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Thursday, December 19, 2013


They say, once you are a teacher, you will forever being called 'Teacher'. Once you are a doctor, you are forever being called 'Doctor'. Even after your retirement.

And in my case, once I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I will always being treated as a pre-diabetic patient. The word "pre" here always brings a meaning of precautions. People will tell me, "Awwww don't eat that, too high of sugar" or "No more carbonated drink, you are pre-diabetic, remember?"

Got it? This is not fair when I'm no longer a pre-diabetic, correction people, I'm normal now. My blood glucose has fallen into a normal range just like you guys. And I can eat tons of chocolate and gallons of Mirinda now. Hahaha.

What even worst, they will treat me as if I'm an admitted-hospital-insulin-dependant-diabetis mellitus patient with all wires twisting the body, one into nasal, one into blood vein and with concentrated urine in urine bag. Like, "Nooo, don't buy that carbonated drink anymore" when I was just opening the beverage fridge or "Heyy, this is sweet, Qistina cannot eat this".

This is sad.

Poor Qistina is judged unfairly.

My latest blood glucose level. Normal range. Now where's all the carbonated drink at? Haha.

And being diagnosed once as a pre-diabetic, for me, I considered it as a good wake up call. When I'd never bothered about my sugar intake, about my blood glucose level and my health though what I've learned at school everyday was all about health, so, now I make it a habit to have a regular blood glucose checkup. (At least once in 2 or 3 months). And become more alert with my sugar intake now.

My dose of happiness

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