Alya Qistina

Friday, December 27, 2013

Final exam Year 2

Starting the final exams in 2 days. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Last grandmother


My one and only grandmother, on my dad's side, passed away yesterday ( Thursday, 9.40 am ) in Bachok, Kelantan.

It was 3 am in Egypt, I was sleeping with no access of mobile internet. It was such a shocking news when I wake up. Grandma and I, we're not that close. In fact, my siblings too. But we're her closest grandchildren. She's very old and towards the end of her life, she barely recognized us.

We're not seeing her often, maybe because all of my siblings are off for studying/working and not being able to see her more often. But when we got the chance to see her, we're definitely going to run to her and everybody was trying to get to her first. And we were going to her treat just like a queen. Got her whatever she needed, water, checked. Towel, checked. Pillow, checked. Maybe because she's too old to get that by herself.

But my dad, yes. He's got to see her mom everyday.

Dad was the closest to her. I admired the way dad talked to her mum, the way dad treated her mum, it's soo lovely. I could really felt the love. Grandma, who barely able to hear what people were saying and sometimes she forgot where she put her teeth or her stuffs. Or sometimes when her nails were too long to even hurt her own feet and fingers. It was my dad, who taking care of her.

Dad would never gave up repeating the same questions to her, and answering her questions 4-5 times until she really really got it. When my grandma forgot to perform her Asar prayer, dad reminded her in such a lovely way, grandma wouldn't be ashamed or hurt. When grandma thought she just throw away her important stuffs into the dustbin, it was dad who trying to rummage all the trashes just to get her mom the stuffs back (for actually that important stuffs were in dad's car - both forgot) hahaha

Dad became the first one to notice that her mum's nails had grew so long and cut them. Never in my whole life, dad would raise his voice towards his mum. Towards me, yess laaa hahaha.

So, I thought, O lord, Dad must be really really really sad. Hmm, losing a mom is devastating...

Last picture of me and my grandma at my late grandpa's grave. Eid 2013.

May Allah grants you with Jannah, and we will always remember you.

Al- Fatihah. To my grandma. To our parents. May Allah be with us, always. Insyallah..

Thursday, December 19, 2013


They say, once you are a teacher, you will forever being called 'Teacher'. Once you are a doctor, you are forever being called 'Doctor'. Even after your retirement.

And in my case, once I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I will always being treated as a pre-diabetic patient. The word "pre" here always brings a meaning of precautions. People will tell me, "Awwww don't eat that, too high of sugar" or "No more carbonated drink, you are pre-diabetic, remember?"

Got it? This is not fair when I'm no longer a pre-diabetic, correction people, I'm normal now. My blood glucose has fallen into a normal range just like you guys. And I can eat tons of chocolate and gallons of Mirinda now. Hahaha.

What even worst, they will treat me as if I'm an admitted-hospital-insulin-dependant-diabetis mellitus patient with all wires twisting the body, one into nasal, one into blood vein and with concentrated urine in urine bag. Like, "Nooo, don't buy that carbonated drink anymore" when I was just opening the beverage fridge or "Heyy, this is sweet, Qistina cannot eat this".

This is sad.

Poor Qistina is judged unfairly.

My latest blood glucose level. Normal range. Now where's all the carbonated drink at? Haha.

And being diagnosed once as a pre-diabetic, for me, I considered it as a good wake up call. When I'd never bothered about my sugar intake, about my blood glucose level and my health though what I've learned at school everyday was all about health, so, now I make it a habit to have a regular blood glucose checkup. (At least once in 2 or 3 months). And become more alert with my sugar intake now.

My dose of happiness

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Okay. When was the last time that I posted something? Right, 2 months ago. I seriously tried so hard to find at least 30 minutes of the whole 24 hours in a day to spend it in here. Tho I missed to write so so soo much I've got no word to describe, my fingers sometimes stretched by their owns hahaha. But 30 minutes was too mainstream. I couldn't find even 15 minutes for that.

So okay, for updates, I'm in Egypt now. Still choosing Egypt (after I turned down the offer from one private university in Malaysia - no regret for it) and assignments kept piling up. Tests, exams and extra classes, I was really contented.

