Alya Qistina

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Fifiey,

Fifiey Hamid. One of my best friends and she's a part of Dolls. 

Dear Fifiey,

Happy 22nd birthday to you, sweetheart. I wish you all the best in your life ahead and may happiness and blessing will always be with you. I know your birthday this year might not be as great as the past and let's not take the news as your birthday gift. Allah's fair. He made everything perfectly. I bet you know, everything that happened has its own reasons. I just want you to know, you are never be alone, He made you have me, He gave you Dolls and you still have your own great family. 

I know this might be really tough to you. Believe me, if I were you, I would feel like losing my entire life. And trust me, I'm really proud of you, of what you've passed, of what you've done and achieved. It's not easy to accept the fact that our loved one has gone and leaves us. There's always a reason why.

You're really strong, dear. I believe he would feel really proud of you too.

Keep your chin up. Stay strong. Remember your loved ones. Remember Allah. He will always be with you in any situation, Insyaallah. 

And I'll always be by your side. 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh My English

I don't know with other people, but my family usually will use hints when we need to talk about something serious in front of the kids without they knowing that.

For example, when we buy an ice cream and we don't want those kids to know (because if they eat ice cream, they might get cough and cold), so sometimes we spell it like, "Kakak, Ibu beli I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M. Nanti la kita M-A-K-A-N, bila budak budak ni T-I-D-U-R".

Haa, got it?

Or sometimes we speak in English, cause some kids don't really understand.

So one day, when I talked to my aunty in a car, and we don't want the kids to know it, we speak in English.

And suddenly we heard Damia who sat at the back of the car said, "Oh My English!"

Hahaha. Naughty!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Give me some, please?

(Picture from, obviously 9GAG)

Work has been really nice to me lately. Everything was just okay. Cool colleagues. Nice environment. I just can't imagine how my life would treat me next. 2 months from now, I'm no longer here. No more working life for me. No more pressure. No more politics or whatever and that's supposed to be a good news to me, but truth be told, it wasn't that easy. Tawakkal has been a part of me since this past a year. I admit, work can be so stress sometimes but I'm happy being here.

But I promised myself to only work 1 year here. Then I resigned to continue my degree. That's how I've planned my life. And it happens now.

And I embarrassingly admit, I'm not ready for Egypt. Mentally. Emotionally. Seriously. Egypt is one thing. I'm afraid to face my new life there. I'm not sure what my life would be there. People keep telling me how good to be there, how lucky to get this opportunity to go there, how my life will just turn out to be okay. But how? Tell me.

I know what life needs us to be. We need to be strong. Never satisfied on what we've had. Move on. Brave to face obstacles. Bla bla I know.

I'm just not ready. This feeling that push me where I know I have to do it.

This is what I really want. Further my study in Pharmacy is what I want. I don't care where it would take me. Egypt? UK? Or even Mars? But the thing is, I'm not ready.

How it would be without my parents? And I get UTI more frequent than ever? And I'm facing everything alone? What happen if I don't get the chance to come back here anymore?

Laugh at me now. I'm just paranoid.

But all I ever needed is some spirit.

Give me some, guys. :(

p/s: I'm now writing my resignation letter. One little step to a grow up life. Hope so.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What to bring?

If Allah wills, I'm going to further my study in Egypt in couple of months from now. Times.. Really has a funny way of passing us without we realize it. It's almost a year since I first working at Tawakkal. Well, I'm going to resign soon and I'm going to miss Tawakkal. Those people there. Those memories together. Those friendly environment and ahh salary... Salary, guys. 

So since I'm going to Egypt soon and since I'm so lazy and dependent, I texted few of my friends and asked them to help me making a list of what to bring to Egypt (to ease my work. I'm so selfish, am I?). Hehe.

Text Message 1- Shushy

Me: Dear, can you help me?
Her: Yes, what can I help you?
Me: Since I'm going to Egypt soon, can you help me doing the list of what to bring?
Her: Yes, sure. At least I contribute something. You want it now?
Me: No, take your time. But don't forget to put "Mini Shopaholic" novel to the list.
Her: Don't want.


Text Message 2- Syadie

Me: Can you help me? (Forwarded message)
Her: Yes, why darling?
Me:  Since I'm going to Egypt soon, can you help me doing the list of what to bring? (Forwarded message, again)
Her: Okay dear. Treat me with Dominos. 
Me: If only I satisfy with the list. Or at least half of pizza only.

