Alya Qistina

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fashion disaster

Really afraid of the post's title. LOL.

I've received lots of comments and harsh opinions from my friends regarding the way I dressed myself on our last reunion. They even teased me by saying my outfits looked like pyjamas and they even asked me, "Are you going to sleep at the waterfall?"

CRUEL! Boys are always like that, heartlessly giving me that harsh comments.

Because they saw me in a jumpsuit. God, I love this jumpsuit. Its colour was just perfect. And I felt so comfortable traveling in a bus for 6 hours of journey in this jumpsuit.

But Shuk was laughing at me, like he was all possessed by bad spirit or something. Hehe.

BBQ time. Went all pink, including the ring. -__-

This was a palazzo pant. Everybody was thinking that it was actually a skirt. Nooo, because I'm all short and it looked weird on me. *weep*

And that was a bowling shoe, hehe.


  1. kecik dan comel! tinggi berapa?

  2. hahaha. emy pakai jumpsuit pergi class pun my frens ckp baju tido. lame -..-

  3. sokey babe. dlm fashion kna berani.
    unik apa? i loike :)

  4. haha cool la tp style tu.. saye ni malu nk bergaye gaye sgt susah jugek hee ;)

  5. hah tp korg bestnyeeee buat reunion....

  6. Dee, pendek. :)

    Emy, haha. Boyssss!

    Bunny, jyeah. I love the way you're thinking.

    Faridah, hehe. Don't be shy. We have to be brave huh? Best jugak reunion that day. Nanti korang pun buat lah bila semua free. Hehe.

  7. salam..hey where u bought that jumpsuit..
    im in love with it..