Alya Qistina

Saturday, October 10, 2015

moving out

There’s always a less fortunate thing that happened just after I started my new semester. Last time if you guys still remember, my wardrobe collapsed leaving my clothes unsheltered. And until now, I’m manually hanging all my clothes on the long stick which I horizontally place it on top of opened windows. It really breaks my heart to see some dust collected on top of them. Like I just washed them!

And now, big thing happens. The house owner asks us move out, simply because the contract is over and he refuses to renew it.

Like really? Can he just wait for another 2 years until we graduate? Just bloody 2 years. He said no. That means we need to find a new house.

Of course he said it in a nice way. He’s nice by heart, I know. Believe it or not, he has offered us the lowest rental fee so far compared to the other house owner. And he gives us as much time as we need to find a new rental house.

But I don’t get it. I can’t take it.

I love my current house so much. Everything about it. Cold. Peaceful. Away from noises. Facilities. This neighborhood. My 5-minute-walking-distance dental clinic. Such friendly and nice house owner – not the one who asks us to out, this one I mean another one. You know, everything I need is here.

And I never have any attention to move out since the first time I got into this house 3 years ago.


Finding a new house may be difficult, but letting this house to go will be more difficult to do for me. Moving on is not my specialty.

And now we have a few houses on the list. The good thing about staying in Zagazig is most of the residences are so near to campus, means no problem regarding transportation. Plus the house owners seem to love Malaysian tenants so much, so less burden there for us.

So okay, we are going to see a new potential rental house after this. I’m gonna get ready.


 Update: First house - a big no no. I don't like it. *scribble long lines on the first choice* *cries a river*

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello there

Hello there semester 7 (Year 4). Whoahh seriously year 4 now? Time surely has passed so fast. When was it the first time I stepped on Egypt?

Look at these notes and books I've collected since Year 1, with dust on them, I mean since when did I collect them? Hahaha. Did I really once memorize all the words from them?  Did I really buy that thick Pharmacology book? Euw hahaha!

These clothes. That explains how my wardrobe collapsed. I'm clothes collector, no?

And I wonder how much instant noodles and Nescafe have I consumed so far? You guys have digested well, no dear instant noodles?

I'm thankful after all. I mean, I've come this far with thousand miles away from people in Malaysia. I have survived with bad and good of Egypt and Egyptians (you have no idea how they are, experience yourself). And thank you for the chance of teaching me to be a good cook. I can cook all sort of dishes now - which I knew nothing about before.

Another 2 years to go now. It's 5 years in total. But I'd like to explain that this course is really taking 5 years. Not that I have failed some papers or whatnot. Because people really like to talk about other people okay, so I feel like people are questioning why it takes so long for me to graduate (makciks will compare to their kids' duration of study) hahaha.

So now I hope these coming 2 years would be as fast as before.

I know I'm so gonna miss this. My room, Egypt, lecturers and my me time which I impossibly will get once I graduate.

But chill guys, too early to think. It's only Year 4. Let have some fun time and pretend to still be like teenager!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

braces story

I wonder if braces are really invented for impatient people like me?

I haven't get my braces serviced/changed for almost 3 months now - only get fully treatment in Egypt with Dr Mahmoud.

I went to see a local dentist last month, and he said I needed to do one filling. There's a hole at my upper teeth. My dear, I only get my whole teeth done last month and the main dentist Dr Ahmed said everything was fine.

What have I done to myself?

Hahaha but I refused to get a filling cause I insisted of doing so in Egypt cause I already paid for it. (Including the braces set). So now I think the hole is getting bigger, it hurts so much everytime I bite into something cold and juicy. Damn it.

But wait.. the worst part has not come yet. Haha. My bracket fell off the tooth! Just because I bit the crab! Hahaha. Was I so manja or people with braces should avoid that kind of food? Neither both are me.

Never. Avoid. Food. While. You. In. Malaysia.

It was so annoying that the bracket kept hanging on the wire. So I needed to always adjust the position properly.

Well, okay.

Next was, another bracket fell off again! This time it was due to me biting a pen. Basically I put the pen under my bracket to support my whole head.

Trust me, the more you read this, the more you think I'm weird.

I came back home and I pulled all the wire out. There it went. Now my teeth seem like an undone construction site. Lol.

And I just knew that, if you take off brackets from the teeth, your teeth will be so yellowish.

Now I become a laugh stock to Ameerul. Cause I used to always make fun of his yellowish teeth. You dirty smoker.

Now he has a point to joke around about my weakness.

Okay, so now. I have to wait for another 3 weeks to get my teeth repaired.

p/s: I'm going back to Egypt in 3 weeks.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

short update

Gosh! Where have I been abandoning you guys? So bad. Hahaha.

So for now, as for my summer break, I would say this is the most exciting summer break. Yes, something has happened. I promise to blog about it later, just not now. Really.

So okay. First of all, everything is just fine in here. I mean everyone here is just okay. As same as how I left them last year.

Secondly, exam result. Alhamdulillah. Couldn't ask for more.

Third, okay what else should I update? Friends? Everyone is okay here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Donald Duck

Is it true that braces can change your face shape?

I heard this a lot.

Of course, nothing has changed to my face structure within this one month, but since the dentist put something over your teeth, they make a thickened layer, and my upper lip is kind of pouting naturally.

Which I never noticed.

I sent my selfies to Ameerul, he asked me, "Are you okay like that? Are you comfortable like that?"

Me, "Like what?"