Text Message 3-Iffni Suraya

Iffni is my colleague at Tawakkal. The conversation was much less like those above. I can say, Iffni can be the best employee to her company, she works super fast. Seriously. Only 2 hours after I texted her, she sent me a long list as follow..

(Click to read it clear)

Impressive. Haha.

God, she's really like my alter ego. Iffni, are you stalking on me? Cause she knows what I need. Haha. Especially on the HEALTH part. Those are my regular medicines; Ural, Synflex. LOL.

And the list wasn't only about that. I was touched when she said, maybe I should bring my along my family photos, Ameerul's, Shushy's and she hoped I would bring hers too.

So I replied, I didn't want to do so, cause she's coming with me, isn't she? (She got the offer too, but still in the mood of making the decision. So what I can only do is, coax her, cox her, coax her).

Come with me pleaseeee?

This was Iffni, after 2 weeks of we knew each other. I remember the time this photo was taken, she said, "Kita tak suka bergambar, malu la".

Malu konon! -_-

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just a hair

Someone has complained that I no longer blog about him. Feel threaten, huh boyfriend? 

You know what made me attracted to him? His hair. His hair when we first met was messy and a lot more like hmm homeless man. Haha. No, but seriously, everyone asks me if I ever feel irritated with his hair. Actually it does. Haha. You see, how can you go out with a girl without combing your hair? Pleaseeee.

But true that, he's a good man at heart.

That makes me fall for him even deeper. :)

His hair wasn't like this before. It was better and fresh. I want the old of your hair!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy Mother's Day guys. :)

Everybody was talking about celebrating it halal haram and so forth. And personally I think that is all about our intention. How we want it to be celebrated. And for sure we just want to appreciate our moms. Right?

I can't imagine living without my mum. Seriously, how? Because she's the one who taught me everything from the beginning. Teaching me how to fold my clothes right, helping me how to read and write correctly, telling me to always be good and always reminds me about my responsibility in life and those countless sacrifices that she has done. Goodness, how am I supposed to know a real love if it's not from her?

I sound emotional. Haha, pardon me.

Well, speaking about my mum reminds me of our conversation last week when she told me to resign earlier from my work, well, since I'm going to go to Egypt this September (I'm going to continue my study, and I hope I can do it), Mama said she wanted me to spend some times with her before I go.

Sad much, I know. Leaving my loved ones for ages is the last thing that I wanna do. What sadden when Mama said, "It's okay, Mama restu". Almost got me burst into tears. Well, I'm chasing my dream because family, education and money are always my priorities.


Happy mummy's day, guys!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of Becky Bloomwood

I just couldn't resist Sophie Kinsella's.

I mean, why being a girl without chick-lit novels?

I barely read novel these past few months, I don't know why, maybe I just started with work shift so I kind of busy-not-used-to-shift-kind-of-work or something. So I didn't.

But I missed Rebecca Bloomwood. How tricky she was with her bank manager who chased after her and her debt. How romantic and perfect Luke Brandon was. How funny when she thought her husband was having an affair and she actually hired a private investigator over Luke. When Luke's ex girlfriend was trying to steal him from Becky, and I got so emotional and imagine if I was Becky. I told this to Ameerul on how I hate Luke's ex girlfriend, how annoying she was when she told Becky not to be so confident about Luke and I'm not going to let it happen to me and my future family. So Ameerul said, "It was just a story, why so emo?". Okay fine....

Call me addicted, but I really am. Haha.

So since Sophie Kinsella is just releasing her new novel, I've Got Your Number and I think that would be really great if I could read it any sooner. And since I'm so missing Rebecca Bloomwood, so I reread those novels again - which is total addictive!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot or Cold?

Some amicable colleagues asked me, why do I look different today? Hehe. Well, I slept at 4 am last night and only woke up at 11 am and got myself ready to go to work which start at 1 pm. So I actually woke up earlier than before, (You can imagine what time I used to wake up before, hate me, I don't mind. Hehe.). Waking up early means you have much more time to get ready, make up, dress up calmly and so forth.

They told me something like, "You look different today, why ha?"


(Ignore that medicines' background- I was at work, with uniform on some more!)

"Thick enough, huh?"

And some of them knew what I've done to my eyebrows, so she said, "Tebalnya kening, kenapa?"

I said, " I'm a Cleopatra".

They laughed. I'm serious, I'm a Cleopatra (wannabe).

They said, "Yeah, you're going to Egypt soon, take the mood, take the mood".


