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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

just married

 17 September 2016.

Still feel like a dream. I finally got married to my fiance (he's been my boyfriend for 6 years by the way - too long that too many things that we've been through together). Definitely one of my accurate decisions in my life, marrying this boy.

Still can't believe that we're both now a husband and a wife. I have a huge hope that he will be able to lead me to the Allah's path. Also, may we both are able to protect our marriage and live happily in dunya and in Jannah as well.

I'm just married, guys! :) *feeling emotional*

More wedding stories coming up! *warning*

Thursday, September 8, 2016

dean's list

Ameerul just graduated (not yet having convocation) his Engineering school around last month. I must say, what a perfect ending for him. Cause I know how much he struggled for his degree. And just how many sleepless nights he'd been through. Of course, I'm proud.

Because he got a Dean's List for his final semesterrr! Yayy! How can I not proud?!

I called him one morning, he said, "I'm at the post office right now. I have some good news, I'll call you back".

Oh, okay. I couldn't guess any. I'd genuinely thought it was all about our wedding plan, so I patiently waited. He came home and texted me his result. I stared for a quite some time, switching my eyes between his GPA and his name. Again to his GPA and his name. Okay, this is really his, I said.

Not that I didn't believe him, but yeah couldn't believe my eyes!

My fiance managed to raise his CGPA, as he wished! Wohoo. I was extra happy for him, cause I remember he said he really wanted to do better for his final year. He had a constant aim to raise his CGPA and to get himself a Dean's List (He didn't say it directly, but I understand his target).

All of his efforts are paid off now. He made his dream came true.

I congratulated him the whole day hahaha cause I knew exactly how much he wanted this, I simply just wanna make him feel appreciated, then he said, "Okay, you may stop now". Hahaha.

Then, I asked, "What do you want for a present?"

He said, "Nothing. Just you."

Me, "Okay, we'll be getting married anyway".

Alright. Easy, right? I didn't have to reward him with anything. Haha.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

darah manis

How sweet is my blood right now?

Malay people regards anyone who will get married as darah manis. I've been receiving this a lot lately especially a month before my wedding. And they say, the darah manis people are so fragile; they tend to get sick easily, they will get hurt physically easily, cannot meet the partner too often (I skip this one) and they need to be extra extra extra careful of what they do.

Not sure if Malay people are overthinking hahaha or is it something that we just need to be careful of.

My aunts won't let me do any heavy chores, they worry if I scratch myself. Mak was so worried letting me go on board the plane the other day, she kept saying I was darah manis. Ameerul's mom too said, "Take care, darah manis now".

 Now I feel like I own a new position in society hahaha.

Shushy is cooler about this, she too keeps saying I need to take care of myself but she's pretty cool handling anything that happened to me. I got sick the other day and all that she said was, "It's normal for darah manis people to be sick. You just relax and take Fisherman's Friends".


Meanwhile my parents are just so cool. They don't have any problem letting me go anywhere. Cause I live with my parents right now, and the only thing that they've concerned so much is my eating pattern. They just want me to eat well so I won't get sick. That's all. (All parents are like that).

Ameerul on the other hand is so gelabah. Hahaha. He keeps worrying about me. I can't move! When I was out, he's just so worried and said, "Take care darah manis". When I coughed, he said, "When will you be fine? We just have 2 weeks to go. Take care darah manis". When I ate, "Eat a lot darah manis".

Zzzz hahaha.Chill okay? You don't have to include darah manis in every sentences!

And speaking about him, he's still sick. And he doesn't like medicine. While I am here already finished my second strips of Panadol because of my I-don't-know-where's-coming-from headache. Sigh. I am too dependent on Panadol everytime I get headache. Ameerul's so worried about my kidney, he said, "You know exactly the side effects of Panadol, right? Remember you are darah manis now". Hahaha now he's all over that again!

Friday, September 2, 2016

solemnization dress

What's so hard to decide about is the colour. All colours are pretty.

I wanted it to be soft yellow, then I thought off white would be nice as well. Then, why not beige?

Ameerul was simple, "I don't really mind, as long as it's not pink". Must be easy being a man.

One morning in last November, his mom sent me a few pictures of a beautiful lacey fabric, she said, "Cantik tak?"

Yes, so cantik. I fell in love with them, I thought to myself that it would have been really nice if I could get that. But I was in Egypt and it's so far away from me, how could I asked her to help me buy that.

