Alya Qistina

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What girls actually do

Hahahaha. Funny! Make me rolling on the floor!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

English, please?

So Monday is English day at Tawakkal. One of my colleagues made up a rule, whoever speak in Malay, they would faced 50 cent fine per one Malay word. Hahaha.

So we talked in English for the whole day then. Some of us wasn't being serious so we use rojak English then.

I said, "I want to apply cuti next month. This is my leave form. I put this here eh?"

Our supervisor Kak Ogy replied. " Yes yes, put inside that".

Me: You don't lose this eh. This is important, I don't want to write for banyak kali.

Kak Ogy: No la, won't lose lah. Nobody wants to take that.

Me: If you lose this, I will lose your weight.

Kak Ogy: Hahaha. I like that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lover of Engineers

I may be a little bit noob in repairing wires, recognized circuit symbols during high school, memorizing those weird Laws made up by the experts.

I know nothing about engineering. What are they doing? Making buildings? Go to construction sites and see if the thing goes properly according to the plans? Make sure the compound of cements and sands and steel is accurate?

Come on.

And, have you ever seen something like this? I don't know what he was calculating. What's the big matter of searching the value of x and y? I don't get it.

Never mind.

I tell you what, I don't get along well with Physics. I'd never got A in Physics. Either it was me who failed to create such chemistry with Physics or maybe the paper was being enough tough. I thank God how SPM was really an ending of me and Physics. Pheww. No more weird Laws, please?

But still, I think they're following me. My bestfriend and my boyfriend are now taking Engineering. Sigh. It's such a torture seeing them study hard and memorize those stuffs. I was once helped Shushy studied by memorizing her lecture note because she had a test the next day. We read the notes and tried to memorized each sentence perfectly. Because according to Shushy, I can memorize very well, ehem. Haha. So we study Cement together. -_-

I studied Physics with Ameerul. I learnt about Calculus with them. I was forced to listened to Shushy's explanation about Steel.

It was fun when it came to this where you just only have to sit down and listened to what she taught, where she pretended to be my lecturer. And nodding your head as a sign that showed you understand to what she told you, (for actually you're not, obviously). But I know how hard it is for them to survive those killing papers by their own. Poor little engineers.

And now they're on final exams weeks!

Good luck Shushy and Ameerul. Allah's with you. Amin. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


I remember when I was attending my diploma convocation ceremony, my parents were with me in the hall. But they're sitting separately. Which was such a relief, hahaha, so I could talked with my friends non-stop.

So at the beginning of the event, there's a slideshow made by UiTM which showed us something like how parents are so much sacrifice for us. How hard they raise us. How grateful we are to have such wonderful parents who are willing to stay with us in whatever conditions and how much patience they put on us.

So it was a little bit touched. I looked at my friends and they're actually cried. I also wanted to cry but I was afraid if my mom would going to make fun of it. So I hardly hold my tears. Hahaha.

Then I texted my mom in the middle of the slideshow, I said, "Mama, you don't cry okay?"

And guess what my mom replied,

"I don't even feel sad".

Hahahaha. Funny mom is funny!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Y U NO get it?

One fine evening at Tawakkal, one of my colleagues said,

"Esok takde air eh?"

Second Colleague: Haah la, macam mana nak mandi ni?

Third Colleague: Rumah kau kat mana?

Second Colleague: Setiawangsa.

Forth Colleague: Hish, risau lah, macam mana I nak basuh baju semua.

First Colleague: Kat mana takde air?

Fifth Colleague: KL dan Selangor.

Me: Oh nasib baik I tinggal Sri Gombak.

Everybody was looking at me, speechless.

Me: (awkward). Hahaha, Sri Gombak Selangor la kan? Korang tak paham ke aku buat lawak?

First Colleague: Laaa, kau buat lawak ke?

Everybody: HAHAHAHAHA!

Me: (I want to resign).


Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello guys. :)

I'm giving a smile in the beginning of the entry. Good mood, huh?

A really good news hits me just now. Ya Allah, thank you.

Uh-oh. Picture at Tawakkal? Go go working. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Most of my friends were pretty shocked seeing this




My laptop desktop. They told me how messy was this, and ponder how I managed to search my files right. They were like, "Urghh, I can't bear to see this anymore. What a mind torture!"

Fine. So I changed to this,

Clean. Tidy. Well-organized. But a little boyish.

Haaa, much better right? Hahaha. Not because it's me in this background but I think it's feminine. Hello, I'm so girlish. Still wanna be friend with me? Hehe.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Never mind.

People keep complaining me about two things; they said I'm talking non-stop and one thing, I'm always unreachable when they try to contact me through phone.

And maybe this one thing too; I shop a lot.

True story.

Because I own 2 cellphones and I'm using both. And I may be a little bit forgetful, so whenever I wanna go out, I accidentally (or sometimes I purposely) left one of my cellphones, which I rarely use. So if people do contact me through that number, so Miss Kindly Operator will help me to answer them. So they will go like, "Haih, why is it so hard to contact you?" or "Which number are you using now?" Angjwrrvcsalyrwvyt!

Okay. My fault. So my resolution is, I will bring my both cellphones whenever I go out and make sure to not put them in silence mood. But I cannot promise to always keep the cellphones function with full of battery. Sometimes, I'm so lazy to charge them up. What a girl! Sigh.

And another thing. They say I talk too much. And people do complain about me talking a lot. Sometimes they will go like, "Are you not tired talking non-stop?" Or harshly say something like, "Stop! You talk too much".

So my resolution is... Hm. I have no solution for this. I love being me. And that's really me. Never mind, I'll find someone who are deaf to talk to!


Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was raised by my family as a girl. A real girl. My dad bought me cooking set toys, Barbie dolls whose I can change their clothes and make up. My mum wanted me to wear dresses instead of jeans and short pants, in any occasions, even though during days at home. Except for picnics, they made me wore a bikini.

Maybe because I'm a first daughter, so they wanted me to be extra girlish. I have a big brother. So that's fair and normal for parents.

But that's the point where I started to learn how be a sissy. I took care of my own belongings like I would keep it forever.

My dad sent me to a boarding school. All girl school. My teenage life was all surrounding and exposed by girls with variety kind of attitude. I learnt how to be independent and survive in such environment where we need to do everything by our own. We didn't had boys to help us. We led everything. From administration to sport and entertainment. Funny. Haha.

But I started to learn a little bit about life. Where life actually created me into this strong shape. I used to believe I could live without a man, even though I did had boyfriend at that age of 17.

That was a start where I learnt how to be a strong lady. And I do admire those women who have a power of being a sophisticated lady.

As I grew older, I learn more about life. I get to know few things like work politics, backstabber, education level, family priorities and an awful lot things about money.

And my life is just about to begin. I have huge dreams. I want to be an educated lady. Beauty with brain and attitude. I wanna be a good daughter. Someday, I wanna be a loyal wife and a caring mother to my children. I wanna be good in everything. The thing is one, whatever you're doing, try to do it the best.

That's how women should be..

Happy International Women's Day 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I love you. I love your attitude towards me. I love the way you care for me. I love when you get mad for me sleeping late when I have to go working tomorrow. I love the way you coax me when you unintentionally hurt me.

I love us.

Happy 23th monthsary. I will always love you.