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Saturday, October 31, 2015

tissue please

I just ingested a tablet of Loratadine (antihistamine) for my annoying flu. Been almost a week now since I catch a cold. So it means winter is here. This is my annual routine every winter. Cold, flu, runny nose etc.

Fun, right? Because I've demanded so much for the chilled temperature. So face it la.

It's pretty irritating when I feel like sneezing,so my eyes start to water on both sides and my nose feels slightly itchy, but the sneeze won't come out. I. WANT. TO. SNEEZE! Like come on! But it's so funny when you can't stop sneezing, like a contagious one, they keep come out from your nose. What a satisfaction hahaha.

(What kind of girl are you talking so much about sneeze)

I'm afraid you will laugh if you look at me now. I totally look like a woman in a confinement. With long dress (very comfortable and toilet-friendly too hehe), with a cardigan on, with socks on. Anddd now with a small handkerchief to wipe my unstoppable nasal secretion (yucks hahaha).

So my daily routine now include me immersing myself inside a thick blanket, hugging my pillows, watching series of Korean dramas on my laptop. I would place a small coffee table besides me for me to do my homework (or any work). Study desk is now going to be so lonely.

Also my appetite becomes so wild now. I feel like eating so often. I have weird urge to eat now and what's scary is I have specific things I want to eat. This also has something to do with hormone actually.

But now, there's this new batch of mucus coming. Tissue, please?


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