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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Last departure to Egypt

.... as a student, I wish. Will probably come again as a tourist, perhaps haha.

So this time was totally different. Different vibes, different feeling. As much as I got excited to go back to my temporary home, I'd feel rather sad to be apart from my husband. Of course, I was ready for this. He was too. But, to go through it was just.. hard!

To be honest, we weren't really that sad, until.. when I needed to pass the international departure gate, we hugged for goodbye then he looked me in the eyes. "No, please no. I can't start this or else this won't stop haha" - my brain said so. But my heart said the opposite, "Oh, no. He cried. Can he please not. I'm weak". I cried too.

Must. Be. Strong.

I am so weak when it comes to people crying for me. I can't do this.

When Ameerul hold my entire head (small head haha), he looked at me right into my eyes, I could see his teary eyes and no, he cried. And his brother took our pictures hahaha and the entire family actually was there witnessed us saying goodbye and encouraging us to hug and kiss longer since we were going to be apart like very funny okay cause I feel like I was going for a war battle leaving my loved one here as if I wasn't coming back haha.

But true, one year is really long (especially for newlyweds lol).

I salam-ed everyone. I cried a lot when I hugged my mother in law cause why was she so nice, why was I so blessed, god this reminded me of my mom who was in Kelantan, god I was so weak.

My footsteps felt heavier as I walked alone after that. I looked back many times until I couldn't see them anymore. The funny sad part was whenever I looked back to see them, Ameerul was always there waving at me. Then I looked back again after a few steps, Ameerul was still there just staring and waving. I looked back again while pulling my luggage, Ameerul was still there while the other family members were starting to disperse. God, was he that loyal? Hahaha.

I cried, guys. Forget coolness. I missed my husband already just after I sat on the plane.

I sat next to a friendly medical student who also studies in Egypt, we made friends and still keeping in touch till now. It was a smooth journey and it's so nice that we got along so well, it's funny cause it really felt like we already knew each other for so long. We shared our stories and many more issues especially our crazy experiences in Egypt and of course our first selfie ever. Lol.

Reached Egypt around 2 am local time, I felt empty cause Egypt was quite and chilly. I missed him. Was it just yesterday he helped me packing my luggage? Was it just yesterday we ate together?

I was such a drama queen. Haha.

Everything got back to normal again after all. It is my final year, though.

So, next time, we will come here together right? Hehehe.

Friday, October 21, 2016

When in Bali

Still owe a wedding blog post.

But never mind. Still in the honeymoon story.

One of the highlights of our trip to Bali was a-day trip to Uluwatu and Tanah Lot. Cause we stayed in Kuta and hired a tourist guide to there.

Well, I heard they were beautiful. And they really were! Yes of course the nature lover (who else?) loved it so much, he said, "Alright, give me some me time to just enjoy this view". Duhh, "You can just Youtube this, no need to be so focus". I was right, right? Hahaha.

Okay, so Tanah Lot first. Yes, so nice. Calm. No wonder people would come here to pray and meditate. But I simply can't do that - cause there were a lot of tourist. Hahaha. It was really nice, I lost my words to describe this. Our tourist guide was a kind man, he knew what we needed. What I wanted. He kept telling the whole stories about Bali to us (sometimes I snored away, Ameerul listened to him with a full concentration) but it was interesting.

We stopped by Pandawa Beach and Nusa Dua to pray. And to eat ayam betutuk (not again, thanks) at the famous restaurant there. And what's interesting for me was that mosque in Nusa Dua which was located next to 4 other places of worship (Catholics church, Protestants church, Hindu temple and Buddhist temple).

Anddd to see how the locals processed the Luwak coffee. Nay Nescafe, you shouldn't feel threatened. I'm still gonna choose you over the bitter Luwak coffee. Hahaha. But everyone should see Ameerul's face when he tried ginger coffee cause they also served another 12 cups of variety of coffee. Funnayyy. Not a big problem for me - hot ginger drink is my monthly drink routine.

Oh yes, Uluwatu finally! Much less like Tanah Lot. Cause it's a temple. But the scenery there was totally breathtaking. Couldn't stop taking Boomerang shots and amazed by the beauty of the waves. Awhh. Major love!

And then we moved to see a romantic sunset in New Kuta.

