Alya Qistina

Thursday, December 31, 2015

unlicensed surgeon

I was a 30-seconds surgeon two days ago.


I had a dental appointment last week. It went so smooth, I even played Fruit Bump while waiting for my turn and passed quite a lot of levels.

My dentist seemed to take all these dental things so seriously that he decided to put all sort of metals in my mouth. Last month he put a thing call nance on my palate, now he puts the same thing on the lower side of my mouth. It doesn't hurt, but when the metal that is wrapping my tooth keeps pressing my gum, well that makes it hurt!

I took it off! I'm so gonna pretend like it comes off naturally. Dr Mahmoud will buy my lies, he's cool like that. Or else, I can't eat for the rest of the month!

And he put some rubber that attached to my two-distant teeth to pull them together. This is painful! My gum is too old for this. My gum couldn't cooperate much, so I'm struggling so hard to bear the pain. Of course, I can't really eat. In fact, I can't even clench my own teeth.

So now I have two different kind of pain. One comes from the additional nance that keeps pressing on my tiny gum. And the other comes from the rubber that tries to pull my teeth closer to each other.

To make it more dramatic, some ulcers suddenly grew.

What I ate for the first 3 days was a porridge. Boring!

I, seriously can't wait to end all of this.

So what happened was, my wire accidentally came off (I swear it just came off naturally, not me doing that this time hehe) and I didn't know how that happened, that wire was embedded inside my gum! For days! Without even me realized it!

Oh damn. I swear that hurt a lot. Massively. But stupid and innocent me just thought that that was a normal braces pain. Cause I just got my braces fixed 2 days before that. So I purely thought that this might be a normal process. And it's okay I could hold the pain. (But sometimes I was so mad at I-don't-know I just closed my eyes really tight I could feel my eyes hot with tears but the tears didn't come out, probably it wasn't sad enough, just anger hahaha)

But 2 or 3 days after that the pain still continued I just wanted to see if there was any progress with my braces, I hold a small mirror right in front of my mouth, and I tried to search for the wire. Well, where was it?

"Oh god, is that the wire? Inside my gum?"

My gum was stabbed by a wire!

I panicked for a second. I was clueless. No wonder it hurt so much.

I tried to pull it from the gum with my bare hand, I failed.

I tried using a needle, not working.

I finally used a scissor, I clamped the end tip of a scissor in between the wire and slowly pulled it out. I could feel the wire moved inside my gum. NOT FUNNY BUT CREEPY!

Magically the pain just reduced by 70%. That's how I became a fake surgeon hahaha.

I felt like crying because the pain was finally reduced. And because I thought I was so strong to bear such pain.

I mean, how do you feel when there's a metal stabbed inside your gum? Is that comfortable to eat?

I felt like I bite on thorns!

And as I'm writing this, the pain caused by the rubber has reduced. I can even bite pizza now.

It's so fun actually to how your teeth progress. I always run my tongue at my teeth to check if they'd move closer or not.

It's been a week now and I think my tooth moves a few centimeters. Or half/quarter centimeters. Or just my hallucinations. Too excited for my teeth! Hahahaha

As Dr Mahmoud finished with the treatment, he showed me his three fingers and said, "See you again next three weeks".

Yeah, see you when I see you.

*continues checking for my teeth gap if they'd get closer*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

too skinny

I've been receiving this a lot lately.

"Why are you so skinny?" "You need to gain some weight" "I think you are too skinny".

Well it turns out to be true. It means, all they said were all true!

I know! I lost some weight and it is not healthy. My current weight is 34.4 kg. My previous weight was 35 +/- kg. I don't know what happened for me to loss such weight.

People out there are struggling to reduce some weight, while I'm having a headache here on how to gain weight. And the feeling is the same. We all want to be normal! And healthy! I know this is so stressful.

I've always wanted to gain weight, definitely. At least to make my BMI normal again. I eat, of course. I eat quite often. Not a lot but quite often (Only eat a lot at that time of the month). I drink a lot of plain water, which may up to 1000 ml in a day. I'm a big eater of vegetables. I eat fruits.

But I don't exercise. I sleep a lot. I eat anything - no restriction. Junk food and carbonated drinks are included, of course. I sleep late at night. And I keep on being stress over stupid things, like "my pizza doesn't turn out to be a real pizza" or simply just like "I don't have anything to wear" hahaha. Which are not that healthy.

And now when the exam season comes, my appetite has reduced I don't know where she goes. I can stand all day just by drinking a cup of Nescafe. I don't really have an urge to eat.

Plus, with this braces on, it feels so hurt to even bite a rice!

So that sum up my lifestyle.

My friends suggested me few methods on how to gain weight. Try this milk. Try this vitamins. Try this and that. Which I was like, yes, that may work on me! Should I try now?

Well, haven't try anything so far!

And my friends try to calm me down like, "Don't worry, you'll gain some weight when you get married".

Marriage must be fun, huh? Hahaha. You don't need food, you'll just need a love.

Or should I just get married?


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

second baby

If you guys still remember how I fell in love with Fairil here in this novel, I bet you guys still can't forget how amazing the love was. So pure. So exciting.

(Just like how I feel as the real me in the real world).

Wait, she didn't write that novel based on my story, definitely hahaha (it'd be a total miracle if someone would ever write a story about my life - which is a total boring life hahaha). The author was actually a good friend of mine, maybe she liked my name haha.

Okay, so the thing is, my good friend, Admatiza (Eeza) just came out with her latest novel. Wohooo! So thrilling! I knew she was preparing for her second baby and I definitely followed her every progresses, and now tadaaa second novel is born.

In my previous post about her, I wrote about how she managed of juggling her endless work in some of her precious time as a full time student at that particular time and writing a novel at the same time. Of course with the crazy assignments and projects whatsoever.

Now, she's back as a working lady and still be able to write a novel.

She's really progressed!

I'm so thrilled to write about this one (even though she's no longer use my name as a main character, even as a minor character, but never mind Eeza zzz), because I know she's a good writer. Her story will make your heart fluttered. So real and so good.

And let me share her latest novel with you guys. It is called Rindu Menyapa Cinta.

Here's a teaser that Eeza made.

I promise you this will be a good read. Go get a copy guys!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

please be fat

Just finished with 2 exams today (crazy, right?). And so I got home really hungry because I stayed up late last night and I was too tired to eat (I slept with such growling stomach haha), and the only thing I put on my stomach last morning was a cup of hot Milo.

I'd always want to start my day with a huge portion of food as breakfast, like 'breakfast like a king kind of thing' but I can't - maybe because I am not a morning person. My mouth just doesn't feel like eating. I may feel nauseous if I force feeding myself.

So, I rarely have breakfast.

Which is totally not healthy! I remember a few months ago when I just reached Egypt from my summer break in Malaysia, I was having a few episodes of jetlag. So I woke up really early (at 5 am), so by 8 am I already felt really really hungry! At that particular times, I remember I had such prosperous heavy meals throughout the days. I ate 3 to 4 times a day which I thought that was the best achievement of my life hahaha. I was a happy girl!

Because apparently, one of my life goals is to make my body weight normal. I AM UNDERWEIGHT!

Oh, wait, did I mention anything about my hypotension? Sigh, my blood pressure has fallen so low. Plus, I just recover from a pre diabetis which I am still monitoring it till now.

So, what I'd always wanna do is to eat eat and eat. I want to be fat!

