Alya Qistina

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Forever young

This wasn't intended to be a damn cute post. Haha. Forgive me, I'm being all jerk and annoying. But this kinda reminds me of my childhood times where I just need to wake up and ate. Watching these series of cartoons and slept back and sometimes having fun memorising their dialogs. Life's really easy. I clearly didn't had to squeeze my brain thinking of degree continuation study.

*gloomy mood suddenly*

*looking at the photo above and feeling happy back*

One day, when my boyfriend rang me on the phone, I picked up by saying "Eh Ooo".

He was laughing and shouted, "Teletubbies!"


And annoying, we are now using Teletubbies' language!

He was like, " I think Lala the yellow one suits you the best" and he will call me Lala instead of my name.

I was laughing when he tried to coax me by saying, "You look so yellow today, so cute, like Lala".

Haha, you funny man.

And I love you. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Future Me,

This is inspired by

Dear Future Me,

Hi Angel. I'm the past you and I'm writing to you from the past 5 years. By the time you get this letter, you will be 26. So how 2016 treating you dear? Firstly, what are doing now? Pharmacist? I'm afraid not. Haha. Well, did you managed to get pharmacist tittle? I'm eager to know because I surely understand how hard did you survive your days with the hopeless pharmacy continuation study. Whatever you're doing now girl, put your pride first and do it because of Allah. What you're doing today is what you'll eat later.

Dear, if you're not in pharmacy, just so you know, I still respect you. I love what you'll be doing and I'm proud that you actually manage to survive those hurtful moments in your studies and career.

Remember this line, "Chin up, beautiful". It's your favourite line, is it?

How's family babe? They're doing good, aren't they? Mom still look good while mumbling? Hehe. You got any niece/nephew or not? I can't wait for 2016 to see them. They may be damn gorgeous, I wanna bring them shopping and go to playground like almost every evening and make they feel like the luckiest children in the world. And I hope you are not that busy to do that, remember working lady?

Haha, anddd are you driving Volkswagen New Beetle now? Wohooo. Please tell me that you are. I'll cry if I get to 2016 and find that its not. Jeezzzz.

Dear 26 years old lady, have you married? Are you still going out with Ameerul Ashraf? Don't tell me that you don't even remember his name babe. I'm dating him now and I hope this will last a lifetime. He's such a good guy, he treats me nicely. I love him. But he's 21 now and still can't get his ass out of DotA, I mean like all the time. Haha. But truth be told, it's hard because not everybody actually likes the idea of us going out. I hope future will change everything, and you know how to answer this.

Is your life okay dear? Tell me, how many shoes have you own now? Clothes? Handbags? Urghh, you exactly knew what we had planned right? Come on, we have to make it true. :p

Can we talk about friendship? Dolls. Are they still awesome? You still hanging out with them and planning holidays together? I can't imagine how Shushy will look like at 26, fat much huh? Hehe.

By the way, this is you in 2011. This may be the lame photo of you in 2016 but this is the coolest photo of you in 2011. Haha. Bear with this.

Dear, remember to always keep your feet on the ground. Put yourself first before others. Love yourself, respect yourself. I can't wait to turn to you. Do reply me ASAP. Tell me your condition with details. If you're not doing good, tell me as soon as possible, I wanna find a machine to stop the time. Take care.


The Past Me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fashion disaster

Really afraid of the post's title. LOL.

I've received lots of comments and harsh opinions from my friends regarding the way I dressed myself on our last reunion. They even teased me by saying my outfits looked like pyjamas and they even asked me, "Are you going to sleep at the waterfall?"

CRUEL! Boys are always like that, heartlessly giving me that harsh comments.

Because they saw me in a jumpsuit. God, I love this jumpsuit. Its colour was just perfect. And I felt so comfortable traveling in a bus for 6 hours of journey in this jumpsuit.

But Shuk was laughing at me, like he was all possessed by bad spirit or something. Hehe.

BBQ time. Went all pink, including the ring. -__-

This was a palazzo pant. Everybody was thinking that it was actually a skirt. Nooo, because I'm all short and it looked weird on me. *weep*

And that was a bowling shoe, hehe.

Monday, May 23, 2011

UiTM dihatiku

God, I'm having a post-reunion fever. I got to sleep every night thinking about them. Waking up every morning and recalled our activities first before taking bath. Truth be told, I miss them already.

On our last reunion in Penang, going back to UiTM campus was like a mandatory activity for us.

Monday morning. Started the day by having breakfast together while playing game. Then got boo-ed by others for the game over.

This is Rab, my ex classmates slash ex housemates slash my-always-good listener.

Andd so UiTM-lover. Hehe. Rab, I wish you a warm Happy 21th birthday. I love you buddy.

Everything seemed to change a lot at UiTM after a year. It now has a new big hall, 3 new hostels and a new big library. I felt kinda dissapointed for not be able to get inside each of those new buildings. Because they were so cool with purple and yellow paint combination colour. Haha. Bad taste all the way.

