Alya Qistina

Thursday, December 31, 2015

unlicensed surgeon

I was a 30-seconds surgeon two days ago.


I had a dental appointment last week. It went so smooth, I even played Fruit Bump while waiting for my turn and passed quite a lot of levels.

My dentist seemed to take all these dental things so seriously that he decided to put all sort of metals in my mouth. Last month he put a thing call nance on my palate, now he puts the same thing on the lower side of my mouth. It doesn't hurt, but when the metal that is wrapping my tooth keeps pressing my gum, well that makes it hurt!

I took it off! I'm so gonna pretend like it comes off naturally. Dr Mahmoud will buy my lies, he's cool like that. Or else, I can't eat for the rest of the month!

And he put some rubber that attached to my two-distant teeth to pull them together. This is painful! My gum is too old for this. My gum couldn't cooperate much, so I'm struggling so hard to bear the pain. Of course, I can't really eat. In fact, I can't even clench my own teeth.

So now I have two different kind of pain. One comes from the additional nance that keeps pressing on my tiny gum. And the other comes from the rubber that tries to pull my teeth closer to each other.

To make it more dramatic, some ulcers suddenly grew.

What I ate for the first 3 days was a porridge. Boring!

I, seriously can't wait to end all of this.

So what happened was, my wire accidentally came off (I swear it just came off naturally, not me doing that this time hehe) and I didn't know how that happened, that wire was embedded inside my gum! For days! Without even me realized it!

Oh damn. I swear that hurt a lot. Massively. But stupid and innocent me just thought that that was a normal braces pain. Cause I just got my braces fixed 2 days before that. So I purely thought that this might be a normal process. And it's okay I could hold the pain. (But sometimes I was so mad at I-don't-know I just closed my eyes really tight I could feel my eyes hot with tears but the tears didn't come out, probably it wasn't sad enough, just anger hahaha)

But 2 or 3 days after that the pain still continued I just wanted to see if there was any progress with my braces, I hold a small mirror right in front of my mouth, and I tried to search for the wire. Well, where was it?

"Oh god, is that the wire? Inside my gum?"

My gum was stabbed by a wire!

I panicked for a second. I was clueless. No wonder it hurt so much.

I tried to pull it from the gum with my bare hand, I failed.

I tried using a needle, not working.

I finally used a scissor, I clamped the end tip of a scissor in between the wire and slowly pulled it out. I could feel the wire moved inside my gum. NOT FUNNY BUT CREEPY!

Magically the pain just reduced by 70%. That's how I became a fake surgeon hahaha.

I felt like crying because the pain was finally reduced. And because I thought I was so strong to bear such pain.

I mean, how do you feel when there's a metal stabbed inside your gum? Is that comfortable to eat?

I felt like I bite on thorns!

And as I'm writing this, the pain caused by the rubber has reduced. I can even bite pizza now.

It's so fun actually to how your teeth progress. I always run my tongue at my teeth to check if they'd move closer or not.

It's been a week now and I think my tooth moves a few centimeters. Or half/quarter centimeters. Or just my hallucinations. Too excited for my teeth! Hahahaha

As Dr Mahmoud finished with the treatment, he showed me his three fingers and said, "See you again next three weeks".

Yeah, see you when I see you.

*continues checking for my teeth gap if they'd get closer*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

too skinny

I've been receiving this a lot lately.

"Why are you so skinny?" "You need to gain some weight" "I think you are too skinny".

Well it turns out to be true. It means, all they said were all true!

I know! I lost some weight and it is not healthy. My current weight is 34.4 kg. My previous weight was 35 +/- kg. I don't know what happened for me to loss such weight.

People out there are struggling to reduce some weight, while I'm having a headache here on how to gain weight. And the feeling is the same. We all want to be normal! And healthy! I know this is so stressful.

I've always wanted to gain weight, definitely. At least to make my BMI normal again. I eat, of course. I eat quite often. Not a lot but quite often (Only eat a lot at that time of the month). I drink a lot of plain water, which may up to 1000 ml in a day. I'm a big eater of vegetables. I eat fruits.

But I don't exercise. I sleep a lot. I eat anything - no restriction. Junk food and carbonated drinks are included, of course. I sleep late at night. And I keep on being stress over stupid things, like "my pizza doesn't turn out to be a real pizza" or simply just like "I don't have anything to wear" hahaha. Which are not that healthy.

