Alya Qistina

Friday, May 15, 2015


Been getting a lot of wedding invitations thru Facebook - because no one wants to waste a time to post me a card via international delivery that probably takes 1 month to arrive and obviously I can't attend.

I felt a glimpse of excitement to receive such invitations and I usually went like, "Wow, she's getting married" or "Young, successful and going to get married - how interesting" or "Already?"

Or nowadays that I've been getting so so much invitations that apparently I won't be able to attend, I'll go like, "Awhh whose wedding this time?" or "Whose Raikan Cinta is this?" whilst tapping my phone to open her Facebook invitation page from the notification box.

Confession: I'd always wanted to get married early - at 25. Simply because it's a sunnah. 25 is such a perfect age to get married because usually that's when you're just starting with a stable career, you can afford to buy your own assets, you're technically mature enough to manage a household and taking care of babies.

Also you can befriend with your own children when they get older because the age gap isn't that huge. I wanna be my children's bestfriend - even though they don't want to.

I wanna see how they progress. I wanna be there on their graduation days. I wanna be there inside their labour rooms. #clingyfuturemomalert

Am I right? Okay, maybe my talks are cheap. Hahaha.

So being 25 years old now, any signs of getting married is really nowhere to be seen. Not even a slightest hahaha.

No pressure of course.

Because I need to complete my studies first. Marriage is not a race okay.

I know my life is progressing a little slower than the others. But truth be told, that doesn't give me a pressure. As long as you enjoy doing your own things and stick to your goals. I actually have so many dreams to achieve - though everything seems to move so slow for me.

"It's okay if you'd get it done later than others. This is not a race. All that matters is you and you ambition." - Dad, 3 years ago.

Well, we can just plan, no matter how great our plans are, it's only Allah who has the power of deciding everything.

So now, I'm just focusing on the wedding... of my big brother. Hahaha but it's really really nice to see their preparations. From wedding invitation card, door gifts and all.

Okay now. I'm going to go back to books.

Study week now. Nerd alert mode on.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

another exam

So, now I've done with numerous exams. A few mid term papers left before starting my real final exams. Tomorrow will be my Community Pharmacy practical exam - which now I'm trying to memorize all those drugs.

My Pharmacology practical the other day was just okay. My frog died after a tonic convulsion from Strychnine. And for the second drug, my mouse went super hyperactive I needed to put it inside a box that my Egyptian friend gave to me.

My little mouse jumped really high and he (or she? I didn't care) almost bit my fingers! Rude, very rude. I was so surprised that he went too harsh that I threw him away to my neighbor friend who sat in front of me - she didn't notice, if not she would screamed I bet.

Mice and frogs are everywhere on the floor! I really felt like growing more and more hairs on my entire legs!

So I assumed that my second unknown drug was Caffeine. Cause my mouse went really active (CNS stimulation) even though he didn't show any signs/symptoms like we ever learnt in class. Spoiled la you little mouse, always like that. In exams, nothing goes right. Hahaha.

It might be Caffeine. Because I injected it to a frog before - he had mixed convulsion and he couldn't walk properly- hanging of legs.

As for tomorrow, another subjects, but still related to drugs. We are going to get few clinical problems and suggest the line of treatments for each disease. Of course, cannot simply give any drugs. We must know how the drugs work, side effects, drug-drug interaction and so and so.

Flatlay - to make it more boring. Hahaha

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

long hair and summer

I've always wanted to keep my hair long cause I think I'm adorable like that haha though no one could really see it. My hair never got any shorter than my shoulder throughout my life except twice or thrice that I might became unconsciously insane to cut it that short at that time or when the hairdresser just cut it wrong. Other than that, I'd reallyyy love to keep it long.

But the downside of having such long hair is that it gets to be pretty annoying to manage. Hair fall is another problem. Especially during summer. Cause it's so hot in here that I will switch my fan on to the maximum speed. When the strong wind from the fan strikes your hair really harsh, it will fly to your face like a tornado. Imagine if you're wearing a facial mask at that crucial time! It's also distracting so much when you try to study and memorizing such long medical terms and another 'tornado' strikes. 

