Alya Qistina

Friday, November 23, 2012

High risk

Normal blood glucose level.

My blood glucose level. Pre Diabetis Mellitus.

Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, don't panic. This is just numbers. Oh no, this is between life and death. How come a 22-years-old, skinny-underweight and a good girl is suffered from a high blood glucose level? Impossible!

So I sat down and stared at the blank wall and the image of me injecting the insulin right to my stomach is clearly pictured in my head, so I said to myself, "Right, I need to stop taking Pepsi"

Seriously guys, 1 litre of Pepsi, I could finish it in 2 days. I swear, Pepsi is one delicious beverage ever invented (Egypt Pepsi especially - Oh Egyptians, you are blessed!). And whatever delicious is always not healthy. That's annoying.  -_____-

So okay, I come out with a new routine now. I try as possible as I can to go for an exercise (which I never do anything about it so far), reduce sugar intake, drink plain water as much as I can to neutralise the concentrated blood back (high blood glucose, high concentration of blood, wounds take time to heal and scars will probably appear - scared!), try to put cinnamon in cooking dish, manage the stress well, bla bla bla.

3 weeks passed and I manage to reduce my sugar intake! I even stop drinking Pepsi, I mean not completely, are you crazy? Pepsi was like an oxygen before, I needed it. So a very quick gulp of Pepsi last week on a midnight, very quick one cause I was afraid I'll be caught by Husna and I must got ready with some babbling. (I'm sorry guys).

My housemates, they help me a lot, they will remind me about this, tell me to not taking high glucose content food but they eat them in front of me which I just can stare and ask them, "How does it taste?"


Husna told me, "You must see your face after you get the result, you're panicked and you wanted to cry".

So, I'm still in the process of reducing my blood glucose level. I'm trying, it's very hard actually especially when I have a lot on my mind - exams, stress, tired body, acne, winter, money and bla bla. 

And you guys don't have any idea how much I miss Pepsi. 


p/s: I don't dare telling this to my parents. Mom will be very worry and I'm a good daughter so I just want to let her know about good things only. Okay bye.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chemist to be

Had a Skype session with Zuriana, one of my ex diploma schoolmates. She said, "Qis, what's wrong with your lab? Dirty. Why there're no gloves provided?"


She's right. Haha. But never mind, I'm still alive so far.


Urea reaction that I made. Clap*.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Newlyweds,

Dear Newlyweds, 

I'm writing this to you with the tears of jealousy. No. Kidding. *shed tears still haha. You know what, we had these crazy plans 5 years ago, where I wanted to be on your wedding day, being one of your bridesmaids, staying up all night long spending your very last night as a single lady together, just talking talking and talking to each other while doing henna, arguing with the wedding planner about the pelamin decoration and making air sirap to the guests. 

And you were doing that without me. 5 years' plan was such a waste. 

My best friend got married to her 5 years' boyfriend. *standing on the chair, clap hands*

And why did you just need to get married when I was in Egypt btw? 

I tried to reach you early on the morning before the wedding started, but I understand that since you're married now, cellphone is no longer your main priority, yes still, but after you husband's cup of tea. And I called Shushy just to reach you but no answers. So, let's just blame Shushy for this.

Anyways, long way to go. A starting to a new life, marriage life, challenging life, work-husband-cook-laundry life. I don't know how you are going to do these, but I know you can. Just, you know, try to not mumbling too often. Haha.

Selamat pengantin baru. Allah's with you, Insyaallah.

Monday, November 12, 2012

22nd birthday

What group is 22 years old person fall into? Adult? 

Right. I'm an adult now, officially. Should behave nicely. Should know how to cook. Should know how to do households perfectly. Shouldn't jump on the the bed anymore. 

And should make more serious face in the picture. 

But we're just refused to grow up!

Iffni said, "Let's take some pictures of me feeding you your birthday cake, "tag" Tawakkal people on Facebook". Ah, so rindu mann!

But our pictures turned out annoying.

So okay, it was 6 pm in Egypt (12 am in Malaysia, so they sang me birthday song out loud by the roadside. I was like, "Come on, stop it, shut up, you guys are disgusting. Embarrassing".

Birthday song, 22 years old. Euw. And those 5 lovely people treated me a slice of chocolate cake. Thank youuuu. :)

Err, yes. Just one slice. But, really, I don't mind. But maybe with a pair of Charles&Keith shoes, by any chance, guys? Okay bye.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bare hands

Remember I told you about the lab rules. Okay I forgot to mention that they don't provide any gloves or face mask! 

So we are actually exposed to the danger almost 5 times in a week; everytime we have lab sessions. But still, no one badly injured so far but I got some rashes instead. Very funny! -__-

Okay, let me leave you with some pictures of our lab's condition.

As long as the Bunsen burner is still function, who cares about the tidiness anymore haha. 

Some of the containers that contain chemical ingredients inside. Very dangerous. Really scared me!

Right. No gloves nor mask. But I did the experiment successfully. Haha.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Still counting

He called me Booya. Annoying much!

Well, it's 2 years and 7 months now. Feels old. I always remind him about how hard it is for us to survive in this relationship and it was such a real challenge at the beginning - the hardest part. I have to be frank, not everyone loved the idea of us going out, and I gave up several times. I asked him to stop this and let me go. But he wouldn't.

Drama. Drama. Drama. 


But he's finally shaved his moustache! And I said, "I thought you're waiting for me!". And he replied, "Kejap shave, kejap tak, apa ni?!" - a starting to an argument. I said, "Fine, just don't care about me, leave me alone."

Forever drama! Haha.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eid Adha 2012

Holidays were over. Classes start back. Few midterm tests awaits. How awful that would be? But I'm okay.

I've told you about going to Cairo for the holidays and celebrated Eid Adha there. Well, not much of celebrating. The mood hadn't just came when you're away from home (true story). So let's consider the holidays as my really really short break. But still, they'd celebrated it merrily here.

I stayed in Malaysian Hall for a few days. They had this korban and gave away the meat to everyone. Well, sort of. And I've got my part from Zagazig.

Ahh, yes. Cellphone's best friend. Cause Eid Adha was on 26 Oct. And my bloody birthday fell on the same day too! (Thanks to those who wished and pray for me. Very much appreciated.)