Cause since we came back to Egypt a lil bit late (when all the local students were already in their half period of the whole semester), there's a rush in catching up with the syllabus and I was really exhausted. Finished one test today, got another test tomorrow. Testing my knowledge with organic chemistry today and anatomy tomorrow. Basically, I've lived with only books. So sometimes I asked myself a silly question, "My brain wouldn't shrinked, will it?" because I was soooo tired.

And now, I'm on my study week, continue living as a shrunk-brained-student. Hahaha.

Too busy to even smile.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Which one now?

Despite of all chaos and political issue in Egypt, I still want to go there.

It's kinda break my heart seeing how my lovely people begging me to not to go there and continue with my studies here in Malaysia. It really bothers me. It puts me in guilty some more.

The situation is like I was having 2 kids, one of them is in Malaysia, the other one is in Egypt, but both of them are desperately need me to breastfeed them. I couldn't split my body to just satisfy what they want. Okay, you got it?


Listen, my people.

I'm chasing my dreams. And trust me, Egypt is safe. (Hopefully). I've just started with my degree and I'm adapting myself really well there. It's so sayang to just let it go.

Life must go on, guys.

Or at least just bear for 4 years more.

Okay, I don't know now.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One for two

I was having a dinner with Ameerul and his friends on his birthday. And I was being the only girl there.

Suddenly a waiter came serving us a glass of watermelon-lychee juice. Only 1 glass whereas we were 8 people sitting on the same table.

 So I shoved the glass to Ameerul since he's the one that we're celebrated for. He dragged the glass towards me because I was the only girl there.

I said, "It's yours".

He said, " No, you take it".

I replied, "Please don't. You have it".

He replied, "No no, you take it".

Everyone was looking at us, and Syafiq came in, "What's wrong with you guys? Are you guys blind? Can't you see there're two straws there. It is meant for you both".

O man!

Hahaha. So we shared it.

Thank you Syafiq. 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 23rd birthday

Birthday shout out to Ameerul Ashraf who is currently turning 23 years old this year! Hoooray! 

So a very happy birthday to the best man ever and I wish you a great life ahead, get good grades, get a cool job and get married to only one girl (for the rest of your life).

We went out a day before his birthday and when we're in a car I suddenly heard someone sighed heavily, I turned to him. He said, "This is the worst date ever" and got me replied like, "What?!"

He said, "Nothing"



Pfftt. Why do you always think that I'm deaf? I heard what you were saying, clearly. My "What" actually meant "WHAT WERE YOU SAYING? WORST DATE? SO SEEING ME IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU'VE EVER DID?" but I played it cool (read: afraid).

He said, "You didn't remember my birthday"

God, I swear I remembered it. 19 September, 19 September, 19 September. In my whole life, 19 September is way more important that any other public holidays including Hari Raya and some sort but I was a sad girlfriend that I actually forgot that "tomorrow" was 19 September. 

Aaaaaa. I thought of jumping out of a car.

So I said, "O Lord, I've always remembered your birthday. I knew it's your birthday tomorrow and it's only 11 pm now right. Well, not even close to 11 pm. You're impatient I guess. No ones forget your birthday. And I don't wanna rush".

I continued, "In fact, I've already planned it with your friends. Long ago when I was still in Egypt. We wanted to make you a surprise. Now you're acting this way, you make me feel guilty. I feel like a real bad girlfriend, forever and ever".

I don't know if he was being too emotional or I was too nervous so I spilled out all the secrets.

Hell no you'd got the chance to fix the situation now.

He sent me to my doorstep and I wish him for birthday.

Guess what, I surprised him the next day! I went to his place (big thanks to Hasnan and Iqbal for fetching me) and had a small dinner with him and his friends. 

Funny that I had to hide inside Hasnan's car so he can't see me and only went out when we reached the restaurant. He's so surprised that he can only talked to me 5 minutes after that. 

I always wanna play like a cool girlfriend so I said, "I'm here just to check out if you're celebrating your birthday with the other girls"

Forever a queen control I am. Hahaha.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures' story

Saw the old pictures of ours. I have a main folder in my lappy entitled "Ameerul Ashraf" contented with all our pictures from our first date and until the last time that we met each other, that was on our recent dating last month. 