I tied my hair in a bun, not comfortable. I covered my hair with towel for a while, I was sweating - of course, not comfortable.

I remember last summer I asked my friends to cut my hair down. Cause impatient me was just getting angry at my own hair!

But Alhamdulillah, this long hair has no issue with wearing hijab outside. I'm comfortable with that..

Plus summer here is no joke. Where the high temperatures will easily soar over 40 °C - including Zagazig. Summer is definitely not my favourite season. Simply because it's so much hotter than the rest. Cause impatient me just can't bear with it. (I need to learn to be patient, actually).

So, what I usually do is try to avoid being outside as much as I can. And the good thing is that we don't have any lectures during summer anymore because the final exams are starting. So we just have to go to the campus for exams, only. And this year, Ramadhan comes just right in summer, reallyyyy need to be more patient, okay? Hahaha.

And also, what I usually do in summer are taking shower more often, drink gallons of plain water, keep the fan to function at its highest speed, wear veryyyy thin clothes and moisturizer suddenly becomes my bff.

I don't know what this summer will bring. I'm just so excited to go back to Malaysia right after my final exams finish!

Which also may be as hot as here hahaha. But it is a home after all.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

biggest fear

I'm taking 5-minute break from studying for Pharmacology practical exam tomorrow. Which I'm quite nervous about. Since this takes about 25 marks for grading the whole subject.

So for tomorrow I need to inject unknown drugs to frog/mouse and waiting for their reactions to determine my unknown drugs. I'm never afraid of frogs, we're kind of bff like that. Though with their wet skin and all, at least they don't bite!

But as for mice, euw! Hahaha euw! I can't stand those snouty noses with projecting hairs some more. And the naughty tails of them waving nonchalantly as if saying they've got all the power in the world. Isn't that annoying? Hahaha. The fact of just looking at them moving in the locked cage is already annoying.

(Especially when you inject Pilocarpine to this mouse, it will secrete so much saliva and tears until its hair is going to get wet by that, that's really... em, so nauseous. Sorry, mouse. I am a mean human being).

Mice are my biggest fear ever!

I feel like peeing seeing they move towards me in the lab.

One thing that I find myself calm a little bit is that the mice here aren't that big. They are just petite and manageable. Not as big as the ones you see outside.

I was freaked out to know we needed to play with mice at first. Then I tried to touch them - slowly, injected them quickly that finally I found myself calm and starting to enjoy doing things like that every week in the lab.

I finally overcome my fear to this little species! ... at least 50%.

Mice aren't really my biggest fear after all.

So, okay. For now, I'm going to go back to my book. See you tomorrow dear frogs/mice whatever.

And wish me luck people!

Friday, May 1, 2015

1st May

It's 1st May guys! A small festive to all labors in the world. A day that you guys are waiting for. I feel you guys, I've been in that place. And it has been so so long since I write under a label of 'Working Girl'.

I once worked as a pharmacy assistant for 1 year in a private hospital before I continue with a degree now. It was such a good one year, really.

Alhamdulillah, that my ex colleagues and I are still can get along well until now. It's really good that I was able to get some experience and getting to know more people/connection at the same time.

Being a working lady, compared to study, I'd personally love my student life more, except that the fact of not having your own money is terrible, you still have to be dependent to your family. My dad to be specific hahaha.

Anyhow, it was really good to just waking up to go to work, no assignments, no exams, no need to study hard, and countdown to the pay day.

Actually, being a pharmacy assistant has its own challenges, I admit, it wasn't that easy. It was a headache sometimes.

Well, I'm taking a break from any hospitals for now. Doing a degree and definitely going to crash hospitals real soon. But with a different position, different responsibility, different job description - definitely different challenges.

That's life after all.

And in the future, I'd actually have a lot more dreams to achieve. So many plans, so many things that I really want to do.

One step at a time. Be patient, it won't hurt.

p/s: I'd choose Hospital Pharmacy for now. Never thought of getting into Community Pharmacy or any other fields, but we'll see what the future brings.

