't have any idea about these kind of thing. I'd never watched Pokemon. I know nothing about Sailormoon. And so on. Hahaha. #noob

The image of Snorlax appeared. Yeah, as expected. He looks kinda fat. Ameerul will always come out with hateful nicknames for me. I used to them already, don't worry hahaha. So yes, now I know it, Snorlax is chubby. And he looks lazy to my eyes.

So I responded, "Yeah, what's wrong with him?"

Ameerul, "So chubby right? Just like you. And he really likes to sleep. Exactly like you".


The whole conversation was just to make fun of me. He thinks it's funny to see me mad. He likes it when I get annoyed by his jokes.

Oh, I really wish I was Snorlax. So that I can just crash him with my big body. Hahaha I'm sorry Snorlax, he wants to make fun of me, not you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

open house eid 2016

My first open house ever organized by my friends and myself. Usually in Malaysia, my mom will decide on everything. The meals especially. I am more like a kitchen helper. And I will just decorate the house and the hardest is to choose the table clothes to use hahaha.

This time was different. My friends and I made everything from scratch starting from buying the raw materials, to cooking to post-event house cleaning. Egypt is so hot and we basically walk to everywhere since we don't own any vehicle. Oh, if I could speak Arabic fluently, I would definitely just order them by phone and make them deliver the things to my house hahaha (just like we have Tesco online in Malaysia - my brother is one regular customer of it zzz).

We came out with several menu, with limited ingredients of course - but we did it! Like the previous years, we would packed our luggage with just food from Malaysia and for me, daun kesum (Vietnamese coriander)  and bunga kantan (torch ginger flower) are compulsory. Besides ginger and lemongrass. Because I really like asam pedas, so I often make it here.

We have a lot of daun kesum and bunga kantan supply this time, as well as daun kunyit. We made asam laksa as a main dish. Also, another main dish like rendang, lontong, instant ketupat palas, instant nasi impit and kuah kacang.

Phew. Hahaha.

Dessert: bubur jagung, green tea pudding, orange flavour cupcakes, chocolate cake.

Beverage: The best part. We had iced sirap rose, bandung, sarsi, green cocktail, lychee.

Phew again.

Hahaha of course the preparation wasn't that easy but we enjoyed making this. Gathered at the living room while peeling the onions whilst watching Malay movie, Isteri vs Tunang Raya and got mad at the stupid husband in the movie cause nobody ever like cowards zzz. At the same time preparing for beverages, making sure it wasn't too diabetic but still too sweet anyway haha.

We took turn to sleep cause yeah it was tiring. I slept for about 2 hours and got up at 7 am to bake the cupcakes. While of course, eating the rendang for breakfast hehe.

All set and ready. Let's make ourselves pretty, but danggg. BLACKOUT! I was about to iron my clothes. Ahh, so spoil.

We all became so bad mood, it was so hot. My neighbourhood  rarely affected by any blackout/short water supply or something but what a perfect timing, Zagazig government. You chose it that day wow hahaha.

Everybody managed to get dressed except me. I showered and just wearing a casual jeans and went to the campus to settle a few things regarding the studies (just to kill time) and came back home to see everything's came back to normal. Phew.

Catching the nemo for rendang 


Yes. We listed out the menus on the board, hung it in the living room where people eat. Actually I did it as a to-do-list memos at first. They were being funny when they said, "I'm eating number 4 now". "I'm at number 2 now, long way to go". "Where is number 6 on the table?". "Finished all 17 menus". "I'm eating according to the orders". "Is this buffet or we should order to you by the numbers?".

And we got more and more guest after Zuhr. We didn't invite a lot. Just coursemates and some close friends. My classmates stayed at our house till night to watch some movie and all. While I already knocked out at the corner of my bed. So tired hahaha.

But it's so fun. When it's just you and your friends, no curfew, no restrictions. Just us.

Definitely the valuable experience as a perantauan. I'm gonna shed tears to remember this one fine day. It's too sweet. Too diabetic.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

500 crowns

"Come on Qistina, move on. People are playing Pokemon Go now", what my friends said.

Hahaha this happens to me, always. I am usually still in the same phase, hardly move on to another phase. I still play Piano Tiles. What? Lame? Nayyy, never.

I still got the same excitement as before whenever I score a new crown. Also, the same adrenaline rush every time I play in the endless tiles stage. Or whenever I manage to catch the wonder boxes. Ahh.. why bother telling, you guys don't play it anymore. 

But it's really crazy. When I need to move my fingers as fast as I can to tap on the tiles whilst I need my eyes to focus on the upcoming tiles from above, I can still enjoy the song though. One of my favourite song is Entertainer, but it's kinda fast. When I fail to tap on the next tiles, the track would just stop and ask if you still want to continue or not (not free! Need to trade 2 diamonds by the way. I always say no, my diamonds are precious).

Of course, it is addictive. No matter how many thousand time you lose, you would just start all over again. The lesson that this game teaches is, never give up. Hahaha.

The same feeling when I play Candy Crush before. I stopped playing it years ago, but I still played when people were already moved on to another games. I refuse to call it lame, but I insist this is a loyalty. *flips hair*

The funny thing is that whenever I hear any of these songs from other than in the game, they would remind me of this game. Like, "Oh this is Beethovan Number bla bla bla". When I eat at the restaurants and the songs are being played. When I watched some piano concussion in this one drama, it totally reminded me of one of these songs in the game. It's real. I learn something at least. Haha.

So now, I am already at Level 59 in Piano Tiles. Which is the maximum level already. But the new levels are coming soon, they are updating it. I own 403 crown now wohooo which what I am so proud about. Wohoo. 

I am aiming for 500 crowns now. 

Never give up. Hahaha.

Friday, July 22, 2016

summer hospital training

I really have much time now that I can blog frequently. Cause I'm still in Egypt doing my practical training at the hospital for 4 weeks. 4 weeks guys, so long. It gets longer when it's summer. 1 hour feels like forever.

Don't get me wrong. I like doing this. It's just that it's too long and too hot. Well, it isn't that long but I'd rather be in Malaysia right now preparing for a big day, but what am I doing here?! My heart is in Malaysia already.

Well, I survived the first week at O&G department. Gonna proceed to Peadiatrics next week. And next to Internal Medicine, lastly to Surgery department.

O&G should be fun. But it got so bored you know. Because we got to attend the lectures at the department's lecture room (which what we've already learnt daily at my faculty - listening to facts and so on). Then we moved to the outpatients/inpatients to learn about study cases.


I don't like the smell of hospitals. Hahaha. Especially here in Egypt (sorry no offense). I can't really stand the smell. Especially when we went to the labour room the other day. Oh my god, I instantly covered my nose cause it smelled so hospital hahaha. Don't care if people ever judge me, or you'd rather seeing me throwing up.

I didn't make to be in the hospital. But I have to work there! Sigh. I remember the old times when I had my internship at the governmental hospital in Malaysia for the first time, I barely ate there. But then I got used to it and the environment. But now, it's a whole new story. It's Egypt by the way.

Ahhh. First week, done.

Gonna see poor-sick-cute babies next week at Peads ward.

Second week, I'm ready!