I would name the folder as, "place, date" so it would be easier for me to refer them back, you know I actually have this sort of investigator/lawyer attitude, like, "Do you remember when was our first date?" or "Our last date in Penang, you're wearing a black shirt, you know why?" or "Do not wear again the shirt that you wore when we went to Broga Hill, understand?", that he'll left speechless cause he absolutely has no idea about.

(Cause he's a man, I know)

Haaa, I know, now you're scared of me too. Haha. 

Okay, amendment. *cough cough *

I actually see every pictures with emotions. One minute I could laugh when the pictures weren't that funny and the next minute I could shed tears at the next pictures appeared. Cause that's when I can recall our memories back. I swear, we had a picture of me crying that he snapped after some fight. 

(No way, I won't reveal that-thickest-eye bags-with-red-nose-some-more picture even until the technologies would forever disappear from the earth)

One year ago.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer effects

I'd never know summer would be this cruel. Few days before we departed to Istanbul, I started to feel itchy on my face and few pimples grew. So I thought, yeaa must be due to my upcoming period.

 It was silly when we're in Istanbul, a few more pimples started to conquer my face. Goddd, what now? PMS was never this bad, I thought. Plus, this wasn't even near to my due yet.

Hormones, maybe.

Wait, hormonal changes of what?

Of weather u mean?

Another pimples grew.
Sunburn got severe.

My face was at its worst. It's like my face was being a site where the workers were doing a construction at, the place that they built up building, burning and digging. It hurts! I stared to my reflection in the mirror and counted as much pimples as I had. One, two, three... ten. Wait, were the scars included? Okay, countless then.

No one knew there's a scary line behind the scarf. The line that separated my sun-exposed skin area which was super burn, scary and moon-crater like one. The other line was the safe one, protected from sunburn and that was the area that I missed the most. 

It was like "before-after" skin ads on TV and I'd got them both on mine. The burned area would take "after", of course. 

I lost my mind. My skin was never as this worst. It wasn't me!

I lost my confidence that I changed my 4 entire outfits just to go out dating with Ameerul. Not a single picture that I took. Not even one scarf now that would go matching with me. Not even a single blouse that suited me anymore. Contact lenses didn't help! 

As Ameerul said, "Oh noo you're darker now. Serve you right. Haha". Reverse psychology u mean? Not my game!

I wailed like a panicked woman who just recently lost her son. Tried on my mom's skincare, my lil sister's masker, my aunt's foundation. Moisturizer after moisturizer. One cleanser after another one.

4-seasons country wasn't for me. Haha. Malaysia's khatulistiwa is the best.

Well, having scars and pimples wasn't that scary as death. It's just that we are not that adaptable to the situation yet and definitely it will freak us out. Experiences, babe. Now I know how to handle it. Bring it on, SUMMER! Hahaha.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Butter prawn

One thing that I'll never say no to: Prawn.

Anything prawn. Prawn sambal with petai, Tomyam Prawn, Grilled Prawn, Whatever Prawn you name it.

Thank goodness that seafood actually love me back. No allergies or whatnots like some of other people will have (read: Ameerul who finds himself itchy after eating prawn. Soo not cool haha).

Ameerul is a picky eater or at least he has to, I must said. He cannot eat durian (he'll throw up), he cannot eat squid (he'll get itchy), he'd rather choose chicken instead of fish. And ice tea forever.

Unlike me, I'm a big fan of durian yumms I could finish one whole durian at one time and craving for more, my love for seafood is endless, I love every type of fish including shark (only his fin) and Pepsi/Coke/Slurpee forever hahaha.

So yes, Chicken Tomyam is a must menu if we'd get to eat outside. 

And to satisfy my own craving for prawn, I made butter prawn. Oh Lord, I was so nervous, my very first time making this and what I was afraid the most was the egg floss! Cause that's where you can get your point from, the main part of the dish. And my fav part too.