And now when the exam season comes, my appetite has reduced I don't know where she goes. I can stand all day just by drinking a cup of Nescafe. I don't really have an urge to eat.

Plus, with this braces on, it feels so hurt to even bite a rice!

So that sum up my lifestyle.

My friends suggested me few methods on how to gain weight. Try this milk. Try this vitamins. Try this and that. Which I was like, yes, that may work on me! Should I try now?

Well, haven't try anything so far!

And my friends try to calm me down like, "Don't worry, you'll gain some weight when you get married".

Marriage must be fun, huh? Hahaha. You don't need food, you'll just need a love.

Or should I just get married?


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

second baby

If you guys still remember how I fell in love with Fairil here in this novel, I bet you guys still can't forget how amazing the love was. So pure. So exciting.

(Just like how I feel as the real me in the real world).

Wait, she didn't write that novel based on my story, definitely hahaha (it'd be a total miracle if someone would ever write a story about my life - which is a total boring life hahaha). The author was actually a good friend of mine, maybe she liked my name haha.

Okay, so the thing is, my good friend, Admatiza (Eeza) just came out with her latest novel. Wohooo! So thrilling! I knew she was preparing for her second baby and I definitely followed her every progresses, and now tadaaa second novel is born.

In my previous post about her, I wrote about how she managed of juggling her endless work in some of her precious time as a full time student at that particular time and writing a novel at the same time. Of course with the crazy assignments and projects whatsoever.

Now, she's back as a working lady and still be able to write a novel.

She's really progressed!

I'm so thrilled to write about this one (even though she's no longer use my name as a main character, even as a minor character, but never mind Eeza zzz), because I know she's a good writer. Her story will make your heart fluttered. So real and so good.

And let me share her latest novel with you guys. It is called Rindu Menyapa Cinta.

Here's a teaser that Eeza made.

I promise you this will be a good read. Go get a copy guys!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

please be fat

Just finished with 2 exams today (crazy, right?). And so I got home really hungry because I stayed up late last night and I was too tired to eat (I slept with such growling stomach haha), and the only thing I put on my stomach last morning was a cup of hot Milo.

I'd always want to start my day with a huge portion of food as breakfast, like 'breakfast like a king kind of thing' but I can't - maybe because I am not a morning person. My mouth just doesn't feel like eating. I may feel nauseous if I force feeding myself.

So, I rarely have breakfast.

Which is totally not healthy! I remember a few months ago when I just reached Egypt from my summer break in Malaysia, I was having a few episodes of jetlag. So I woke up really early (at 5 am), so by 8 am I already felt really really hungry! At that particular times, I remember I had such prosperous heavy meals throughout the days. I ate 3 to 4 times a day which I thought that was the best achievement of my life hahaha. I was a happy girl!

Because apparently, one of my life goals is to make my body weight normal. I AM UNDERWEIGHT!

Oh, wait, did I mention anything about my hypotension? Sigh, my blood pressure has fallen so low. Plus, I just recover from a pre diabetis which I am still monitoring it till now.

So, what I'd always wanna do is to eat eat and eat. I want to be fat!

Because sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I'd feel slightly hurt to see how I am getting thinner day by day. My cheek bones are showing on both side, I'm growing my own dished face! And my nose appears so big. Damn.

Yes, my metabolism rate is really high. I keep craving for foods, but I eliminate them real fast. Like, "Eh, already want to poop eh?"

It's worsen every time the exam seasons come.

Well, that's not exactly what I want to write about. Actually, due to my hunger and tiredness from numerous exams today, I came home and craved for asam laksa.

So I made one.

Guys, I'd never know it was that easy. *omg, blow nails*.

Asam Laksa Qissy's Version. Which daun kesums and bunga kantan were specially flown from Malaysia hahaha, And of course, with extra onion!

I at at that age now to blog about food that I cook hahah #facepalm

Saturday, December 5, 2015

fun month

 I know! So much fun, right? So many opportunities to study. So many chances to improve yourself academically. Really beneficial in the future. Really helping in arranging more productive schedules.

Zzzz. Don't be fooled.