He said again, "Does it feels like something bothering you up there?"

Me, "No, never thought about that".

So I looked at that picture closely, yeah, Donald Duck junior detected!

The good things about putting on these metals are that, I start to take a reallyyyy good care of my oral hygiene. I'm brushing my teeth so frequent now - after meals, before praying, coming back from school, before sleep and sometimes that I just feel like brushing my teeth - that I need to change my toothbrush quite often than before since they tend to wear off easily due to the frequent use hahaha (I just bought new toothbrushes just now by the way - which the grocery keeper would probably think what the heck does this girl would do with so much toothbrushes).

And reading articles as much as I can about these oral thingy. I spent good 10 minutes watching people making a demo on how to brush the teeth properly. Studying teeth and braces structures. Reading people's experiences about braces. Checking your teeth in the mirror few times in the middle of study. Staring at your bracketed teeth and wonder how they will rearrange themselves for perfect positions. Hahaha.

I'm so so so weird like that.

I've never been so useful toward myself like this! *proud*


Or this will only last for few months? Lol.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

orthodontic treatment

If you remember I used to complain about my teeth disarrangement  that I was thinking of wearing braces to correct the alignment.

I come to a decision to put on that steel. Firstly, because of the overlapping teeth, I find it so hard to brush my teeth properly that I'm afraid I'm not wholly cleaning all part of my teeth. My toothbrush seems so hard to reach that part.

Second, because of this overlapping teeth, people think my teeth create huge gap with each other and they thought I'm toothless. I admit that my teeth/bone are kind of fragile (I used to make a bone test in one of the health campaigns, just out of my interest, but the result was shocking - the lady said my 23 year-old bones were much less like 40+ year-old bones, I was offended! Hahaha), like in one incident, my tooth cracked due to a trauma of me biting a chicken bone. -___-

So let's be friend with a dentist, and let him corrects all these imperfections.

Third, I want to look good on my wedding pictures. This may sounds ridiculous. But this contributes 70% of the decision making on this hahaha. I probably won't have much time to bother the photographer to take my pictures properly every time of the day since I'm always a fussy customer, so let's make a win-win situation here.

It's been a month since I wear braces now. And it's been around 2 months now that I've been going back and forth to the dental clinic - to prepare my teeth for the orthodontic treatment. I need to correct few damages first. I did root canal treatment, fillings, and all. You just name it! Hahaha.

Well surprisingly, I don't feel pain at all. The dentist decides to put on braces in stages. He put brackets at the selected teeth and let me be like that for a week. Then a week after, he started to put wires and elastic bands.

Because he doesn't want me to feel the pain if he puts everything in one go. What a strategy hahaha.

So seriously, no pain at all. Just a little pressure on my teeth, once in a while and disappear after that.

I just eat what I want, except chewing gum. I remember eating a carrot recklessly and the wire suddenly off of its bracket, my dentist asked me, "Whyyyy?" because he clearly told me before of what to eat and what not to.

"Because it's food, I can't help being hungry and restrain myself over food" - I said to myself.
Hahaha. But actually I always act like a scared chicken in front of any doctors.

But I grow some ulcers! And the ulcers tend to harshly touch the metal bracket, it feels so @#$*&!

*breathe in breathe out*

I'm having a dental appointment once a week instead of a regular once a month routine because the doctor decides so, I told you guys, S-T-R-AT-E-G-Y. I'm okay with that, since he's one professional and friendly dentist.

But I'm taking 3-month break now for my summer break in Malaysia, and will come again to continue this treatment.

See you in 3 months!

p/s: I used to be so scared seeing this haunting chair. I didn't know where I got the strength to sit on that. We are bff now. *blow nails*

Monday, June 22, 2015

counting days

I've told you guys that I already finished with my final exams this semester. And I supposed to go back to Malaysia earlier, but I choose to spend my Ramadan here hahaha can't believe you still read and trust that, perhaps, okay truthfully, due to some circumstances regarding the airlines terms and condition, I have to wait for more than a week.

Everyone knows I'm impatient.

Plus it's Ramadan now. I was worried at first. But well, it isn't that bad so far.

Because I'm staying inside most of the time. I mean, all the times! Except if I really have to go out; like going to shop some souvenirs for my family in Malaysia. And buying things people in Malaysia ask me to buy. Anddd, here comes my favourite part, I'm actually doing this small business of headscarf.

The idea came when I was wearing this one shawl during one of my winter break trips, people loved it so much they keep asking if I could find them ones.

So why not! I could earn some money through this right?

I'm so counting days to go back to Malaysia.

So I'm just killing some times now while waiting for the flight. So what I do - I'm dealing with the people in Malaysia regarding their orders everyday, I'm watching K-dramas, preparing what to eat for break fast and sahoor, plus it's Ramadan - I choose to spend more time with Al Quran and doing terawikh by myself.

And cooking again in Ramen Celebrity (new app that got me so addicted. I always freak out if Chef Gordon comes to my ramen shop cause his temper is ridiculously annoying. Can't he just wait to eat my ramen? As if he's fasting! - you'll get this if you play this game)..

My housemates are going back to Malaysia one by one.

And Shushy keeps whatsapp-ing me days and nights to keep me company - she really gets on my nerve with her voice messages. Just annoying like Chef Gordon this girl hahaha.

Happy holiday dear self.

May this holiday brings you a lot of happiness and rest your body and mind really well. Cause forth year will be started real soon and drives you insane again.