Butter (3 tbs)
Milk (3/4 cup)
Eggs Yolks (2)
Garlics (4)
Curry leaves
Sugar & salt


1. Egg floss. Heat up butter (1 tbs) and oil. Pour down the beaten up egg yolks and stir them continuously. Drain them.

2. Fried half-cooked prawns.

3. Heat up the melted butter (2 tbs). Add chopped garlics, curry leaves and milk. Put (2).

4. Drain them and put together with the egg floss in a plate.

Yummms. Forever favourite!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Syawal 2013 story

I'd done with my Ramadhan pretty well. My most productive Ramadhan so far. Productive in terms of never failed to wake up for sahur (that happened when I was fasting in mom's place), breaking fast on time (absolutely), terawikh and done with half part of Quran (yeaaa should be more). Alhamdulillah, still. At least, Allah has given me a strength and I'd managed to make most of it, especially with my family. 

Coming to Syawal, exciting part yeahhh. Especially on raya outfit one. Sigh. My bad. I actually have this habit of scrolling on fashion sites (Hatta Dolmat, Jovian Mandagie, FashionValet, etc etc) but never gonna buy anything from them, cause apparently the petite me finds it so hard to get the outfits that will suits me well. So I love taking some inspirational from them, and adding some extra imaginational design on that. 

That turned out to be like this...

Leopard print bottom and a plain mini kurung with gold roses lace. And it took me 2 days long to just sew the lace on. Slowpoke me. Well, you can add beads on the sewn lace if you like, I thought of doing so with few red/gold/yellow beads, but pleaseeee, 2 days was enough. My life wasn't only revolve around that bloody piece of kurung haha.

Wait, sweetest picture ever.

Ameerul and his mom.

I love the idea of having the lace of the scarf also. Like the one that Ameerul's mom has. Attractive and classy. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


Guyssss! I'm homeeeeee! *half shouting as I sandwiched my face within my two palms*

Well.. Last 2 months.

Great, it has been months since I come back and I only update about this. Irresponsible. I know, haha. Nothing much has changed, it's just that the exam result has out, I'd got to spend my short break in Istanbul ( which surely needs the blog posts of its own!), I've done with my Ramadhan here, and just begin with Syawal here, and I'm working now (part time), and few things going on with Dolls, wait woowww.. It seems a lot actually. Haha.

Well okay, for a start. I'm safe and sound here.

Ramadhan was great. One thing about fasting that will always bothering me, my UTI. The last Ramadhan was included, UTI somehow took its toll on me, I just have to bear few hours of no drinking, means my body lacked of water and less urine secreted. Painful, I swear. And I thought that maybe Allah has a special count on me on this, so I relaxed a bit. Psychology, you knowww.

And the result for my first year's exam. I didn't managed to get Mumtaz (as expected haha) but it was quite near to Dean List, so Alhamdulillah. But still, that was a sign that I should work more. More. More. Or maybe less Running Man, less sleeping, less online window shopping.  Yeahh, I'm tired too, of listening the same promises again and again, cause I knew I'm never gonna do it, well.. at least I try, no I mean, at least I promise haha.

(OOTD by Mum)

Hahaha, I know!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All in 1


 I am so so relieved. Unofficially finish with my first year in degree course and I am so so looking forward for these 3 months holiday break. I definitely so so excited.

And yes, I've done with all those 7 exam papers. Which in conclusion I could say, they were pretty cruel, as always. I'd really like to complain, am I? Haha. Well, not all, but almost, yes. 7 papers with only 3 days gap, unexpected questions came out, period cramps and constipation which came in a complete package with period, migraine and so on. But life must really go on, right?

Guess I'm immune with these. Getting myself  involved in pharmacy field since 5 years ago, I can't really escape from the fact that I would have 7 to 8 papers in final exams, all subjects need me to memorize them all, packed schedule, tests after test which come in between few days gap only.

I'm barely breath!

I don't know how I survive with these, but I'm still here.

My love-hate relationship with pharmacy is still being on its climax state and never going to show its sign to stop, or at least, slow down.

Well, no matter how I feel sick with these, I still want it. Like a morphine, I would say.

Well, I'd still recommend pharmacy to everyone, if they ever ask me how the things going on with pharmacy. How is pharmacy? Is pharmacy okay? Should they enroll in pharmacy? Yes dear, pharmacy is the best for my liking, and I should actually tell them, how your life's going to change just after you assigned yourself as a pharmacy student. 