We've got a chance to meet our coolest lecturer, Mr Ezani. And he's changed a lot too. Much less having the same changes proportionally with UiTM buildings. Hehe.

See, Mr Ezani is now a skinnier-tall-handsome guy. And he will pursue a PhD at New Zealand. A complete package man, but yes, he's obviously taken.

So this is Laman Perdana of UiTM Pinang Pinang. A centre place of everything, including eye-ing handsome Mechy's students. LOL. I'm kidding.

Thanks buddies, I'm so thankful to Allah for letting me know such great friends like you guys. My teenange life would never be this awesome. Thank you. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hi guys. We are the 4th batch of Diploma in Pharmacy, UiTM Pulau Pinang. Hehe. So proud announcing myself as one of a group of nerdy students, meh? Booo. Well, I'm proud knowing them and they are actually not that nerd, okay? Call us alienated-pharmacy students.


And everybody is now having a year of internship at different hospitals in different countries (including Sabah bah) and yes, we haven't seen each other for almost a year, but it really feels like 10 years long.

So, we arranged a small reunion! Yes, in Penang, of course. They were like, we met there and we should end there. HAHA. You guys should actually enrolled to pure literature.

We went there for 4 days and 3 nights and everything was perfectly planned 2 weeks before that. Homestay, transport, cost, programme, bbq and so on. See, so serious in everything.

Here's some of the girls that had wasted my 4 days there. Hehe.

The best part was when we were having a BBQ, here.

Lata Bayu, located around 45 minutes from UiTM Penang.

Crew. 17 out of 28 of us.

A so called bloggers reunion. :p

They were the girls that I've known for almost 3 years that they didn't really knew how to stop laughing. And at that moment of time, while they were having a so called magazine shooting at this so wonderful waterfall, the rest were...

Preparing the food for them! Cruel! They didn't even asked me to join them.

Hungry face I made after seeing sprawled chicken tight. Hehe.





And these are the sequences of funny candid pictures of me and Ain.

HAHA. I will ROTLMAO everytime seeing this pictures. We were actually having a break on the huge stone there and one of my friend, Fik came and snapped our picture. And the other girls shouted, " Look, A Galak tengah posing dekat swimming pool untuk Majalah Mangga."

A Galak kinda reminded us of our emm not-so-favourite lecturer, so it might be a funny thing to us. HAHA.

We'd been there for almost 7 hours and now, let's go home guys. Because we planned to watch a midnight movie together right after dinner at Kassim Mustafa (it's a mamak restaurant but I swear, it's delicious) on that night.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I once told my boyfriend, I wanna stay befriend with him, because I love being treated by him as a real close friend, where we can always tease each other with no condition, throwing harsh word to each other with no hard feeling.

And I told him, I want him to stay with me as my close bond elder brother, where he cares for me, advises and scolds me in a right way.

And sometimes being my younger brother who always wanting me to pamper him and ask for an advice from me, sharing any news or stories with me.

I definitely want him to always be my boyfriend and stay with me forevermore. I told him, I wanna see my babies with him. See, I'm too serious in a relationship. Hesh.

Dear, because I love you and I want you to be my everything. :)

This my fav pic comes with a message that I miss you.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Rules

Since we are the girls that have been tought by our parents to always take a really good care of our prides, have a sturdy stand and grow up to be a girl with well discipline, we actually have had to go through such tough family rules.

Like, "You can go out with your friends only after SPM"

Or, "You want to go out with your friends? Who are they? How many are they? And bla bla bla"

And what's even worse is when "May I follow? At least you guys are secure."

Look, we are 20 dad!

But that are our parents. I thank God when my parents are not that strict, but STILL. They don't really allow me to go out at night and just befriend with really good friends. The quality good friends. How can I ensure that they have a quality that you guys need? Oh family rules.

We sometimes will have a problem when some of my friends can't really go out because their parents won't allow them to but we only have a limited time to gather. Since everybody is busy with our own life and works and the only way is that, cheating.

I mean white lie. But God is still mad at us. :(

And they are using me, like almost all the time!

They were going to tell their parents that, " Mama, Qistina wants to buy a new shoe. She wants me to accompany her, can I go with her? I pity her."

Or, " Umie, Qistina asked me to go to her house, she asked me to buy this shawl and now I wanna give it to her but can I stay there for a day? I wanna accompany her. She's all alone at her rented house."

And, my friend even had a cruel way to save herself from her parents and she was using me like, " Ibu, today is Qistina's birthday. She feels so sad since she has to go to work today and nobody gonna give her at least a time to break and birthday party."


What's so awkward was when my friend wanted to go for a date with her boyfriend and she told her mom that she was going to my house and she told me, " If my mum calls you, just say that I'm at your home."

But thanks to her mama, that she didn't called. I felt relief.

HAHA. We somehow talked about this when we gathered and realized how funny we were just to get to meet each others.

And what's not funny was, they were using me. I told them that their parents might have a bad impression towards me for always influencing their daughters.

Because seriously, I'd never lie to my parents about my activities. White lie? Sometimes. :p

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Queen of My Heart

There were a lot of Mother's Day ads on TV and everything conveyed the same message: appreciate your mom!