I wish I had that way of thinking hahaha. I don't even have a slight thought as that. Because apparently, who loves exams? Who loves staying up all night being all caffeinated just to memorize one whole thick of lectures notes? Who loves having the feeling of nervousness while walking down the exam hall - usually, my heart thumps so fast whilst my brain tries so hard to cram everything that I read inside it for the last time.

Semester 7 is tougher than before. Of course, nothing gets easier.

(Especially when you'd get to get deeper in chemistry this semester).

Yeah, I'm gonna get back to books now.

Btw, hello December. Thanks for still giving me a chance to rock my 2015.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

char spaghetti

I know it sounds funny!

But please understand me, we couldn't find anything like kuey teow here. Except from some Malaysians who sell some food stocks from Malaysia (like ketchup, lemongrass, bird's eye chilies - cili padi la deyy, tempe and many more).

But, they are sooooo expensive. I understand because they're hot items! Come freshly from Malaysia!

They aren't readily available here in Egypt. So that's why we bring a lot of food supply from Malaysia every time we go back there. 3/4 of my luggage content is just food. If I lose the luggage, I will literally cry! It's food guys, foods!


So, the other day when I come back, I brought together with me a char kuey teow paste. Which I thought I was so going to need this. And it's true.

I need this. 

Because my love to prawn and char kuey teow is eternal.

And that was my first attempt of cooking char kuey teow. Which I used spaghetti instead, so I had no choice but to call it char spaghetti.

It tasted quite similar to any char kuey teow in Malaysia (oh my, am I bragging now? Hahaha), well at least it made me forget my longingness to any Malaysia's food for a while.

Char Spaghetti Recipe (Chef Qissy's style)

  • Spaghetti - boiled
  • Prawn paste (It's called otak udang paste)
  • Dried chillies - blended
  • Onion and garlic - blended
  • Prawns
  • Eggs
  • Chives

  • Heat some oil. Pour down blended items (onion, garlic, dried chilies) onto hot oil and stir.
  • Put a few spoonfuls of prawn paste and stir some more.
  • I put oyster sauce, some water, salt, sugar and anchovies stock cube. (Put them in order of what I write).
  • Let them boil.
  • Then, put prawns and let them boil.
  • Crack some eggs inside and continuously stir.
  • Put some chives.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

extra metal

November got me 2 appointments with my dentist. 

My dentist never told me anything about what he has planned for my teeth treatment. It's like he has had everything on his mind. When he sees me, he smiles and greets me, "Hi, Nicky" and "Open your mouth". Trust me, he barely opens my dental records, as if he can reads your teeth just by saying hi. *hahaha, really?*

So every time I meet him, I straight away lying down on the dental chair, readily open my mouth, hands grab the chair - just to get myself ready if he inserts any painful things to my mouth. I don't worry much because I know he's an expert. It's like, "hello, I have a microchip in my head that stores all the dental kind of things like that and that stores your dental records too, Nicky".

And I never ask him about his plan of treatment regarding my teeth. I just don't bother to know. Also, it's kind of surprise too to know what's waiting for me on the next appointment. Actually, I'm not really excited to know, I just wanna get the things done. As quick as possible.

I remember the first time I met him, he examined my teeth and said, "Okay, this is simple. You want to start now?

I said, "Yaaah" with my mouth wide open so couldn't properly pronounced 'yes'. Not cool. 

And there it goes. He pasted some metal brackets at the first appointment. Then the wire. Then so on and on.

And last week, he gave me this...

I know! My first reaction was also like yours. "Awhhh" - with some painful reaction on face. Followed by disgusting face that I also feel disgusted with my own mouth.

Like, how long really I have to bear with this thing?

The red part in the picture (it's plastic-made material) is stuck on my palate. It's not comfortable but it doesn't hurt. I always feel like there's something accumulated on my upper part of my mouth, so I need to always question myself that is that some remaining food or just that plastic thing?

Andddd the most hateful part is, the plastic thingy makes my tongue becomes so short, suddenly. Because my tongue couldn't reach the palate, instead of reaching the red thing. Now, I am officially have a lisp in speech.


I think on my next appointment, my dentist will start to put some rubbers to pull all my teeth closer to each other. I can feel the pain already.

Haih, so the next three weeks from now, be ready to read my painful post.