I should tell them 1 thing, being a pharmacy student, we don't only learn things about pharmacy, like what I'd ever imagined before, "Oh it must be excited, learning about drug, those pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharma-this, pharma-that, whatever pharma". But in fact, we have several subjects that are related to Chemistry absolutely, Physics, Law, Entrepreneurship, Biology of course and so on.

 And I'm slowly coming to this worst part.

Yes, my brain is confused. The right part and the left part, they struggle themselves to keep all this knowledge inside them. One side are busy with memorizing those facts and another one is exercising with calculations, chemistry problem solving and brainstorming on Physics's Law. Gahhh, my brain must be really tired. 


Ahh, yes, my workplace. Working on Human Rights paper and must always have a snack during study. Sooooo Qistina. Love it when the season changes (it's coming to a real summer now) and summer fruits are starting to be in market. The best seedless grapes, only RM 3 per kilo. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's getting hotter and hotter each day!

Now it's coming to the end of the spring. And summer's followed.

 One thing, I love summer cause that's when you can start wearing back your colourful blouses, you can walk swankily holding the rainbow-colour umbrella and never care about people whom giving you any suspicious look. Cause I'd never see Egyptians use umbrella here during summer, even if the sun would ever gets 1 inch distant to earth. They really love sun bathing, I guess. 

But obviously, I'd get too much melanin that my skin can prepared itself to be darker and my glands become so active, I secrete sweat so much I want to cry. The feeling is like, I'm about to lose my pride as a woman, truth be told, no ones in the world want to have a 24-hours-wet-armpit!


But well, they say, sweating is good since it helps to secrete unwanted waste substances in the body bla bla bla... I don't want to be sounded like a nerdy student, but this makes me realize how important sweat is in health. Your body becomes more active, just by the season changes! How impressive when I suddenly become an active athlete just because I walk 30 minutes in a day under the hot sun and I produce a lot of sweat!

Yeahhh I am so optimistic about this summer! Hahaha.

So okay, bring it on! 

Well, by any chance, is it possible to get my normal skin colour back after 3 months? Sigh..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring yaww

So it's a spring season in some other countries too, since my friends who study abroad got to upload their pictures behind the tulips everyday and got me so jealous - cause there's no tulips here I want to capture a picture with!

I was so eager to see how spring here looked like and we went to a park last week. 

Egypt's first impression of spring wasn't that bad. It was rare since there's no way in the whole world you will find a flower wholly covered by dust! Hahaha. Well, it's true.

Since the park is in Cairo, so I invited Aiman (Ameerul's brother) to come and joined us. Aiman, who knows so much about Kakqis and how she loves camera, like she cannot go anywhere without a camera and how obsessed Kakqis is towards camera, so Aiman brought his DSLR.

The moment when Aiman took out his camera, I said, "Wow you bring your camera?"

Aiman replied, "Eleh, buat tanya pulakk!"


Am I that annoying that people will get that impression on me? Hehe.

Few pictures.. 

Okay, it went like this, when few pharmacy students who study about plants, flowers, trees and how they grow, how important they are in producing drugs, how poisonous they are, how they can be cultivated and collected, we were sort of excited seeing these plants that we knew!

So we went like "Ohh this is Karkadeh!" or "Wowww, Cammomile, look at its ray floret and disc floret". Sigh, it was more like a Pharmacognosy class trip. Haha.

It was fun. I love it how we were altogether enjoying the good scenery of the park, the calmness that made me forgot about all the continuous exams, and beautiful-hearted friends with me, and the camera that was following me! Haha. No, kidding.

But I like it when my friends were so comfortable with Aiman, and how they can get along so well. We laughed a lot.

And went back to Zagazig with few stressed acnes, hehehe.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Baby J

This is Baby J, my cellphone. I named her 2 days ago since the incident when it suddenly refused to switch on after I accidentally spilled it with Sprite. Yes, you can see it now, carbonated drinks are not good, they give you too many bad things, I have received 2 so far. 1- Pre diabetic. 2-It spilled over my cellphone- which I can't do anything about it!

There's this myth on how to save your cellphone - immerse it in a bowl of rice. I tried it for 2 days, so after 2 days, I thought the moistures are all absorbed, and guess what, I can successfully switched it on! I was so happy, I danced in front of my friends and they followed me, we were so happy. But still, the camera wasn't function. So we stopped dancing.