But she said, "I already bought them for you two. It's peach."

OH MY GOD. So happpyyyyy!

Hahaha. I instantly imagined how Ameerul would act. Cause I knew he wouldn't agree with this colour. But one thing for sure, he would agree with anything that his parents has decided. Anything.

I asked, "Did Ashraf know about this?"

Her mom said, "No, you tell him".

Hahaha yes. I can't wait. I forwarded him the pictures and asked, "Cantik tak?"

He said, "Cantik sangat sayang".

The climax, "Kan? Your mom already bought them for us. It's in peach".



Then he started to speak, "Why? Why it's peach? I don't want peach."

Me, "I thought u said you are fine with anything except pink."

Him, "Yaaa, pink. And peach".

Lol. So fun seeing him suffer like this.

I said, "So maybe the moral value here is, always get yourself involve with the preparation. Don't just say, I'm fine with anything. Hehehe".

He replied, " Ahhhhh, how now?".


Can't stop laughing for 2 days. 

We'll still go with peach. And he started to accept the fact that we would be in peach. So jambu, right? I can't wait.

But now, another headache, what design should I choose? All are pretty, I'm confused.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I don’t really have enough time to travel to all places to deliver my wedding invitation cards, cause you know firstly, I come back home quite late, so I really have to spend my time wisely and secondly, my friends are utterly scattered all over Malaysia! It’s impossible to just go to Penang to hand the card to Irfan then go further to Perlis to see Iffa. I mean, you think I own a private jet or what? Hahaha.

And yes thank god we have Facebook now (Mark Zuckerberg really helps in all way!) that I can just send them the invitation online. How easy the life is! But since they’ve limited the number of guests, now up to 500 guests only zzz, so I need to go through all my friends properly and select the suitable ones.

Mark needs to understand, we Malay people just need to invite all the friends as a sign of a common courtesy. Of course, not everyone could come. They may have their own priority, but dear Mark, we just gotta invite them okay.

So I thought I made a perfect decision, until…

Two goons appeared.

Shushy commented on the invitation page wall saying she couldn’t come. While inserting her ‘emotion’ as sad, she said she’s too getting married on the same day as mine.

Guys, she’s totally single and not interested in marriage, until now. She’s really bored and tried being playful here. I played along, of course.

I said, “Yeah, feel sad too. It’s okay, we can exchange the door gifts later”.

Then another goon, Syad came. She added, “Me too. Not sure if I could come. We’ll see”.


Ladies and gentlemen, those goons are happened to be my bridesmaids. And they always think they’re funny – which I don’t get them sometimes.

But for sure, these people surely had so much time.

Oh yes, I had some leisure time too, so I said, “ Don’t come you people, not gonna be enough rice”.

So now, I am their goon.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

braces update

When I told my dentist that I’m getting married this summer break, he paused for a few minutes, pouting his lips, his hand on chin while staring deeply into his clinic wall, he continued “I don’t think we can get your teeth done before that”.

I know it! “Told ya already but you still procrastinating!” – I said in my heart.

Okay, keep calm Qissy. You are just a patient, not a dentist! Hahaha.

Anyway, it wasn’t a surprise. I’ve expected it to be like this and I’m ready to just carry these metals along with me on the pelamin.

All that he did was fixing my braces tightly, because I will be away from him for 2 months. And of course, the colour of my rubber!

That was tough. But thank god Dr Ahmed wasn’t like any other typical man who would just simply give up with the women being all fussy about the colours.

When he put the wire over my teeth, I noticed he tried to take a pink rubber to seal the wire. I was freak out! Cause it wasn’t a normal pink guys, it was a bright pink. Very bright. I hate to admit, my teeth are slightly yellowish now since I’m wearing braces for almost a year already. So, naah. Bright pink rubber and off white teeth = contraindicated!

When he tried to put the pink rubber, I was kinda afraid to say no. I wasn’t that friendly with Dr Ahmed. He’s my new orthodontist by the way. My former one was Dr Mahmoud – wonder where he went. But this is my future, I said in my heart. This pink colour will stay forever in my wedding pictures.

I tried to be brave, with my mouth wide open since I still had a long wire lining on my upper teeth waiting to be sealed with that rubbers, I raised my hand and waved it, “La’a”. It means no in Arabic.

