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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Okay. When was the last time that I posted something? Right, 2 months ago. I seriously tried so hard to find at least 30 minutes of the whole 24 hours in a day to spend it in here. Tho I missed to write so so soo much I've got no word to describe, my fingers sometimes stretched by their owns hahaha. But 30 minutes was too mainstream. I couldn't find even 15 minutes for that.

So okay, for updates, I'm in Egypt now. Still choosing Egypt (after I turned down the offer from one private university in Malaysia - no regret for it) and assignments kept piling up. Tests, exams and extra classes, I was really contented.

Cause since we came back to Egypt a lil bit late (when all the local students were already in their half period of the whole semester), there's a rush in catching up with the syllabus and I was really exhausted. Finished one test today, got another test tomorrow. Testing my knowledge with organic chemistry today and anatomy tomorrow. Basically, I've lived with only books. So sometimes I asked myself a silly question, "My brain wouldn't shrinked, will it?" because I was soooo tired.

And now, I'm on my study week, continue living as a shrunk-brained-student. Hahaha.

Too busy to even smile.

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