Well, it's like a miracle when after I played Jonghyun's My Love song, the camera functioned back! That's how she got her name, Baby J.

Well, okay. Nothing last forever.

Baby J is sick again.

When we were watching a video on Keek last night, Baby J suddenly turned black. Nothing came out. Sounds stopped. No pictures appeared. Like a magic. Yes, magic blackout- I know you get what I mean. That's how I felt though.

And right now, Baby J is admitted in a bowl of rice again. I don't know, my heart feels something like, there's no way Baby J can be saved anymore. Like, this is the end of everything for Baby J. Baby J will die after drowning in Sprite. How sad her life is.

Sigh you carbonated drink......

And now, I just don't know what to do. I missed my Family Farm, Subway Surfers, Pou Pet.

And my Mom.

I'm such a miserable kid.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Worst handwriting

For me, 1 hour for Organic Chemistry practical exam was not enough. Well, if they have given me 3 hours though, it will still never be enough, cause it's Qissy. Haha. So yeahh, actually most of my friends did it in less than 30 minutes. But I don't know what's with me, it was chaos. Like I was in the middle of war or something. 

I don't know how to relax in exams. The moment when I get the exam papers, I suddenly become kelam kabut and I'm rushing to finish it. I can't wait to finish it! I don't know whyyyyyy... 

Just look at my handwriting in Organic Chemistry practical exam few days ago....

Messy! I just hope that my lecturer will understand me. 

And this is my usual handwriting. 

Sigh. I just don't know why. But thank God alhamdulillah, Allah listened to me. I've got full marks for this. Hahaha!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hectic student

Hello guys. I am now in my 'take 5' rest from all these studying and memorizing stuffs which utterly drives me insane, really. I have 2 exams tomorrow and there's still a lot of things to memorize with so little time indeed. (Last minute study, guys).
I know my life has been really messy recently. Loads of things are left postponed and undone. Piles of clothes are waiting to be washed. Few stress acnes on my face and I don't have time to wear mask anymore. No more Running Man. I want 48 hours in a day!
And to make it worst, I am suffered from a week-long flu and cough. Bacteria really loves me I have no idea what's been so attractive about me sigh.
My student life is so not fun! Haha.
Okay.. Keep calm and memorize. Pheww.
Might continue memorizing now.
Oh btw, I'll leave you with a recent picture of mine and Wani. Happy blessed Friday, everyone. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am really happy with this invention. I may want to see the person who are the founder of this WeChat just to congratulate him, and a gratitude of course. It is amazing. More like a walkie-talkie actually, but with few advantages more. 

For a lazy, no I mean, busy student like me, I don't really get the chance to switch on my laptop everyday and get online properly, no. Once weekly, yes. So I've got my notifications from Facebook, Twitter  and email from my phone. 

Plus you can blog from cellphone now. 

And I rarely use Skype. So I sometimes may have some difficulties in logging in into Skype after few trial for passwords. I have so many passwords like every password is so different to the one that I have on my Facebook, Twitter or Blogger. 

Hahaha. And each one is so ridiculous you can't imagine what kind of password is that.

And I'm giving up log in. 

But thank youuuuu WeChat. Log in is so simple, fast and I love how your conversations are recorded. Like the one in Viber and Whatsapp, but this one is in a voice type. Adorable invention. 

And video call too..

Gosh. I love this app. Seriously.

Monday, April 22, 2013

New baby

I heard people say, wearing contact lenses will reduce your eye power. So I've been using contact lenses since I was 16. And my power increases to +3.75 for each instead. Now I don't know which one is true. 

Since the powers have increased, so my old spectacle can't anymore detect anything in the distance more than 100 meter, so I've made myself a new one. I wasn't plan anything, it was too fast, I tried the spec for fun and I said, "I want this". I wasn't sure if I said it with my conscious. Maybe, half.

Leaving the shop, Kiena said, "Qis, Masyaallah, pantang masuk kedai semua nak beli".

So that's why I come out with a reason that my power has increased. *wink.


