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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eid Adha 2012

Holidays were over. Classes start back. Few midterm tests awaits. How awful that would be? But I'm okay.

I've told you about going to Cairo for the holidays and celebrated Eid Adha there. Well, not much of celebrating. The mood hadn't just came when you're away from home (true story). So let's consider the holidays as my really really short break. But still, they'd celebrated it merrily here.

I stayed in Malaysian Hall for a few days. They had this korban and gave away the meat to everyone. Well, sort of. And I've got my part from Zagazig.

Ahh, yes. Cellphone's best friend. Cause Eid Adha was on 26 Oct. And my bloody birthday fell on the same day too! (Thanks to those who wished and pray for me. Very much appreciated.)

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