He looked confused. I added, “I don’t want pink. Can I have a dark colour?”

Now he understand. He replied, “Uh oh. You want this?”, showing me bright blue.

“No”, I replied. Oh my god, I didn’t want to be so fussy. But I said, “Maybe maroon?”

“Hahahaha”, he laughed. Oh god, thank god he laughed. It meant we weren’t really in a tense. He’s friendly anyway, he’s not like what I thought about him. Now I liked him, my new orthodontist. How could I ever think of him as a no-fun dentist? Bad me! And now I could be fussy, perhaps? Hahaha.

Then he said, “Alright. I will put all different colours on you and then you can choose”.

See? Isn’t his wife so lucky? Must be so cool having him as a shopping companion. Oh by the way, my old dentist also was so cool too. Dr Mahmoud gave me a box of full of different colour of rubbers for me to choose while he fixed my teeth. Yes on that bloody chair. So u can imagine me lying down on the dental chair, opening my mouth while holding the box up in the air thinking what colour to choose. Lol. Totally understand how to deal with female patients.

So anyway, Dr Ahmed put a black rubber, next to that bright pink and then an orange rubber.  He added, "You don't like pink? I think this pink's nice". Nayy, bad taste you Doctor. Just stay cool there and don't try to choose that pink again - you're gonna lose your coolness. Then he asked his assistant to bring me a mirror for me to see my teeth on that.

Hmmm. So hard, I know. This couldn’t be done in minutes. The image of my wedding dress appeared. Then the pelamin. Oh god. Give me the whole day please? Hahaha #overacting

Alright. “I want this”, showing the emerald green rubbers in the box.

“Hahahaha. This?”. God! He laughed again. Now we’re friends! Hahaha. “Okay”.

So yes, emerald green for my 2-months braces rubber. I like it, it isn’t that obvious but it won’t get stained easily. Plus I couldn’t find any dental clinic here that can fix my braces. So, let’s just play it safe.

Teeth update: My teeth moved. Slightly. Only.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Bridal shower

I sensed something strange was happening around when my cousin, Ina kept texting me even before I touched down to Malaysia from Egypt. She needed the exact date on when I would be free and she said she really needed to see me. Guys, Ina is someone who always has something going on on her mind, she’s like the natural event planner. I knowwww. She did the same during my other cousin’s wedding. And now, it’s my turn.

She would gather all of my friends, I didn’t know since when. But one time, when she called me to ask me about tonight’s dinner, she said, “Can you pass the phone to Ameerul?”. They talked for quite some time then I asked Ameerul, “Are you planning a bridal shower for me?”

Ameerul be like, “Errr.. what’s that? No lah”.

Guys, it meant yes. I know my man.

He never succeeds on making any surprise on me. I always got to know everything ahead.

(He forgot my middle name, FBI)

But I needed to know what’s going to happen tonight. I said to him “I’m not going there tonight.” He said, “But we promised them”.

Okay. I told my Mak again, “Don’t feel like going there tonight”. Mak really had no choice so she spilled all the secrets. Mak and Ameerul warned me to not tell Ina about this hahaha. It was so funny seeing how hard they tried to persuade me to join them. It was so funny. Okay guys, I actually really wanted to go to the dinner. I just teased them okay, but I’d never knew Mak and Ameerul were so afraid until they spilled all the secrets hahaha.

So we promised to meet at 8 pm. I knew Shushy would be there as well. And it was the first time Shushy and the other Dolls met my cousins (Ina and Baby), so you can see now how diligent Ina was haha. Ameerul picked me up at 8.30 pm and he said, “Please don’t let them know that I’ve told you everything”. Babe, he can’t be a special force agent, failed! Haha.

When I reached there, I sneaked through the door for quite some time. And those people just didn’t realize. Oh god, look at them playing with my balloons. Taking my crown and wore it. Posing some selfies with my crown some more. So rude, no self control these people! Hahaha.

I entered the café silently and went straight to the table. Yes, they were all so surprised hahaha. They really had no choice but to just laugh! Failed, you guys. Now you know why I am the real FBI agent hahaha.

I made the entrance again and now we were all seated just to find another surprise for me and Ameerul. Cakes, balloons and all.

We just laughed and laughed until midnight. Shushy slept over at my Mak’s house with me, it was so long since we both catch up with each other’s stories.

That night, it means a lot to me. I'm blessed. :)