Because sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I'd feel slightly hurt to see how I am getting thinner day by day. My cheek bones are showing on both side, I'm growing my own dished face! And my nose appears so big. Damn.

Yes, my metabolism rate is really high. I keep craving for foods, but I eliminate them real fast. Like, "Eh, already want to poop eh?"

It's worsen every time the exam seasons come.

Well, that's not exactly what I want to write about. Actually, due to my hunger and tiredness from numerous exams today, I came home and craved for asam laksa.

So I made one.

Guys, I'd never know it was that easy. *omg, blow nails*.

Asam Laksa Qissy's Version. Which daun kesums and bunga kantan were specially flown from Malaysia hahaha, And of course, with extra onion!

I at at that age now to blog about food that I cook hahah #facepalm

Saturday, December 5, 2015

fun month

 I know! So much fun, right? So many opportunities to study. So many chances to improve yourself academically. Really beneficial in the future. Really helping in arranging more productive schedules.

Zzzz. Don't be fooled.

I wish I had that way of thinking hahaha. I don't even have a slight thought as that. Because apparently, who loves exams? Who loves staying up all night being all caffeinated just to memorize one whole thick of lectures notes? Who loves having the feeling of nervousness while walking down the exam hall - usually, my heart thumps so fast whilst my brain tries so hard to cram everything that I read inside it for the last time.

Semester 7 is tougher than before. Of course, nothing gets easier.

(Especially when you'd get to get deeper in chemistry this semester).

Yeah, I'm gonna get back to books now.

Btw, hello December. Thanks for still giving me a chance to rock my 2015.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

char spaghetti

I know it sounds funny!

But please understand me, we couldn't find anything like kuey teow here. Except from some Malaysians who sell some food stocks from Malaysia (like ketchup, lemongrass, bird's eye chilies - cili padi la deyy, tempe and many more).

But, they are sooooo expensive. I understand because they're hot items! Come freshly from Malaysia!

They aren't readily available here in Egypt. So that's why we bring a lot of food supply from Malaysia every time we go back there. 3/4 of my luggage content is just food. If I lose the luggage, I will literally cry! It's food guys, foods!


So, the other day when I come back, I brought together with me a char kuey teow paste. Which I thought I was so going to need this. And it's true.

I need this. 

Because my love to prawn and char kuey teow is eternal.

And that was my first attempt of cooking char kuey teow. Which I used spaghetti instead, so I had no choice but to call it char spaghetti.

It tasted quite similar to any char kuey teow in Malaysia (oh my, am I bragging now? Hahaha), well at least it made me forget my longingness to any Malaysia's food for a while.

Char Spaghetti Recipe (Chef Qissy's style)

  • Spaghetti - boiled
  • Prawn paste (It's called otak udang paste)
  • Dried chillies - blended
  • Onion and garlic - blended
  • Prawns
  • Eggs
  • Chives

  • Heat some oil. Pour down blended items (onion, garlic, dried chilies) onto hot oil and stir.
  • Put a few spoonfuls of prawn paste and stir some more.
  • I put oyster sauce, some water, salt, sugar and anchovies stock cube. (Put them in order of what I write).
  • Let them boil.
  • Then, put prawns and let them boil.
  • Crack some eggs inside and continuously stir.
  • Put some chives.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

extra metal

November got me 2 appointments with my dentist. 

My dentist never told me anything about what he has planned for my teeth treatment. It's like he has had everything on his mind. When he sees me, he smiles and greets me, "Hi, Nicky" and "Open your mouth". Trust me, he barely opens my dental records, as if he can reads your teeth just by saying hi. *hahaha, really?*

So every time I meet him, I straight away lying down on the dental chair, readily open my mouth, hands grab the chair - just to get myself ready if he inserts any painful things to my mouth. I don't worry much because I know he's an expert. It's like, "hello, I have a microchip in my head that stores all the dental kind of things like that and that stores your dental records too, Nicky".

And I never ask him about his plan of treatment regarding my teeth. I just don't bother to know. Also, it's kind of surprise too to know what's waiting for me on the next appointment. Actually, I'm not really excited to know, I just wanna get the things done. As quick as possible.

I remember the first time I met him, he examined my teeth and said, "Okay, this is simple. You want to start now?

I said, "Yaaah" with my mouth wide open so couldn't properly pronounced 'yes'. Not cool. 

And there it goes. He pasted some metal brackets at the first appointment. Then the wire. Then so on and on.

And last week, he gave me this...

I know! My first reaction was also like yours. "Awhhh" - with some painful reaction on face. Followed by disgusting face that I also feel disgusted with my own mouth.

Like, how long really I have to bear with this thing?

The red part in the picture (it's plastic-made material) is stuck on my palate. It's not comfortable but it doesn't hurt. I always feel like there's something accumulated on my upper part of my mouth, so I need to always question myself that is that some remaining food or just that plastic thing?

Andddd the most hateful part is, the plastic thingy makes my tongue becomes so short, suddenly. Because my tongue couldn't reach the palate, instead of reaching the red thing. Now, I am officially have a lisp in speech.


I think on my next appointment, my dentist will start to put some rubbers to pull all my teeth closer to each other. I can feel the pain already.

Haih, so the next three weeks from now, be ready to read my painful post.

Monday, November 30, 2015

girl in the green scarfs

Definitely not Becky Bloomwood!

This is my own version of green scarfs, muslimah version because I'd prefer to address them as hijabs - which cover my head.

Well, I think people who are following my Instagram know about my little business on shawls last summer break. I was selling satin shawls from Egypt.

Ameerul definitely knows about this.

And my favourite of all is this emerald green colour which actually had caught many attentions from my friends. Also among those who had higher orders too at the particular time!

What happened was, upon my departure back to Egypt, Ameerul handed me this shopping paper bag with something in it. I was curious, of course. I looked into the bag to find a piece of green shawl covered in a plastic.

Emerald green! Wow, my favourite!

But err, it was satin.


I had so many questions in my head at that time.

"Did he know that I've already owned one shawl in emerald green?"

"Did he know it is also a satin material like this?"

"Has he ever seen me in emerald green satin shawl before?"

"Okay, when did he buy this? He didn't tell me where he went!"

"Oh, wait, having two satin shawls in emerald green isn't a bad idea after all"

Okay, girls are complicated hahaha. Even though you knew you only had only a few hours left to spend your precious time together before you took off.

Of course, I said thank you and I was grateful. He said this one is different because this shawl has a curved end. (He meant a half moon shawl - mind his lack vocabulary in hijab-ness dictionary hahaha).

 My satin shawl

 His satin shawl

Can't really tell any difference right?

That's how it goes whenever each of us give each other a present. Our taste is so different in everything. Last year, he gave me a body lotion with sakura flower scent. I liked it, but if he could had give me softer scent then it would be really reallyyyyyy nicer hahaha. When he gave me a sling bag, but I'd never wore it hahaha sorry but he insisted it was a beautiful bag - which I stared at the bag for so long to find the beautiful side of the bag hmmm still couldn't find the beauty of that.

When I gifted him a Tshirt, he said he liked it and so gonna wear it. Yes, he wore it at night! During bedtime! God, that was expensive omg how dare you! I gave him a watch, he said, "This is so my grandpa's taste".


I didn't know that your grandpa has such swag taste, huh?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

crazy month

Been busyyyyy! Really busy.