My mum went like, " Oh it's Mother's Day and none of my children wish me so far. Have they forget about their mum? Continued by, " A mum that had carried them for 9 months in her womb, feed them with food with a pure love and love them without asking for any returns." And continued by bla bla bla.

I was like, " Mum, Mother's Days is on next Sunday."

She replied, " Are you sure? Why did Umie Nini's daughter already gave her mum a present?"

I said, " Hmm, she might be confused with the exact date of Mother's Day."

Then she said, "Hm, okay"

She continued, "But, Mother's Day can always be celebrated at any time actually."

HAHAHA. She'll never give in! She's really wanna win this.

So I texted her this morning since I was at work and only come back at home on weekend.

"Mama, Selamat Hari Ibu. Kakak sayang Mama sangat sangat walaupun Kakak selalu kasar. Mama nak hadiah apa?"

She replied,

"Thank you. Mama tak nak apa-apa, cukup lah anak Mama hormat dan sayang Mama. Tapi, nak emas setongkol lah"

NEVER BE SERIOUS. And where on earth could I find her that? In Cityville?

And now that she finds a new hobby: watching AF and admiring Hazama (one of AF contestant) a lot. A lot like, "Don't ever curse at him, he's like my adopted son"


I would go teasing my mum everytime we watching Akademi Fantasia. I would go like, " Hazama would be eliminated this week. He's weak, boasting and bajet bagus".

My mum would give a long debate over it, " He's talented, he is what we are waiting all these while. He's like a star falling down from the above. His voice is really great. You don't badmouth him, that's not good. His talent won't never disturb you."

My sister and I will just snorted and remain silent until AF ended.

My mum's a funny woman. I can't imagine living without her. A caring mom that I know will always pray for her children. She would give in in any situation except for TV channel. Hehe. I am just lucky to have her as my mum. A real mum. She's everything that we ever wanted; a great listener, an amazing cook, a funny storyteller and a wonderful nagging mum. Hehehe.


Thanks for being a great mum.

My mum and my younger sister.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I just got goosebump! I logged in my Facebook account and have been tagged with several photos.

God, these beautiful creatures are my bestfriends. We are close since school. We share almost everything; gossips, tears, laugh and fight sometimes. But truth be told, we love each other. We will always try to find time for us to meet. Andddd God, now they were doing that without me!

And the captions of every photos were just heart-breaking.

"Hi Dolls, we were really had a great time, right? And the other Dolls, please be jealous".

Oh great, now they are leaving me. Really, leaving. Most of Dolls (our clique named Dolls and comprised by 12 gorgeous ladies, awww) HAHA.

Most of us are now finish with their studies, working and some are having their semester break. So they are now in KL. They usually will coming back to Kelantan and plan a holiday together. But not this time, I can see it girls, nobody wants to come back here anymore but asking everybody to go to KL instead.

I, the hardworking employee am still having my internship and no way for me to go anywhere. I'll always stick to my work. Work and friends shouldn't be this cruel. :(

I'm not looking a time to hang out. I just want some quality times with friends. Look, I miss them so bad.

And this is Shushy. We are the only girls that being dumped here in Kelantan. Hehe. And it will be just the two of us, hanging ot here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't ever say harsh words

It was a boisterous situation when my younger sister was playing Plants vs Zombies game while my mum and I were watching The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate.

My sister was still a beginner of the game, still juvenile and she sometimes hesitated to buy a peashooter and ended up by buying another sunflower. I was sitting next to her and went like, "Buy that la, buy that first then the zombies will get slow in motion"

So sad, the zombies actually managed to get into the house and ate the brain. Haha.

I was like, "Bodoh la Zombie ni"

My sister continue playing then I accidentally spit out the bodoh word again. "Laaa, bodohla beli la peashooter dulu".

My mum suddenly gave me a creepy look. "Jangan cakap adik bodoh. Nak ke adik jadi bodoh?"

I said sorry and promised to not to do it again.

And it was my mum's turn playing her game. She's so addicted to Crystal Path game but we still lucky because we've never left hungrily. Hehe. Then I switched the TV channel to Akademi Fantasia concert.

I was laughing when Ogy Ahmad Daud was commenting the participant with an angry expression, I said, "Bodoh gila Ogy, haha kesian Nera".

My sister is actually a gullible child. She will just accept whatever people say. Haha. We were talking about one of the AF's contestant, Azri because Azri was actually an indie singer before participating himself in AF.

My sister asked me, "Kakak, dia nyanyi lagu apa?"

I replied, " Tak tahu lah".

"Cuba lah kakak nyanyi"

"Eyyy, tak tahu la bodoh"

My mum suddenly paused her game and gave me another creepy look. This one was creepier than before.

"Jangan cakap bodoh la. Berdosa mendoakan. Macam mana lah nanti bila dia ada anak, nak bodoh bodoh jugak ke?"

I said, "Nanti dah beranak takkan nak cakap macam tu".

My sister grinned exuberantly. Everybody's so mean.