Uluwatu Temple and the head of...some boy.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

beach boy

Just thought that Ameerul needs his own post on how much he loved nature while we were in Bali. Not just Bali! Well, I deserve a blog post of myself too, since I needed to be with him all the time and sitting next to him accompanying him enjoying the beach breeze. Like what?! Hahaha.

(I'm not a travel blogger, so don't expect anything haha).

So, Kuta Beach. It was nice, but too crowded. Maybe because it was near to Kuta town that it became the easiest access to everyone. It was 10 minutes away by foot from our first hotel. It was nearbyto a mall - Beachwalk Mall I think, Hard Rock too and many more. So it was much less like the hot spot for the tourists. I personally didn't like the idea of staying here for a long time, cause it's too crowded. Literally crowded. Yeah, maybe it was on weekend, but still weekdays also the same. But someone loved it here, so we (I) needed to stay hahaha.

Next, Segara Beach. Niceeee. Much better than Kuta Beach. Actually all beaches look the same to me. With the waves, sand and all. But this one's better because it was a lot less calmer than the previous one. Still, a lot of people came here too, but this one's overlooking a shopping mall. Hahaha so no wonder I gave it a credit lol. I mean, it was a win-win situation right, for both of us. 

And then, my favvvvv beach of all! Pandawa Beach! Wohooo. The best ever. I wish I could swim in here. It was a clean, crystal clear beach. But we can't because we were on our way to Uluwatu, so we just stopped here for a while. I really loved it here. Nice, clean, calm and not crowded. And of course the beach boy loved it so so so much. He told me so many times that he just wanted to stay there for a day. No, we can't dude. Gather your sense. Haha. So he decided to play by the seaside, immersing his both feet for the first time in Bali, guys. Cause it was so tempting and it's just so rude not to do that to the perfect beach. Awhh, even the hate-the-hot-places girl woman like me also wanted one. Hehehe. 

And Dreamland Beach in New Kuta. Not in Kuta but somewhere in a new developing town called New Kuta. Also nice but we were already in love with Pandawa Beach so we felt like nothing left we wanted to see hahaha so useless both of us. We were just here for sunset by the way. 

To be honest, I didn't really like the idea of the beach. Cause it's too sandy hahaha oh my god I'm so spoiled. Yesss, the sand will follow you to the hotel room and you'll just get itchy by that. It sticks to your shawls and clothes. Even your hotel bathroom showers salty water. Hahaha. But yes, you got someone opposite to you. I got Ameerul, the beach lover.

 What. A. Luck.

Hahaha. So, wish me luck.

eat, pray, love


Naah! Just because we were in Bali. But I swear, we weren't really "eat, pray, love" there. Yeahh, probably putting on "love" element a little bit. But most of the time, we were just... be us. Haha. We fought. We argued. Then only we loved. And the cycle repeated. Hahaha I swear I felt like going on a trip with my best friend. We can just relax, be ourselves, teased each other, wrestled each other (read: tickled my bone cause I'm so skinny I have no fat hahaha). And that's how I dreamed it to be. Not necessary to be in love all the time.

So how was Bali? Bali was sooooo nice. I mean, Bali itself. Minus the people. I don't really prefer crowded (and hot) places (read: Egypt hahaha) but yeah Bali was so beautiful. The beaches, the waterfall, the greens and all. Ameerul loved the beaches so much, I just knew, that he could be there for a long period of time just staring at the waves with a total dont-talk-to-me kind of concentration. Oh god. I thought he must be in a deep thought about something then later he said, "That waves used to be strong a while ago". W.E.I.R.D. I married a weird nature lover. Hehehe. While I am more to a history lover.

We'd been there for 6 days and 5 nights. Not too long but not too short, just nice that we were able to have some good times for ourselves after those tired phase of wedding. Just chilling by the beaches - almost everyday zzz and strolling around Kuta town, by foot that we insisted we were a total tourist we should explored everything by our own hahahaha not funny. Kuta town was near to our hotel by the way. We didn't take any tour to anywhere except to Uluwatu and Tanah Lot.

We learnt a lot about each other throughout this trip. He may not be the same person you've ever knew for 6 years until you live with him. He's normal by the way haha don't worry. It's just that I was able to learn a new side of him that made me fell in love with him even deeper. And also a new side of him that sometimes you just wanted to strangle him hahaha, I did that by the way, literally. And that's when he tickled my rib bone zzz.

