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Friday, December 20, 2013

Last grandmother


My one and only grandmother, on my dad's side, passed away yesterday ( Thursday, 9.40 am ) in Bachok, Kelantan.

It was 3 am in Egypt, I was sleeping with no access of mobile internet. It was such a shocking news when I wake up. Grandma and I, we're not that close. In fact, my siblings too. But we're her closest grandchildren. She's very old and towards the end of her life, she barely recognized us.

We're not seeing her often, maybe because all of my siblings are off for studying/working and not being able to see her more often. But when we got the chance to see her, we're definitely going to run to her and everybody was trying to get to her first. And we were going to her treat just like a queen. Got her whatever she needed, water, checked. Towel, checked. Pillow, checked. Maybe because she's too old to get that by herself.

But my dad, yes. He's got to see her mom everyday.

Dad was the closest to her. I admired the way dad talked to her mum, the way dad treated her mum, it's soo lovely. I could really felt the love. Grandma, who barely able to hear what people were saying and sometimes she forgot where she put her teeth or her stuffs. Or sometimes when her nails were too long to even hurt her own feet and fingers. It was my dad, who taking care of her.

Dad would never gave up repeating the same questions to her, and answering her questions 4-5 times until she really really got it. When my grandma forgot to perform her Asar prayer, dad reminded her in such a lovely way, grandma wouldn't be ashamed or hurt. When grandma thought she just throw away her important stuffs into the dustbin, it was dad who trying to rummage all the trashes just to get her mom the stuffs back (for actually that important stuffs were in dad's car - both forgot) hahaha

Dad became the first one to notice that her mum's nails had grew so long and cut them. Never in my whole life, dad would raise his voice towards his mum. Towards me, yess laaa hahaha.

So, I thought, O lord, Dad must be really really really sad. Hmm, losing a mom is devastating...

Last picture of me and my grandma at my late grandpa's grave. Eid 2013.

May Allah grants you with Jannah, and we will always remember you.

Al- Fatihah. To my grandma. To our parents. May Allah be with us, always. Insyallah..

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