November is so gonna be one boring month, guys. Just because mid term exams are starting now, so everybody seems to have no more time to do nonsense things anymore. Books are best friends now!

Including me.

And final exams are going to start at the end of December. November will be full with mid term exams and December is so gonna be contented by practical exams. That means we are going to be fully accompanied by books/notes/etc until January! Just how stressful is that?

I, have always been ambitiously planning my daily routine which I think would be productive enough for me. Like, "tonight I'm going to finish this one chapter of Gene Recombination then I'm going to blog about my last birthday celebration. And of course, I'm going to sleep early tonight so I can wake up early and have a proper breakfast tomorrow morning to start my another productive day".


Instead, I helped my housemate to bake a cheesecake, then I lured my housemates to join me watching horror movie, then the only thing I knew was I slept throughout the night, only woke up to go to school again with just a quick Milo gulp to kick-start my day and class ends usually at 3 pm. Plus, some events/projects/extra works/school assignments that I need to complete - that has withdraw-ed my energy!

But, what exactly did I do in my daily routines for me to get that tired?


Well, usually a night before any exams, there's always this an owl sitting at the corner of her room, studying so hard and regretting the free times she ever got before. And that's me.

Okay, be serious now. Clinical year is no joke!

Now, where's my lecture notes?

Wait, Running Man is on air already?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

tissue please

I just ingested a tablet of Loratadine (antihistamine) for my annoying flu. Been almost a week now since I catch a cold. So it means winter is here. This is my annual routine every winter. Cold, flu, runny nose etc.

Fun, right? Because I've demanded so much for the chilled temperature. So face it la.

It's pretty irritating when I feel like sneezing,so my eyes start to water on both sides and my nose feels slightly itchy, but the sneeze won't come out. I. WANT. TO. SNEEZE! Like come on! But it's so funny when you can't stop sneezing, like a contagious one, they keep come out from your nose. What a satisfaction hahaha.

(What kind of girl are you talking so much about sneeze)

I'm afraid you will laugh if you look at me now. I totally look like a woman in a confinement. With long dress (very comfortable and toilet-friendly too hehe), with a cardigan on, with socks on. Anddd now with a small handkerchief to wipe my unstoppable nasal secretion (yucks hahaha).

So my daily routine now include me immersing myself inside a thick blanket, hugging my pillows, watching series of Korean dramas on my laptop. I would place a small coffee table besides me for me to do my homework (or any work). Study desk is now going to be so lonely.

Also my appetite becomes so wild now. I feel like eating so often. I have weird urge to eat now and what's scary is I have specific things I want to eat. This also has something to do with hormone actually.

But now, there's this new batch of mucus coming. Tissue, please?


Friday, October 23, 2015

Dear Future Me 2

Read Dear Future Me 1 here.

Dear Future Me, 

I know you are afraid to receive this letter. Because by the time you receive this letter you will be 30. Don't bother to slap your face, it's true. You are 30. Hahaha. You're counting your wrinkles, no?

So 2020 has been great so far? Any flying cars over there? It's 2015 now here, you are 25 year old lady. But still pretending to be a teenager, of course because you are surrounded by teenage classmates haha.

Well, I'd like to tell you in case you are already forgot that your 20's is so much fun. You were one happy girl. Your only problem was assignment. But still going to school was something fun you ever did. Going to lecture halls and laughed with friends. You think you were funny enough, so you cracked jokes all the time. Your classmates seemed to find you funny, so they laughed along. It's really fun.

You were their class president, remember?

(You missed your campus life really bad, huh?)

You were one happy-go-lucky girl (I mean, woman). You sang just after you opened your eyes every morning. You enjoyed cooking (sometimes lazy also). You watched numerous series of Korean dramas. I bet you are jealous to reminisce this, no working lady?

And waking up late at whatever time you wanted. Actually, you thought you wanted to change your lifestyle especially your bad sleeping pattern. But that one, even your 25-year-old self would probably gave up already hehehe.

Okay, move to another topic. You work? What do you do for living? Pharmacist? Fun? On call is really fun, no? Lol. I know you are missing to be me, right? Hahaha.

How's family? Has the family expands so much? How's friends? Still keep in touch?

They were your source of happiness back then. Don't ever forget them.

So old lady, how many kids have you own now? 

Oh wait! You're finally married? Alhamdulillah then haha. So your husband is still the same Ameerul that I've dated now? Wow you tough girl - I mean he's the tough one here to stand your banyak songeh attitude  hehehe. So, has he stopped smoking? Vape off already? Hahaha. So probably the headache has finally disappeared, right? Or another headaches come now? 

Well, woman. No matter what are you doing now. What problems are you facing now.

 I believe you know that life isn't going to be easy all the time. But remember this, you are one tough lady. You've suffered from so many challenges before. You weren't able to get to study in local university before. You survived staying in Egypt for years and away from family. 

You see? Allah has his way of showing you his endless blessings. Just be tough, Allah is there.

Okay wrinkled lady, your 25-year-old self is really feel like sleeping now. Because a student like me needs a lot of nap time hahaha. I'll see you 5 years later.

Take care. Be humble. Be cool. But still be awesome (Qistina's second law).

Much love, 
Just younger version of you.

(Nik Qistina, in front of Faculty of Pharmacy Zagazig University, 2015)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

week 4 semester 7

Now, it is week 4 already?

It's true I'm looking forward to end this semester. Cause I'm excited for a winter break. Who doesn't love break/holiday?

And one more thing, I find it hard to survive in this hot weather, so I'm waiting for the temperature to chill a little bit. (Autumn doesn't usually comes this slow!)

But week 4 already now? Honestly, I'm afraid.

Because it means that mid term exams are approaching. Then I probably have no more time to be lazying around since I'll be contented by books for practical exams that will follow after that.

And final exams come.



I'm starting to dislike my clinical year. It's boring. Most of subjects I've learnt aren't really my cup of tea. I'd prefer Pharmacology/Pharmacotheraphy. You know, things that deal with diseases and drugs. (That's why I have this dream to pursue a master degree in Pharmacology. But Pathology is a big no no).

Unlike Pharmaceutical Biotechnology now that teaches you on how to culture microbes. Gene cloning. Chromosome. DNA Recombinant. Vaccine. Or am I judging too soon? Still have lots more chapters to go.

And unlike Pharmaceutical Microbiology. So far, I learn about sterilization. How they want to make everything sterile by using machines. Machines again? Definitely not on my fav list.

But Controlled Drug Delivery System is fun. It's cool!

Well, I'm now rating my own course.

Guys, don't get me wrong. I love what I'm doing now. But of course I can sense all these boringness coming. I'm not complaining here, instead I'm thankful. To get a chance to study the course that I've ever liked.

But yawning every 30 minutes in class is forgivable right? Hahaha. At least I'm trying to stay focus - not playing with my phone! Lol. And sometimes I try to participate by asking few questions. Cause this is knowledge. No matter how boring it is (no offense, Dr Hesham), this is so important in the future.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Technology seriously needs to slow down.

Who invented e-cigarette/vapor by the way?

I mean, thank you dude. You are probably going to get your own Nobel prize among your followers. But you just give me another headache instead.

Whoah, look at me growing up. Hahaha. I've got a headache over a man now (not cool guys, my future daughters can't read this).

Ameerul is a heavy smoker, no secret. His mom knew about this and probably has suffered from numerous episodes of headache. I can feel you. Cause now I think we are sharing the same headaches.