Well, I discover a new item at our pharmacy. Guess what, we now have something called Arania Hot & Cold pack something something I don't remember the full name, so it's basically a thick plastic bag containing liquid. It works by just placing them directly to your skin. If you want it to be cold, place it in the fridge before use, or, if you want a hot effect, put them in the microwave first for 2 to 3 minutes.

Something like this...

So I was thinking to buy it (RM18+/each) who knows just in case I got period cramp, I can use this hot pack. And if I want a soothing effect to my eyes or my face or anywhere that I like, I think this helps a lot. Well, we don't know what will come next. Who knows, jet lagged, migraine, swollen leg or whatever.

Hehehe. The thing is I want instant spa, that's it.

Girl will always be a girl. They see everything in beauty aspect, even medicine! LOL.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I remember when I was crazily looking for a job after I finished my Diploma study, there's one woman who called me claimed that she's a Head of Pharmacist at KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, asking me if I wanted to work with her as a Pharmacy Assistant. So I sent her my resume, came all the way down to Tawakkal and I was being interviewed by two personnels; one man with a thick coat and a beautiful lady - I couldn't guess what age she was in. She looked amazingly beautiful. Tall, bright skin face with a small birth mark on her nose. All I could ever thought was that, she's really lucky, I mean she's beautiful, she must has a good job and of course, she's rich. 

So she was Puan Zarihasyum, we call her Pn Zari, our former boss and last week was her very last day with us at Tawakkal since she has been transferred to KPJ Damansara as an Operation Manager. Congratulations Boss. 

So we're organizing a so called dinner just to celebrate our boss.

Puan Zari read this and said, "Yes, I promise to never forget you all". Sob sob. Whose idea to write this on this cake?

Told yaaa, she's beautiful. Her speech went like, "Saya tak sangka dapat kenaikan pangkat tu. Seluruh jiwa raga saya sebenarnya untuk Tawakkal. Saya tak pernah terfikir untuk pergi lebih jauh dari ini, saya mahu jadi pharmacist sebab ubat dengan saya sudah sebati."

Lebih kurang laa.

Two pharmacists left; Puan Faridah and Madam Sumita. Eh, I dengan Madam takde la jauh sangat beza tingginya kan? LOL!

What's with you, Iffni Suraya? Haha.

Chaos scene 1.

Chaos scene 2.


These are my colleagues at Tawakkal. So it was such a really good night when we're managed to gather and we actually made it happened. Because if you notice some of us were still wearing our uniforms cause they might just came back from work. I understand that it's such a really tired day for everyone after a long working day and who cares about tiredness when we realized this was the last day of our boss?

I whispered to her, "Can ah after 5 years, I send my resume to Damansara and you take me working with you?"

 If you know what I mean.

May Allah will always be with you. Even though you're making fun of my height (the picture above). Hehehe. I will never forget you as my very first employer. The one who took me working with a great huge company. Tell me, where's good in goodbye?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Happy Labour's Day guys. I know I'm late. Always late. Everyone is already start with their works and I only have a chance to wish. But still, there's no different for me since I had to go working on 1st May. 8 am and I already at Tawakkal when everybody else was still sleeping soundly and covered themselves with warm blanket, then waking up only to get themselves ready to go out shopping. Ahh, what a relieve. Is that just nice? So please be thankful that we're still be given a chance to do that.

My entire week was the most worst ever. I'd never felt as tired as I felt on this week long. I worked double shift 2 days in a row, which I started at 8.30 am and only came back at 9 pm. Then, I worked on evening shift the next day - and I only came back after midnight since we had a so called farewell dinner with my former boss. I spent most of my time at Tawakkal. I prayed there - hampir semua waktu solat! I changed my clothes there. I ate there. I took some quick naps there. I washed my face there. It's just like my second home.

 It's really tired. I slept with my uniform on when I got home! I didn't care if I didn't take my meals on time, I just wanted to sleep. Bad. Real bad. Haha. 

But it's work. Kenapa berkira sangat? At least it gives you money. When you work hard on something and you receive a good result/pay for it, you know that's the best feeling and it's really paid off.

I ended my work shift at 3.30pm last time. Guess who picked me up?

Ameerul la, who else. Haha. 

 We're spending an evening together at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, berpeleseran, haha and I bought myself some things for Hari Raya. I know it's too early. Biar lah. Haha.

It was such a good day and I didn't go to Jalan TAR for so long since last raya, I guess or maybe I don't remember. But it's kind of stress reliever after such long-hectic-tired week.

Let's start a new week enthusiastically.

Have a good day guys. :)