Alya Qistina

Monday, November 30, 2015

girl in the green scarfs

Definitely not Becky Bloomwood!

This is my own version of green scarfs, muslimah version because I'd prefer to address them as hijabs - which cover my head.

Well, I think people who are following my Instagram know about my little business on shawls last summer break. I was selling satin shawls from Egypt.

Ameerul definitely knows about this.

And my favourite of all is this emerald green colour which actually had caught many attentions from my friends. Also among those who had higher orders too at the particular time!

What happened was, upon my departure back to Egypt, Ameerul handed me this shopping paper bag with something in it. I was curious, of course. I looked into the bag to find a piece of green shawl covered in a plastic.

Emerald green! Wow, my favourite!

But err, it was satin.


I had so many questions in my head at that time.

"Did he know that I've already owned one shawl in emerald green?"

"Did he know it is also a satin material like this?"

"Has he ever seen me in emerald green satin shawl before?"

"Okay, when did he buy this? He didn't tell me where he went!"

"Oh, wait, having two satin shawls in emerald green isn't a bad idea after all"

Okay, girls are complicated hahaha. Even though you knew you only had only a few hours left to spend your precious time together before you took off.

Of course, I said thank you and I was grateful. He said this one is different because this shawl has a curved end. (He meant a half moon shawl - mind his lack vocabulary in hijab-ness dictionary hahaha).

 My satin shawl

 His satin shawl

Can't really tell any difference right?

That's how it goes whenever each of us give each other a present. Our taste is so different in everything. Last year, he gave me a body lotion with sakura flower scent. I liked it, but if he could had give me softer scent then it would be really reallyyyyyy nicer hahaha. When he gave me a sling bag, but I'd never wore it hahaha sorry but he insisted it was a beautiful bag - which I stared at the bag for so long to find the beautiful side of the bag hmmm still couldn't find the beauty of that.

When I gifted him a Tshirt, he said he liked it and so gonna wear it. Yes, he wore it at night! During bedtime! God, that was expensive omg how dare you! I gave him a watch, he said, "This is so my grandpa's taste".


I didn't know that your grandpa has such swag taste, huh?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

crazy month

Been busyyyyy! Really busy.

November is so gonna be one boring month, guys. Just because mid term exams are starting now, so everybody seems to have no more time to do nonsense things anymore. Books are best friends now!

Including me.

And final exams are going to start at the end of December. November will be full with mid term exams and December is so gonna be contented by practical exams. That means we are going to be fully accompanied by books/notes/etc until January! Just how stressful is that?

I, have always been ambitiously planning my daily routine which I think would be productive enough for me. Like, "tonight I'm going to finish this one chapter of Gene Recombination then I'm going to blog about my last birthday celebration. And of course, I'm going to sleep early tonight so I can wake up early and have a proper breakfast tomorrow morning to start my another productive day".


Instead, I helped my housemate to bake a cheesecake, then I lured my housemates to join me watching horror movie, then the only thing I knew was I slept throughout the night, only woke up to go to school again with just a quick Milo gulp to kick-start my day and class ends usually at 3 pm. Plus, some events/projects/extra works/school assignments that I need to complete - that has withdraw-ed my energy!

But, what exactly did I do in my daily routines for me to get that tired?


Well, usually a night before any exams, there's always this an owl sitting at the corner of her room, studying so hard and regretting the free times she ever got before. And that's me.

Okay, be serious now. Clinical year is no joke!

Now, where's my lecture notes?

Wait, Running Man is on air already?