What's so good about smoking? It's not that his mom never tells him to stop. It's not that I never warn him about how dangerous smoking is.

I wanted to make smoking sounded scary for him, I would went like, "You know, almost all the diseases I've ever learnt at school are coming from smoking as co-factor".

He gave me promising responses after that. But that only lasted for few days. And now my tricks are useless.

And sometimes when we were out dating, I said, "Don't talk to me. You smell bad".

Yes, I am mean.

But not working.

I remember I hid his pack of cigarettes inside the flower vase at his house. He was so much restless trying to find that. (The same reaction I give when I find my favourite stores put up sale signs but I don't have much money to shop).

But I watched him in giggles. He's desperately begging me to give him that back. Of course I refused to do so. Then I sat with his mom at the dining table for teas, he watched me from afar, narrowing his eyes, and I could read his mouth said "Siap la you". Hahaha of course I laughed until his mom found this weird. But his mom agreed on not to give this up.

But I felt so irritated cause he's constantly and insanely begging me for that. So I gave up.

But now he moves to vapor. His initial intention is to stop smoking (which I have heard for almost 5 years now) so he gradually tries to do it slowly.

Well, good luck to you.

*I'm sure that Nobel prize inventor laughs at us now.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Things I’d been looking forward last summer break; practical training attachment. Which happened to me at one of governmental hospitals just near to my house (5 mins by car – which explain why I always late cause I loved dragging time. Procrastination hahaha).

Well, only for 2 weeks. Which I think it was just so perfect. Not too long, yet not too short. And apparently, it’s actually just too short to learn new things in a new environment. But still, I’d prefer it that way. 2 weeks was enough. Hahaha.

Not-a-morning-person morning's face.

It was good. I’ve learn new things. I made friends. It’s really good to go back into the pharmacy and did all the pharmacy thingy that I used to do back then during my pharmacy-assistant days. You know, translating prescription (they are now practicing online prescribing which makes things so much easier – no more illegible handwriting. Well, another headache disappears hahaha), filling the meds, and all.

Andddd as I was going there as a pharmacist to be this time, of course there would be lots of new things that I’ve learnt. Drug doses, drug calculations, TPN and CDR stuffs, bedside counseling, bla bla bla.

I was interested. No tense. No pressure. 

Cause I really played an intern here. Means, you can be playful but you need to know when to learn. (Qistina's first law). Being an intern, it's all now depends on you - to learn or to just fulfill the logbook. 

I was being a pure student here. I asked questions if I didn't know. I read numerous drugs leaflets. I practiced on my drug doses calculations. I attended drug-related presentation. I went for bedside counselling at wards. And most of all, I attended almost all Eid open houses at every hospital departments - cause I thought I needed to play a student here (what is a shame? hahaha).

Plus the working environment there was so much fun. They're really a perfect sync team. Friendly. Still keep in touch with them. And they ate a lot - which I found it fun. 

And I realize there are so many things that I need to learn. I need to learn more!

So, Miss Faizah, anything you want from Egypt? *bribe* 

It comes to me that, when I heard people telling me how their studies and actual working life only have a little connection, it means not everything they learn are applicable in the real working life, I was like, “You are lucky! God chooses you!” Hahaha

Because in my field (and some other fields too), there’s 100% connection between things I learn and things I need to do as pharmacist. Theory and practical. In other words, even a word is so much important in my studies. Cause you’re going to practice it in a real life.

I may not remember all the things I’ve learnt. Or you do?

So maybe I need to just get married to books.


*Grab dusted lecture notes*

Saturday, October 17, 2015

teeth update

My teeth are lucky. They have their own blog update.

I remember I've told you how few brackets had fall off of my teeth. And I went for my first dental appointment after summer break hoping to get my teeth to be fixed as soon as possible.

I was quite nervous to see the dentist, I wonder how would doctor react to my broken braces. While waiting for my turn, I was anxiously went online on Twitter, read some tweets but I couldn't focus. I played games but my mind was already inside in the doctor's room.

My turn arrived. I lied down straightaway on the chair. Doctor asked me how was my holiday while asking me to open my mouth.


"Ooooh my god!" - First words from him.

"Am I that bad?" - my heart uttered some words.

"It couldn't have been so bad right? Of course I'm not his worst patient." - I convinced myself.

Of course. He would probably has met a lot more patients who have worse cases than this. Me? Oh, just few brackets fell off. (and actually the whole wire!)

He probably overreacted a little bit. But trust me, he is actually so cool.

And last week, he put on some more brackets on the lower side of teeth. This one, oh my god, I tell you they hurt me so much. In every way. You eat, you sleep, you talk. U can imagine how hurt it is to bite your own lips together with a metal piece.

"Whyyyyy" "Nooooooo" "Arghhhh" - just normal everyday's sayings now.

Ameerul, on the other hand seems so relax. He's acting cool. Cause he doesn't feel this. His only soothing words for me are, "It's normal. You want to be pretty right?"

Hmm. So motivational. #sarcastic

My next appointment is in 3 weeks time.

We'll see what more could be added to my normal sayings then. Hahaha.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

still summer

My only wish is to escape summer here. And I guess it's patiently waiting for me to come back. It's still summer in Egypt. Or late summer to be accurate, we are approaching to fall. Which I can't wait. 

Because apparently it's really hot here - I'm sweating so much. I can feel the sunlight penetrates my head. I couldn't forget how I struggled to get into the public transport just now. I literally scrambled among ocean of people under the very hot sun (and everyone's sweat too!). 

I'm so sorry if this post comes up as a complain but trust me, my only point is to just say that I'm so tired. Summer means extra energy, extra water, extra everything. I will rush to home just to stand still in front of the stand fan. Hahaha.

(But my lecture rooms have aircond, no worries. Rest well, sweat gland.)

But, wait! 

Fyi, there's still ongoing construction on the rooftop of our faculty and I'm always wondering how strong these people are to work so so so hard (despite of any weather) just to get their work done. And to feed their families too, of course.

You I may think it's so stressful to walking in sweat under the hot sun. Compared to these people, my problem is really nothing.

The upside of this construction, I have a new #ootd spot now. You know, sometimes with 'dangerous' theme. Hahaha.

And this! 

Which had been lingering on my mind since I was in Malaysia. I missed Egyptian foods! And this one is an exception! - a must have! Despite of any temperatures! I'd walked 10 minutes for this hahaha.

 There are still a few things on the list. But for now, I don't really feel like going out since it's still hot outside. I'll patiently wait for fall for my next favourite, Nasi Mandy Yamani. 

I wonder if I get pregnant in Malaysia and demanding these Egyptian delicious foods? Any international delivery? *cries*

Saturday, October 10, 2015

moving out

There’s always a less fortunate thing that happened just after I started my new semester. Last time if you guys still remember, my wardrobe collapsed leaving my clothes unsheltered. And until now, I’m manually hanging all my clothes on the long stick which I horizontally place it on top of opened windows. It really breaks my heart to see some dust collected on top of them. Like I just washed them!

And now, big thing happens. The house owner asks us move out, simply because the contract is over and he refuses to renew it.

Like really? Can he just wait for another 2 years until we graduate? Just bloody 2 years. He said no. That means we need to find a new house.

Of course he said it in a nice way. He’s nice by heart, I know. Believe it or not, he has offered us the lowest rental fee so far compared to the other house owner. And he gives us as much time as we need to find a new rental house.

