Alya Qistina

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Awh God! Been a while since I catch a cold. Though my antibody is strong enough, then nahhh, "Don't underestimate us huh!", says antigen.

Last night was terrible. I woke up several times in the middle of the night just because I felt so uncomfortable with my dry throat, so did my nose; it was too dried I felt like something was stuck inside my nose. Euwww. Plus my nose is getting redder since I wipe it too much till it's so hurt to even touch it. Feel like my skin is being peeled.

Loratadine (antihistamine) works best for me so far. Last time when I catched a cold was 6 months ago in Malaysia but it only lasted for 3 days (roughly) after I tried Loratadine (generic one - usually I don't get along well with generic drugs, for example, when I tried Piriton, awwwh such a waste! I was just adding some toxics in body! Same goes to generic Paracetamol. Yeahh, cetrizine also! Hmm. **worries about medical expenses in the future).

So okay, I woke up at 4 am last night feeling so weak, I'd got headache as well as blocked nose. With my barely-opened eyes, I grabbed 2 PCMs and spray Sterimars Nasal Spray into my both nostrils. Awwwh! Best feeling on earth! I continued to sleep then I woke up with a dried mouth, tasting slightly salty! Hahahah! Because Sterimars is ocean-based product.

Ya Allah hahaha.

This is sick, really. I'm getting tired of being so rush to grab a tissue whenever I feel like sneezing. Sometimes it just flow out by itself. Umm, so I usually stuck the tissue inside my nose.

Okayyy I've got to go, new batch of mucus is coming. Ah Choo! Hahaha.

p/s: I don't advise you to self-medicate yourself unless you really know the exact indications of those drugs. So go seek your medical treatment from doctors. Be healthy everyone. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'd put my blog on private twice this week; which never happened before. Which I classified my actions as trauma.

God, I'm sorry if this post comes out as a perasan entry or something hahaha, but it's actually giving me goosebumps, really.

When I posted about fake accounts, few friends of mine came giving me motivational words saying that's not my fault. But why I kept thinking that everything is happening because of me? Because of my pictures, because of my words and so on.

Wait, I thought it had been settled.

Then few days ago, I'd been receiving a lot of 'friend requests' on FB and Twitter from male Egyptians. Hahaha, sound funny yet scary. Ameerul noticed this, he asked me, "Do you have something you wanna share with me?". Well, I said "No", apparently no secrets or anything.

Okay, here's the climax. One Egyptian had been using my picture (the one that I wore their football team jersey - which I actually intended to show it to Ameerul, if he's interested), so this man posted it up to his FB claiming that I was one of their football team fans and got hundreds of 'likes' and 'share'.


I knew he must felt very happy to see some outsider wearing their proud "Harimau Malaya" jersey. Though I'm not into football (or some other sorts of sports hahaha), but still yepp I respected his interest and their loves toward the team.

Of course, that FB update didn't insult me or anything. If you were in my shoes, what were you really gonna do?

I pm-ed the admin asking him nicely to delete the post, saying I'm not comfortable and bla bla bla hoping he would delete it ASAP. Oh thank God, he gave me such nice cooperation.

Everything has been settled now.

I ponder for a while and think, "Why? Why me? How?"

I agree with myself that, when we want to change to be a better person, there's always a test from Allah to see how much we put our faith on Him. I believe He knows me better than I think I know myself; how I intend to change or what I really think or something. And this is a sign of love from Him. And Alhamdulilah.

p/s: Emotion - confused. One minute I could laugh over these incidents, the next minute I suddenly get scared and become quite. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fake accounts

Wow. Speechless. 

This. Is. Ridiculous.

I mean, yeahh I'm mad, but wait, "Aren't these people crazy? Do they really have that much time to create fake accounts? Please people, go watch Korean drama at least rather than wasting your time craving for attentions from social site strangers"


My Dolls and I agreed that we felt so kesian to these people. How on earth that you ever thought of creating such piece of shit from other people's stuffs? 

I was speechless when someone pm-ed me thru FB to inform me about this. And Ameerul (my new PA - Personal Assistant cum Qistina Fan Club President hehehe) had stepped up and made some investigations  (he even interviewed that faker), so we hoped he could solve this. Ameerul, my friends, his friends and I had reported this account as impersonation. Phew.

But wait.. 

He found one more fake account that was using my pictures. Oh my god. This is really crazy.

So we reported them. 

Ameerul and I pm-ed these people and  their reactions were. "I'm not the only one who use Alya's pictures"

Yes, rude, isn't?

Those accounts are still exist, but they have removed my pictures. 

Report them as fake accounts, if you think these people shouldn't exist on social sites. Thank you.. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

First week

Semester 4 has just started. Excited, no? No thanks. Every morning is always a huge battle between me and my bed, I'm naturally not a morning person but Nescafe helps a lot. But the lectures went well.

Wait, an assignment in the first lecture? Hmm here is a really good wake up call. *slaps face*. Gather all my sense and come to a reality man. This is only the first week.

I'm preparing my mental to be stronger to have few tests in a week and submit all assignments on time.

.. should be more appropriate.

Ameerul and Shushy also have just started with the new semesters. All the best everyone. Love and kisses to you guys. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adam turns 4

 Adam, 1 and MamaQis, 21 y/o

3 years ago when Adam was still under control, I could lift and kiss him whenever I want, the only thing that he could do was scream as a sign for me to stop doing that.

Okay now as he grows up to an active little cheeky boy, he obviously learns new things to avoid the clingy me. Of course, screaming is still his best speciality haha besides being so talkative and he seems to know so much words at his age. So now it's like a wheel where I used to be at the top of him and now I'm at the opposite site. I have to give in so much.

He's so strong now and starting to lift his hands up on me whenever I tease him with a bad joke, I even had to hide from him under the pillow. And what's funny he's the one who will be sulking and asking for some attention.

He's definitely like the baby me. Hahaha.

Babies are cute. Whatever they do, you can't stay mad for so long. They are so lovely and are going to be missed. At the end, you will find yourself laughing over those sweet little things.

Happy birthday adik. Miss you and Mia so much.