I know this one is too large for me but it is intended to be so. One  lecturer asked me, "Is that really your glass?". So I said, yes. And she laugh. Haha.

I'm actually wearing contact lenses to school since I was 16 and until now. It's like I cannot go anywhere without contact lenses. That are my eyes cause I'm not really comfortable wearing spectacles outside. Plus, it makes my face looks so small. People will look at me like I am that kind of 8 years old genius kid with a pink-frame spectacles, with high power some more. Hahaha.

And I am much more comfortable wearing glasses just at home. 

The old one.

So now I have two specs. I have triple eyes now. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

All white

Going all plain and white. 

Phewww, it is less than 1 month to my final exams. I've done with almost all of my midterm exams (which are my carry marks), and alhamdulillah, everything is okay. 

 Really, this is exhausting. I had tests in every week. Like non-stop. Tests after tests. My brain is going to explode at any time. This is my tough journey in becoming a pharmacist.

 Cause you see, I need to take 7 subjects throughout this semester, ALL 7 subjects need me to memorize them. Like in Chemistry, I should actually be able to draw Paracetamol structure. Fine. And what about Benzene? Aniline? Sulphanilamide? I'm sorry to scare you haha.

Yes, I have Pharmacognosy too. I study about Cinnamon, its structure, origin, what should I expect to see under a microscope?

No wonder, they say pharmacy is the second toughest subject in the world. Well, after Medicine.

So I think that I have given all my best in midterm exams and the results were out. So I texted my dad with 2 long messages, happily telling him all my results, and he said, "Bagusnyaa..."

One word. Only.

Just like that? Hahaha daddy is so not romantic!

So okay, I am positive with these. I still laugh like a retarded donkey, eat as much as I can like a king, going on Youtube for Big Bang and Running Man, well, my life is still normal. It's just that, 24 hours is not enough!

Good news by the way, Ameerul just has done with his diploma. Wohooo!

Friday, April 12, 2013

3 years

Last 1st April has marked our 3rd anniversary. 3 years of knowing Ameerul, after numerous fights and laugh and all, it's just so fast. Really. Time flies. 

"Hey, it is 1st April"

"Yeahhh, our 3rd anniversary!"

"Yeayy, you know, last 3 years, this boy came approached me and gave me a rose"

"Lol, it's an April Fool"

"You, fool!"

His jokes, sometimes.... urghh!

Hmm, 3 years... romantic moments ruined in time. Haha.

And he keeps complaining about me not blogging about him anymore. 

"When are you going to update your blog? Same post everyday."

"I'm so busy. Few tests in this week".

"Aaaaaa blog about me!"

"I'm gonna delete my blog"

"Aaaaaa blog about me first".

Haha. Pening!

(Our first date 3 years ago).

Monday, March 25, 2013


I've told you that my schedule recently has been really tight. Really contented.

And I'm tired too. Of running....

....on Subway Surfers.

I'm so into this game that I will never let any minutes pass by not playing this game. Even though in between classes gap or while waiting for the lecturer to come or when I'm in bed to sleep.

So the ones who are getting annoyed were my friends. They will kacau me and distract me, cause I don't layan them babbling, and they will grab my cellphone, and calling me by my full name.

Hahaha. I don't know why God keeps sending me friends like these. Aihhh.

Went to Samsung center the other day accompanying my housemates, found Subway Surfers game in a tab. "Right, my goal is to complete these missions", I said to myself. Then I heard Ain said, "Ishhh, sini pun boleh!"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Colourful abaya

Right, we are approaching to summer. Which I'm so excited about! I'm starting to put my winter coat away to the very corner of my cupboard, sign of "I don't need you anymore, wohooo - it's the time to wear my colourful blouses back!"

Haha, very annoying this little girl.

Well they say summer here can be so hot, like you're being fried in a hot pan, every inch of your body is sweating, you're about to cry cause one fan is never get enough.


Sound not fun.

We are now on an early spring, so I'm thinking to get myself adapting to the summer soon, which I will wear abaya more often to school these days. Hahaha. And my uniform for summer will only be jeans and jeans and jeans. Maybe it's the time for my abayas to join my unwanted winter coats.

By the way, if you guys are interested in buying these kinds of abayas, I'm really free to take your orders. :)