But I don’t get it. I can’t take it.

I love my current house so much. Everything about it. Cold. Peaceful. Away from noises. Facilities. This neighborhood. My 5-minute-walking-distance dental clinic. Such friendly and nice house owner – not the one who asks us to out, this one I mean another one. You know, everything I need is here.

And I never have any intention to move out since the first time I got into this house 3 years ago.


Finding a new house may be difficult, but letting this house to go will be more difficult to do for me. Moving on is not my specialty.

And now we have a few houses on the list. The good thing about staying in Zagazig is most of the residences are so near to campus, means no problem regarding transportation. Plus the house owners seem to love Malaysian tenants so much, so less burden there for us.

So okay, we are going to see a new potential rental house after this. I’m gonna get ready.


 Update: First house - a big no no. I don't like it. *scribble long lines on the first choice* *cries a river*

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello there

Hello there semester 7 (Year 4). Whoahh seriously year 4 now? Time surely has passed so fast. When was it the first time I stepped on Egypt?

Look at these notes and books I've collected since Year 1, with dust on them, I mean since when did I collect them? Hahaha. Did I really once memorize all the words from them?  Did I really buy that thick Pharmacology book? Euw hahaha!

These clothes. That explains how my wardrobe collapsed. I'm clothes collector, no?

And I wonder how much instant noodles and Nescafe have I consumed so far? You guys have digested well, no dear instant noodles?

I'm thankful after all. I mean, I've come this far with thousand miles away from people in Malaysia. I have survived with bad and good of Egypt and Egyptians (you have no idea how they are, experience yourself). And thank you for the chance of teaching me to be a good cook. I can cook all sort of dishes now - which I knew nothing about before.

Another 2 years to go now. It's 5 years in total. But I'd like to explain that this course is really taking 5 years. Not that I have failed some papers or whatnot. Because people really like to talk about other people okay, so I feel like people are questioning why it takes so long for me to graduate (makciks will compare to their kids' duration of study) hahaha.

So now I hope these coming 2 years would be as fast as before.

I know I'm so gonna miss this. My room, Egypt, lecturers and my me time which I impossibly will get once I graduate.

But chill guys, too early to think. It's only Year 4. Let have some fun time and pretend to still be like a teenager!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

braces story

I wonder if braces are really invented for impatient people like me?

I haven't get my braces serviced/changed for almost 3 months now - only get fully treatment in Egypt with Dr Mahmoud.

I went to see a local dentist last month, and he said I needed to do one filling. There's a hole at my upper teeth. My dear, I only get my whole teeth done last month and the main dentist Dr Ahmed said everything was fine.

What have I done to myself?

Hahaha but I refused to get a filling cause I insisted of doing so in Egypt cause I already paid for it. (Including the braces set). So now I think the hole is getting bigger, it hurts so much everytime I bite into something cold and juicy. Damn it.

But wait.. the worst part has not come yet. Haha. My bracket fell off the tooth! Just because I bit the crab! Hahaha. Was I so manja or people with braces should avoid that kind of food? Neither both are me.

Never. Avoid. Food. While. You. In. Malaysia.

It was so annoying that the bracket kept hanging on the wire. So I needed to always adjust the position properly.

Well, okay.

Next was, another bracket fell off again! This time it was due to me biting a pen. Basically I put the pen under my bracket to support my whole head.

Trust me, the more you read this, the more you think I'm weird.

I came back home and I pulled all the wire out. There it went. Now my teeth seem like an undone construction site. Lol.

And I just knew that, if you take off brackets from the teeth, your teeth will be so yellowish.

Now I become a laugh stock to Ameerul. Cause I used to always make fun of his yellowish teeth. You dirty smoker.

Now he has a point to joke around about my weakness.

Okay, so now. I have to wait for another 3 weeks to get my teeth repaired.

p/s: I'm going back to Egypt in 3 weeks.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

short update

Gosh! Where have I been abandoning you guys? So bad. Hahaha.

So for now, as for my summer break, I would say this is the most exciting summer break. Yes, something has happened. I promise to blog about it later, just not now. Really.

So okay. First of all, everything is just fine in here. I mean everyone here is just okay. As same as how I left them last year.

Secondly, exam result. Alhamdulillah. Couldn't ask for more.

Third, okay what else should I update? Friends? Everyone is okay here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Donald Duck

Is it true that braces can change your face shape?

I heard this a lot.

Of course, nothing has changed to my face structure within this one month, but since the dentist put something over your teeth, they make a thickened layer, and my upper lip is kind of pouting naturally.

Which I never noticed.

I sent my selfies to Ameerul, he asked me, "Are you okay like that? Are you comfortable like that?"

Me, "Like what?"

He said again, "Does it feels like something bothering you up there?"

Me, "No, never thought about that".

So I looked at that picture closely, yeah, Donald Duck junior detected!

The good things about putting on these metals are that, I start to take a reallyyyy good care of my oral hygiene. I'm brushing my teeth so frequent now - after meals, before praying, coming back from school, before sleep and sometimes that I just feel like brushing my teeth - that I need to change my toothbrush quite often than before since they tend to wear off easily due to the frequent use hahaha (I just bought new toothbrushes just now by the way - which the grocery keeper would probably think what the heck does this girl would do with so much toothbrushes).

And reading articles as much as I can about these oral thingy. I spent good 10 minutes watching people making a demo on how to brush the teeth properly. Studying teeth and braces structures. Reading people's experiences about braces. Checking your teeth in the mirror few times in the middle of study. Staring at your bracketed teeth and wonder how they will rearrange themselves for perfect positions. Hahaha.

I'm so so so weird like that.

I've never been so useful toward myself like this! *proud*


Or this will only last for few months? Lol.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

orthodontic treatment

If you remember I used to complain about my teeth disarrangement  that I was thinking of wearing braces to correct the alignment.

I come to a decision to put on that steel. Firstly, because of the overlapping teeth, I find it so hard to brush my teeth properly that I'm afraid I'm not wholly cleaning all part of my teeth. My toothbrush seems so hard to reach that part.

Second, because of this overlapping teeth, people think my teeth create huge gap with each other and they thought I'm toothless. I admit that my teeth/bone are kind of fragile (I used to make a bone test in one of the health campaigns, just out of my interest, but the result was shocking - the lady said my 23 year-old bones were much less like 40+ year-old bones, I was offended! Hahaha), like in one incident, my tooth cracked due to a trauma of me biting a chicken bone. -___-

So let's be friend with a dentist, and let him corrects all these imperfections.

Third, I want to look good on my wedding pictures. This may sounds ridiculous. But this contributes 70% of the decision making on this hahaha. I probably won't have much time to bother the photographer to take my pictures properly every time of the day since I'm always a fussy customer, so let's make a win-win situation here.

It's been a month since I wear braces now. And it's been around 2 months now that I've been going back and forth to the dental clinic - to prepare my teeth for the orthodontic treatment. I need to correct few damages first. I did root canal treatment, fillings, and all. You just name it! Hahaha.

Well surprisingly, I don't feel pain at all. The dentist decides to put on braces in stages. He put brackets at the selected teeth and let me be like that for a week. Then a week after, he started to put wires and elastic bands.

Because he doesn't want me to feel the pain if he puts everything in one go. What a strategy hahaha.

So seriously, no pain at all. Just a little pressure on my teeth, once in a while and disappear after that.

