Alya Qistina

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hectic student

Hello guys. I am now in my 'take 5' rest from all these studying and memorizing stuffs which utterly drives me insane, really. I have 2 exams tomorrow and there's still a lot of things to memorize with so little time indeed. (Last minute study, guys).
I know my life has been really messy recently. Loads of things are left postponed and undone. Piles of clothes are waiting to be washed. Few stress acnes on my face and I don't have time to wear mask anymore. No more Running Man. I want 48 hours in a day!
And to make it worst, I am suffered from a week-long flu and cough. Bacteria really loves me I have no idea what's been so attractive about me sigh.
My student life is so not fun! Haha.
Okay.. Keep calm and memorize. Pheww.
Might continue memorizing now.
Oh btw, I'll leave you with a recent picture of mine and Wani. Happy blessed Friday, everyone. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am really happy with this invention. I may want to see the person who are the founder of this WeChat just to congratulate him, and a gratitude of course. It is amazing. More like a walkie-talkie actually, but with few advantages more. 

For a lazy, no I mean, busy student like me, I don't really get the chance to switch on my laptop everyday and get online properly, no. Once weekly, yes. So I've got my notifications from Facebook, Twitter  and email from my phone. 

Plus you can blog from cellphone now. 

And I rarely use Skype. So I sometimes may have some difficulties in logging in into Skype after few trial for passwords. I have so many passwords like every password is so different to the one that I have on my Facebook, Twitter or Blogger. 

Hahaha. And each one is so ridiculous you can't imagine what kind of password is that.

And I'm giving up log in. 

But thank youuuuu WeChat. Log in is so simple, fast and I love how your conversations are recorded. Like the one in Viber and Whatsapp, but this one is in a voice type. Adorable invention. 

And video call too..

Gosh. I love this app. Seriously.

Monday, April 22, 2013

New baby

I heard people say, wearing contact lenses will reduce your eye power. So I've been using contact lenses since I was 16. And my power increases to +3.75 for each instead. Now I don't know which one is true. 

Since the powers have increased, so my old spectacle can't anymore detect anything in the distance more than 100 meter, so I've made myself a new one. I wasn't plan anything, it was too fast, I tried the spec for fun and I said, "I want this". I wasn't sure if I said it with my conscious. Maybe, half.

Leaving the shop, Kiena said, "Qis, Masyaallah, pantang masuk kedai semua nak beli".

So that's why I come out with a reason that my power has increased. *wink.


I know this one is too large for me but it is intended to be so. One  lecturer asked me, "Is that really your glass?". So I said, yes. And she laugh. Haha.

I'm actually wearing contact lenses to school since I was 16 and until now. It's like I cannot go anywhere without contact lenses. That are my eyes cause I'm not really comfortable wearing spectacles outside. Plus, it makes my face looks so small. People will look at me like I am that kind of 8 years old genius kid with a pink-frame spectacles, with high power some more. Hahaha.

And I am much more comfortable wearing glasses just at home. 

The old one.

So now I have two specs. I have triple eyes now. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

All white

Going all plain and white. 

Phewww, it is less than 1 month to my final exams. I've done with almost all of my midterm exams (which are my carry marks), and alhamdulillah, everything is okay. 

 Really, this is exhausting. I had tests in every week. Like non-stop. Tests after tests. My brain is going to explode at any time. This is my tough journey in becoming a pharmacist.

 Cause you see, I need to take 7 subjects throughout this semester, ALL 7 subjects need me to memorize them. Like in Chemistry, I should actually be able to draw Paracetamol structure. Fine. And what about Benzene? Aniline? Sulphanilamide? I'm sorry to scare you haha.

Yes, I have Pharmacognosy too. I study about Cinnamon, its structure, origin, what should I expect to see under a microscope?

No wonder, they say pharmacy is the second toughest subject in the world. Well, after Medicine.

So I think that I have given all my best in midterm exams and the results were out. So I texted my dad with 2 long messages, happily telling him all my results, and he said, "Bagusnyaa..."

One word. Only.

Just like that? Hahaha daddy is so not romantic!

So okay, I am positive with these. I still laugh like a retarded donkey, eat as much as I can like a king, going on Youtube for Big Bang and Running Man, well, my life is still normal. It's just that, 24 hours is not enough!

Good news by the way, Ameerul just has done with his diploma. Wohooo!

Friday, April 12, 2013

3 years

Last 1st April has marked our 3rd anniversary. 3 years of knowing Ameerul, after numerous fights and laugh and all, it's just so fast. Really. Time flies. 

"Hey, it is 1st April"

"Yeahhh, our 3rd anniversary!"

"Yeayy, you know, last 3 years, this boy came approached me and gave me a rose"

"Lol, it's an April Fool"

"You, fool!"

His jokes, sometimes.... urghh!

Hmm, 3 years... romantic moments ruined in time. Haha.

And he keeps complaining about me not blogging about him anymore. 

"When are you going to update your blog? Same post everyday."

"I'm so busy. Few tests in this week".

"Aaaaaa blog about me!"

"I'm gonna delete my blog"

"Aaaaaa blog about me first".

Haha. Pening!

(Our first date 3 years ago).