I used to serve you drugs and I'll come again to you on this!

Happy Labour Day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

expiry date

Remember a story about me getting a dental treatment? Which I acted so childish about. Not funny.

Well actually after that the doctor gave me a prescription of several drugs as a post treatment.

They are practising dispensing separation (DS) here, even for dental clinics. Like, the doctors or veterinarians will prescribe the medication to the patients in an official prescription and the patients need to go to the community pharmacy to get the medications.

Which Malaysia tries to do it, I mean tried to work for it. But it got some issues here and there, wait, you don't get me wrong. We, pharmacists have nothing to do against the doctors. I emphasized so many times that PHARMACISTS AND DOCTORS SHOULD WORK TOGETHER.

I have lot of friends in medical field and we respect each other on this issue. Thank god. People around me are really brilliant and know how to respect. I believe we are smart enough to discuss/debate in such a classy way.

(Even though I'd read few negative comments but anyhow, just let them. I believe everyone has a right for opinions but I would only appreciate them if they're doing it with manners).

OK, back to my story.

My dentist prescribed me an antibiotic, of course - to prevent the growth of bacteria and whatnot. And few more drugs including this analgesic called diclofenac sodium (Cataflam). I already had this one at home, so I thought I didn't need to buy it anymore. So I didn't really buy it, I was confident.

So I was happily compliance on the dose every morning and night, strictly following the correct times, be really on empty stomach for antibiotic.

Anddddd guess what! My own Cataflam had expired! Omg. After I took it for almost a week!
Cataflam that I brought from Malaysia few years ago. That I didn't really use them because I wasn't in pain - so now, what? Hahaha.

I laughed. Then I panicked.

My mind replayed the face of the pharmacist that offered me his Cataflam the other day.

Well, you couldn't go back to those times right?

So I kept calm and change to my-forever-drug-of-choice, Panadol.

And looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Where have you left your brain, young lady?"

Actually in a hospital/clinic/any drug store, they need to always check for the expiry dates. They have few systems on drug storage like FEFO or FIFO and so on. So don't worry.

And thank Allah, I used that Cataflam only for myself!

Well this if for me and for you, always always know your medicine. Know the basic informations; indication, direction of use, and expiry dates.

Especially if you're going to feed the others. Like infant and elderly.

Since I learn about this, let me share with you a little.

• For syrup - keep in fridge once open. And discard after 1 month after opening. Except for antibiotics, we don't keep them for so long. Discard after you finish the course.

• For tablet - check for expiry dates on the drug strips.

 E 11 2016 -- Expiry date November 2016. 
(It means 30th November. Unless they state the specific date)

Below: EXPMAR2015 -- Expiry date March 2015
Above: EXP 02 2016 -- Expiry date February 2016

If you need any help, just consult your doctors and pharmacists. I'm sure they are ready to help. 

Take care!

Friday, April 24, 2015

winter 2015

( The reason why winter excites me)

Winter has ended. It is late spring now in Egypt. Last winter was just okay. We have 2 weeks of winter break and we decided to spend the holiday outside of Zagazig for few days. Hence, we planned a trip together.

And spent the rest of holidays just lazying around at Syaza's house, sleepover there, watching K dramas, cooking, baking and just lepak there. 

Winter isn't really my favourite season, I'd like spring more. Because petite me actually can't stand cold weather. I shiver easily. I'd get hungry easily - which is a good thing for me. But it makes you feel so malas. You just want to sit under your thick blanket, as close as possible to the heater. 

I hate it when I'm all covered by thick blanket, with thick clothes and socks, then there's an urge of urinating. You get to undressed everything and be ready to the toilet with coldddddddd tap water. And don't mention about showering. That's why I hate when my hair becomes thick and oily, cause we don't shower everyday, obviously. 

(Because people in tropical country take shower everyday)

But on the other hand, there's something about winter that I like, it's cold - of course which automatically makes you feel so calm. And food food, food! Hahaha.

I'm going to write about my winter trip, but I've been really busy lately, final exams are coming.