I just eat what I want, except chewing gum. I remember eating a carrot recklessly and the wire suddenly off of its bracket, my dentist asked me, "Whyyyy?" because he clearly told me before of what to eat and what not to.

"Because it's food, I can't help being hungry and restrain myself over food" - I said to myself.
Hahaha. But actually I always act like a scared chicken in front of any doctors.

But I grow some ulcers! And the ulcers tend to harshly touch the metal bracket, it feels so @#$*&!

*breathe in breathe out*

I'm having a dental appointment once a week instead of a regular once a month routine because the doctor decides so, I told you guys, S-T-R-AT-E-G-Y. I'm okay with that, since he's one professional and friendly dentist.

But I'm taking 3-month break now for my summer break in Malaysia, and will come again to continue this treatment.

See you in 3 months!

p/s: I used to be so scared seeing this haunting chair. I didn't know where I got the strength to sit on that. We are bff now. *blow nails*

Monday, June 22, 2015

counting days

I've told you guys that I already finished with my final exams this semester. And I supposed to go back to Malaysia earlier, but I choose to spend my Ramadan here hahaha can't believe you still read and trust that, perhaps, okay truthfully, due to some circumstances regarding the airlines terms and condition, I have to wait for more than a week.

Everyone knows I'm impatient.

Plus it's Ramadan now. I was worried at first. But well, it isn't that bad so far.

Because I'm staying inside most of the time. I mean, all the times! Except if I really have to go out; like going to shop some souvenirs for my family in Malaysia. And buying things people in Malaysia ask me to buy. Anddd, here comes my favourite part, I'm actually doing this small business of headscarf.

The idea came when I was wearing this one shawl during one of my winter break trips, people loved it so much they keep asking if I could find them ones.

So why not! I could earn some money through this right?

I'm so counting days to go back to Malaysia.

So I'm just killing some times now while waiting for the flight. So what I do - I'm dealing with the people in Malaysia regarding their orders everyday, I'm watching K-dramas, preparing what to eat for break fast and sahoor, plus it's Ramadan - I choose to spend more time with Al Quran and doing terawikh by myself.

And cooking again in Ramen Celebrity (new app that got me so addicted. I always freak out if Chef Gordon comes to my ramen shop cause his temper is ridiculously annoying. Can't he just wait to eat my ramen? As if he's fasting! - you'll get this if you play this game)..

My housemates are going back to Malaysia one by one.

And Shushy keeps whatsapp-ing me days and nights to keep me company - she really gets on my nerve with her voice messages. Just annoying like Chef Gordon this girl hahaha.

Happy holiday dear self.

May this holiday brings you a lot of happiness and rest your body and mind really well. Cause forth year will be started real soon and drives you insane again.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramadan Kareem

Just finished with final exams for semester 6. I don't know if it's just me, but I really feel like this is the longest semester ever. Feels like years long! Anyhow, everything just come to its end, am so happy, literally. Although I didn't really do well this time, a little malas this semester compared to the previous ones.

And Ramadan started just a day after my last final exam paper. My first Ramadan went well alhamdulillah. Because we went shopping in Cairo and had char kuey teow for break fast just beside the small field near to Masjid Hussein. Cairo is really hot, really. Bless you sweat glands for working so hard. Hahaha.

Guess what, I developed a few canker sore (mouth ulcers) just a few day before exam and last until now. Oh my god, how will I describe this pain - especially when you wake up from sleep, it's all dry and painful. Also when you eat, when you talk, when you brush your teeth, when you swallow your own saliva, when you do everything. It hurts! Also, I'm on an orthodontics treatment now (I'm wearing braces now), you see, the bracket makes some friction with the ulcer! I swear if I'm not being patient enough, I would probably climb up to the rooftop and scream at the top of my lung to tell the world to stop pissing me off and be nice while I'm in pain. Hahahah #drama

Am counting days now to go back to my country. So now I'm just killing some times at home, sorting out what to pack, what souvenir to give to my family in Malaysia, what to cook for break fast, you know.. things your moms usually do. Hahaha.

Of course I'm excited to go back, specially when it's Ramadan now. The image of bazaar ramadan near to my house has always popped out in my head. The smell of mutabak. The sour taste of somtam. My mom's chili prawns, the coldness of laicikang, the durians after break fast. Basically it's all about food okayyy!

Well, the upside of fasting here, I'm happy to witness how people are really looking forward to Ramadan. They are welcoming Ramadan so much it feels so different here. People are giving away foods and goods. They start to decorate their buildings and street and hanging lanterns everywhere. You can see colourful lights afar off. It's just amazing.

Much less like in Malaysia, everybody is spending more time with Al Quran.

Plus it's summer in here and the day is much longer than the night. I tell you, it's really hot here, I'm sometimes proud of myself that I actually unconsciously able to bear 2 hours of sweating whilst traveling in a public transport here. I can even fast asleep like that. You see, you'll get used to it. You have no choice hahah.

Everything that comes from Allah is all nice, by the way.

Enjoy your Ramadan brothers and sisters.

(picture from.. obviously

Friday, June 5, 2015

living diary

Best friend is when.. She remembers something you did 10 years ago when you yourself don't even have any idea about it. 

Shushy is being extra clingy these days. Not even a day has passed without her WhatsApp texts. 


"Whatchu doing?"

"Finish exam?"

"Accompany me to sleep please"

We don't really meet each other too often. Distance factor, maybe. So it means we don't really have a chance to create more and more memories together. No more silly things together. No more new ideas together.

So what we do is, we keep reminiscing those good old times and starting to laugh over them over and over again.

And keep updating about each other and others (i.e: gossips) haha. She's your best partner when it comes to gossips. She's like a gossips bank and I'm the best investor in her bank. Hahaha.

We've been together for more like 11 years and of course, there's so many memories together.

She's recalling them one by one.

Things I did 5 years ago. Things I said 7 years ago. All that in her mind.

Good. She's like a living diary of mine.

And so do I. I remember things she did 6 years ago clearly. 

Of course, we do fight, in fact, a lot! Hahaha. I swear, I was really mad at her whenever we got into fight. We started to throw hateful words to each other. We said bad things to each other just to make everyone felt bad. 

But we made up just after the fight just because we had new gossips to share, couldn't wait any longer haha. 

That's how we roll. 

So, if you're happen to read this, be my living diary forever and stay by my side even if my hair would turns grayish. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

crazy month

I'm so tempted to open this site and blog about what's going on in my life (well, nothing's actually going on here hahaha), but I've been so so so busy that I didn't have much time to even switch on my laptop.

My final exam has started! Passed 2 papers and still struggling for the rest 5 papers. 7 papers is totally normal okay.

So this means my sleepless nights have begun. My blood level should be contented with caffeine. Books and notes are everywhere to be found; bed, study desk, coffee table and even on laundry rack.

And this struggle has some sweet ending, perhaps, because I'm going back to my country just a few day after the last paper ends. Isn't that exciting to start Ramadhan at home?

Hahaha so happy to escape summer here.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Been getting a lot of wedding invitations thru Facebook - because no one wants to waste a time to post me a card via international delivery that probably takes 1 month to arrive and obviously I can't attend.

I felt a glimpse of excitement to receive such invitations and I usually went like, "Wow, she's getting married" or "Young, successful and going to get married - how interesting" or "Already?"