And also this would be a very meaningful trip for both of us too. It's our first trip together by the way. We felt rather sad as well because we both knew we didn't have much time left before I flew back to Egypt for another 1 year, so we tried our best to just spend our time wisely together. That's sad. He said this to me when he stared at the waves at the beach then he held my hand while saying, "I'm gonna miss you". God, just thank God. He's normal after all, thinking about me, not only about that freaking waves pattern hahaha.

But anyway, it was just perfect there. With him. And everything.

 Our first hotel.

The truth was; we still felt awkward to hug each other in a photo, publicly hahaha.

Can someone move the woman? Hahaha

In front of our second hotel. 

Short people problem. When you're just as tall as his chest. But my face matters more. Lol.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

just married

 17 September 2016.

Still feel like a dream. I finally got married to my fiance (he's been my boyfriend for 6 years by the way - too long that too many things that we've been through together). Definitely one of my accurate decisions in my life, marrying this boy.

Still can't believe that we're both now a husband and a wife. I have a huge hope that he will be able to lead me to the Allah's path. Also, may we both are able to protect our marriage and live happily in dunya and in Jannah as well.

I'm just married, guys! :) *feeling emotional*

More wedding stories coming up! *warning*

Thursday, September 8, 2016

dean's list

Ameerul just graduated (not yet having convocation) his Engineering school around last month. I must say, what a perfect ending for him. Cause I know how much he struggled for his degree. And just how many sleepless nights he'd been through. Of course, I'm proud.

Because he got a Dean's List for his final semesterrr! Yayy! How can I not proud?!

I called him one morning, he said, "I'm at the post office right now. I have some good news, I'll call you back".

Oh, okay. I couldn't guess any. I'd genuinely thought it was all about our wedding plan, so I patiently waited. He came home and texted me his result. I stared for a quite some time, switching my eyes between his GPA and his name. Again to his GPA and his name. Okay, this is really his, I said.

Not that I didn't believe him, but yeah couldn't believe my eyes!

My fiance managed to raise his CGPA, as he wished! Wohoo. I was extra happy for him, cause I remember he said he really wanted to do better for his final year. He had a constant aim to raise his CGPA and to get himself a Dean's List (He didn't say it directly, but I understand his target).

All of his efforts are paid off now. He made his dream came true.

I congratulated him the whole day hahaha cause I knew exactly how much he wanted this, I simply just wanna make him feel appreciated, then he said, "Okay, you may stop now". Hahaha.

Then, I asked, "What do you want for a present?"

He said, "Nothing. Just you."

Me, "Okay, we'll be getting married anyway".

Alright. Easy, right? I didn't have to reward him with anything. Haha.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

darah manis

How sweet is my blood right now?

Malay people regards anyone who will get married as darah manis. I've been receiving this a lot lately especially a month before my wedding. And they say, the darah manis people are so fragile; they tend to get sick easily, they will get hurt physically easily, cannot meet the partner too often (I skip this one) and they need to be extra extra extra careful of what they do.

Not sure if Malay people are overthinking hahaha or is it something that we just need to be careful of.

My aunts won't let me do any heavy chores, they worry if I scratch myself. Mak was so worried letting me go on board the plane the other day, she kept saying I was darah manis. Ameerul's mom too said, "Take care, darah manis now".

 Now I feel like I own a new position in society hahaha.

Shushy is cooler about this, she too keeps saying I need to take care of myself but she's pretty cool handling anything that happened to me. I got sick the other day and all that she said was, "It's normal for darah manis people to be sick. You just relax and take Fisherman's Friends".


Meanwhile my parents are just so cool. They don't have any problem letting me go anywhere. Cause I live with my parents right now, and the only thing that they've concerned so much is my eating pattern. They just want me to eat well so I won't get sick. That's all. (All parents are like that).

Ameerul on the other hand is so gelabah. Hahaha. He keeps worrying about me. I can't move! When I was out, he's just so worried and said, "Take care darah manis". When I coughed, he said, "When will you be fine? We just have 2 weeks to go. Take care darah manis". When I ate, "Eat a lot darah manis".

Zzzz hahaha.Chill okay? You don't have to include darah manis in every sentences!

And speaking about him, he's still sick. And he doesn't like medicine. While I am here already finished my second strips of Panadol because of my I-don't-know-where's-coming-from headache. Sigh. I am too dependent on Panadol everytime I get headache. Ameerul's so worried about my kidney, he said, "You know exactly the side effects of Panadol, right? Remember you are darah manis now". Hahaha now he's all over that again!