Or nowadays that I've been getting so so much invitations that apparently I won't be able to attend, I'll go like, "Awhh whose wedding this time?" or "Whose Raikan Cinta is this?" whilst tapping my phone to open her Facebook invitation page from the notification box.

Confession: I'd always wanted to get married early - at 25. Simply because it's a sunnah. 25 is such a perfect age to get married because usually that's when you're just starting with a stable career, you can afford to buy your own assets, you're technically mature enough to manage a household and taking care of babies.

Also you can befriend with your own children when they get older because the age gap isn't that huge. I wanna be my children's bestfriend - even though they don't want to.

I wanna see how they progress. I wanna be there on their graduation days. I wanna be there inside their labour rooms. #clingyfuturemomalert

Am I right? Okay, maybe my talks are cheap. Hahaha.

So being 25 years old now, any signs of getting married is really nowhere to be seen. Not even a slightest hahaha.

No pressure of course.

Because I need to complete my studies first. Marriage is not a race okay.

I know my life is progressing a little slower than the others. But truth be told, that doesn't give me a pressure. As long as you enjoy doing your own things and stick to your goals. I actually have so many dreams to achieve - though everything seems to move so slow for me.

"It's okay if you'd get it done later than others. This is not a race. All that matters is you and you ambition." - Dad, 3 years ago.

Well, we can just plan, no matter how great our plans are, it's only Allah who has the power of deciding everything.

So now, I'm just focusing on the wedding... of my big brother. Hahaha but it's really really nice to see their preparations. From wedding invitation card, door gifts and all.

Okay now. I'm going to go back to books.

Study week now. Nerd alert mode on.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

another exam

So, now I've done with numerous exams. A few mid term papers left before starting my real final exams. Tomorrow will be my Community Pharmacy practical exam - which now I'm trying to memorize all those drugs.

My Pharmacology practical the other day was just okay. My frog died after a tonic convulsion from Strychnine. And for the second drug, my mouse went super hyperactive I needed to put it inside a box that my Egyptian friend gave to me.

My little mouse jumped really high and he (or she? I didn't care) almost bit my fingers! Rude, very rude. I was so surprised that he went too harsh that I threw him away to my neighbor friend who sat in front of me - she didn't notice, if not she would screamed I bet.

Mice and frogs are everywhere on the floor! I really felt like growing more and more hairs on my entire legs!

So I assumed that my second unknown drug was Caffeine. Cause my mouse went really active (CNS stimulation) even though he didn't show any signs/symptoms like we ever learnt in class. Spoiled la you little mouse, always like that. In exams, nothing goes right. Hahaha.

It might be Caffeine. Because I injected it to a frog before - he had mixed convulsion and he couldn't walk properly- hanging of legs.

As for tomorrow, another subjects, but still related to drugs. We are going to get few clinical problems and suggest the line of treatments for each disease. Of course, cannot simply give any drugs. We must know how the drugs work, side effects, drug-drug interaction and so and so.

Flatlay - to make it more boring. Hahaha

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

long hair and summer

I've always wanted to keep my hair long cause I think I'm adorable like that haha though no one could really see it. My hair never got any shorter than my shoulder throughout my life except twice or thrice that I might became unconsciously insane to cut it that short at that time or when the hairdresser just cut it wrong. Other than that, I'd reallyyy love to keep it long.

But the downside of having such long hair is that it gets to be pretty annoying to manage. Hair fall is another problem. Especially during summer. Cause it's so hot in here that I will switch my fan on to the maximum speed. When the strong wind from the fan strikes your hair really harsh, it will fly to your face like a tornado. Imagine if you're wearing a facial mask at that crucial time! It's also distracting so much when you try to study and memorizing such long medical terms and another 'tornado' strikes. 

I tied my hair in a bun, not comfortable. I covered my hair with towel for a while, I was sweating - of course, not comfortable.

I remember last summer I asked my friends to cut my hair down. Cause impatient me was just getting angry at my own hair!

But Alhamdulillah, this long hair has no issue with wearing hijab outside. I'm comfortable with that..

Plus summer here is no joke. Where the high temperatures will easily soar over 40 °C - including Zagazig. Summer is definitely not my favourite season. Simply because it's so much hotter than the rest. Cause impatient me just can't bear with it. (I need to learn to be patient, actually).

So, what I usually do is try to avoid being outside as much as I can. And the good thing is that we don't have any lectures during summer anymore because the final exams are starting. So we just have to go to the campus for exams, only. And this year, Ramadhan comes just right in summer, reallyyyy need to be more patient, okay? Hahaha.

And also, what I usually do in summer are taking shower more often, drink gallons of plain water, keep the fan to function at its highest speed, wear veryyyy thin clothes and moisturizer suddenly becomes my bff.

I don't know what this summer will bring. I'm just so excited to go back to Malaysia right after my final exams finish!

Which also may be as hot as here hahaha. But it is a home after all.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

biggest fear

I'm taking 5-minute break from studying for Pharmacology practical exam tomorrow. Which I'm quite nervous about. Since this takes about 25 marks for grading the whole subject.

So for tomorrow I need to inject unknown drugs to frog/mouse and waiting for their reactions to determine my unknown drugs. I'm never afraid of frogs, we're kind of bff like that. Though with their wet skin and all, at least they don't bite!

But as for mice, euw! Hahaha euw! I can't stand those snouty noses with projecting hairs some more. And the naughty tails of them waving nonchalantly as if saying they've got all the power in the world. Isn't that annoying? Hahaha. The fact of just looking at them moving in the locked cage is already annoying.

(Especially when you inject Pilocarpine to this mouse, it will secrete so much saliva and tears until its hair is going to get wet by that, that's really... em, so nauseous. Sorry, mouse. I am a mean human being).

Mice are my biggest fear ever!

I feel like peeing seeing they move towards me in the lab.

One thing that I find myself calm a little bit is that the mice here aren't that big. They are just petite and manageable. Not as big as the ones you see outside.

I was freaked out to know we needed to play with mice at first. Then I tried to touch them - slowly, injected them quickly that finally I found myself calm and starting to enjoy doing things like that every week in the lab.

I finally overcome my fear to this little species! ... at least 50%.

Mice aren't really my biggest fear after all.

So, okay. For now, I'm going to go back to my book. See you tomorrow dear frogs/mice whatever.

And wish me luck people!

Friday, May 1, 2015

1st May

It's 1st May guys! A small festive to all labors in the world. A day that you guys are waiting for. I feel you guys, I've been in that place. And it has been so so long since I write under a label of 'Working Girl'.

I once worked as a pharmacy assistant for 1 year in a private hospital before I continue with a degree now. It was such a good one year, really.

Alhamdulillah, that my ex colleagues and I are still can get along well until now. It's really good that I was able to get some experience and getting to know more people/connection at the same time.

Being a working lady, compared to study, I'd personally love my student life more, except that the fact of not having your own money is terrible, you still have to be dependent to your family. My dad to be specific hahaha.

Anyhow, it was really good to just waking up to go to work, no assignments, no exams, no need to study hard, and countdown to the pay day.

Actually, being a pharmacy assistant has its own challenges, I admit, it wasn't that easy. It was a headache sometimes.

Well, I'm taking a break from any hospitals for now. Doing a degree and definitely going to crash hospitals real soon. But with a different position, different responsibility, different job description - definitely different challenges.

That's life after all.

And in the future, I'd actually have a lot more dreams to achieve. So many plans, so many things that I really want to do.

One step at a time. Be patient, it won't hurt.

p/s: I'd choose Hospital Pharmacy for now. Never thought of getting into Community Pharmacy or any other fields, but we'll see what the future brings.

I used to serve you drugs and I'll come again to you on this!

Happy Labour Day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

expiry date

Remember a story about me getting a dental treatment? Which I acted so childish about. Not funny.

Well actually after that the doctor gave me a prescription of several drugs as a post treatment.

They are practising dispensing separation (DS) here, even for dental clinics. Like, the doctors or veterinarians will prescribe the medication to the patients in an official prescription and the patients need to go to the community pharmacy to get the medications.

Which Malaysia tries to do it, I mean tried to work for it. But it got some issues here and there, wait, you don't get me wrong. We, pharmacists have nothing to do against the doctors. I emphasized so many times that PHARMACISTS AND DOCTORS SHOULD WORK TOGETHER.

I have lot of friends in medical field and we respect each other on this issue. Thank god. People around me are really brilliant and know how to respect. I believe we are smart enough to discuss/debate in such a classy way.

(Even though I'd read few negative comments but anyhow, just let them. I believe everyone has a right for opinions but I would only appreciate them if they're doing it with manners).

OK, back to my story.

My dentist prescribed me an antibiotic, of course - to prevent the growth of bacteria and whatnot. And few more drugs including this analgesic called diclofenac sodium (Cataflam). I already had this one at home, so I thought I didn't need to buy it anymore. So I didn't really buy it, I was confident.

So I was happily compliance on the dose every morning and night, strictly following the correct times, be really on empty stomach for antibiotic.

Anddddd guess what! My own Cataflam had expired! Omg. After I took it for almost a week!
Cataflam that I brought from Malaysia few years ago. That I didn't really use them because I wasn't in pain - so now, what? Hahaha.

I laughed. Then I panicked.

My mind replayed the face of the pharmacist that offered me his Cataflam the other day.

Well, you couldn't go back to those times right?

So I kept calm and change to my-forever-drug-of-choice, Panadol.

And looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Where have you left your brain, young lady?"

Actually in a hospital/clinic/any drug store, they need to always check for the expiry dates. They have few systems on drug storage like FEFO or FIFO and so on. So don't worry.

And thank Allah, I used that Cataflam only for myself!

Well this if for me and for you, always always know your medicine. Know the basic informations; indication, direction of use, and expiry dates.

Especially if you're going to feed the others. Like infant and elderly.

Since I learn about this, let me share with you a little.

• For syrup - keep in fridge once open. And discard after 1 month after opening. Except for antibiotics, we don't keep them for so long. Discard after you finish the course.

• For tablet - check for expiry dates on the drug strips.

 E 11 2016 -- Expiry date November 2016. 
(It means 30th November. Unless they state the specific date)

Below: EXPMAR2015 -- Expiry date March 2015
Above: EXP 02 2016 -- Expiry date February 2016

If you need any help, just consult your doctors and pharmacists. I'm sure they are ready to help. 

Take care!

Friday, April 24, 2015

winter 2015

( The reason why winter excites me)

Winter has ended. It is late spring now in Egypt. Last winter was just okay. We have 2 weeks of winter break and we decided to spend the holiday outside of Zagazig for few days. Hence, we planned a trip together.

And spent the rest of holidays just lazying around at Syaza's house, sleepover there, watching K dramas, cooking, baking and just lepak there. 

Winter isn't really my favourite season, I'd like spring more. Because petite me actually can't stand cold weather. I shiver easily. I'd get hungry easily - which is a good thing for me. But it makes you feel so malas. You just want to sit under your thick blanket, as close as possible to the heater. 

I hate it when I'm all covered by thick blanket, with thick clothes and socks, then there's an urge of urinating. You get to undressed everything and be ready to the toilet with coldddddddd tap water. And don't mention about showering. That's why I hate when my hair becomes thick and oily, cause we don't shower everyday, obviously. 

(Because people in tropical country take shower everyday)

But on the other hand, there's something about winter that I like, it's cold - of course which automatically makes you feel so calm. And food food, food! Hahaha.

I'm going to write about my winter trip, but I've been really busy lately, final exams are coming.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

fun mom

I was talking with Shushy about motherhood and parenting skills and stuffs and so.

I once had a conversation with Ameerul about this too. Ameerul, being so rude, he didn't believe that I would be a cool mom. Simply because I'm just fierce like that. He must imagine being in so much pressure with me as a mom.

Don't judge my future by the way I'm acting now, please!

Shushy has the same opinion too.

She said my future children must be a lot closer to their daddy than to me. Because according to her, I'm going to be one grumpy, fierce mom.

So I said defensively, "No way! My children must really like me. I'm going to be their favourite. I'm the best mom one's ever wished for!"

She replied, "HAHAHA"

Rude, right?

And I said, "Trust me, even you yourself would ever wish to be my child. Because I'm fun".

She said again, "Oh, that is probably me you're talking about"

Well, both of you, we will just wait until the right time comes, and I'm so going to show you how fun am I as a mom. Haha.

10 years from now, I will come again to this post, show them how lame their assumptions are, and laugh crazily in their faces. Hahaha.

Being a great mom is another story. Great is so much subjective. I mean in the term of skills, way of approach, way of talking, way to educate your children and so. This is something every mother should be excellent about, no exceptions! This usually comes to every mom naturally. And sure, every mother has her own ways to educate her children - not everyone's the same. (Oh look at this single lady's talking about - very ironic hahaha)

But well, back to the main subject, being funny and fun is a lot another story. This is more to being a creative mom. And that's what I'm talking about. I'm so going to be a funny mom and lights up our house with just my jokes.

Haha but these two goons have so little trust in me.

(Me as mom - exciting much, no?)

Picture -

Friday, April 17, 2015

time zone

I've always longed for weekend! Because I really love being at home, relaxing, doing my own stuffs (basically doing nothing and wasting time), you know, just being at home. Coming back home to the lovely (i.e stink) scent of my thick blanket and reliable wifi with legging and favourite home tshirt and just let your hair flowing down freely. So comfortable.

And weekend supposedly means free time for Ameerul too. So I demand hours long of conversation which we barely have during weekdays. But he, being a real man, having so much things that he plans; badminton, games, friends, project for university and so.

While I'm having so much free time here that I sometimes feel like begging my university for some projects! (hahaha a total lie, of course. I need to explain my jokes nowadays).

Plus with the different time zones, when I call him in the morning, he's already coming back from lectures and feel so tired and hungry that he just want to rest. And at night, I mean my night, it is already pass 12 in Malaysia and sometimes almost approaching dawn there.

I feel so alone - since I have so much free time. Sometimes when I had stories/gossips that I couldn't wait to tell him, there he went busying with his Design Project and came back real tired. 

My stories always went basi like that.


Well, this post may sounds like I'm a clingy type of girlfriend or something, I'm nothing like that please duh how-could-you-even, I'm just trying to tell you how limited the time is for us. 

But trust me, I enjoy having so much time just for myself. I can do what I want to do. I can watch series of Korean dramas in a day. I could finish a bundle of lecture notes if I want to (but I usually don't do that. I mean, who wants to?). I could finish knitting baskets of sweaters or scarfs also. 

But don't you feel lonely living just by yourself?


This situations apply to everyone too! My family, Shushy, other friends - except if Irfan works on night shift. Hahaha.

Still love weekend by the way.