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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fake accounts

Wow. Speechless. 

This. Is. Ridiculous.

I mean, yeahh I'm mad, but wait, "Aren't these people crazy? Do they really have that much time to create fake accounts? Please people, go watch Korean drama at least rather than wasting your time craving for attentions from social site strangers"


My Dolls and I agreed that we felt so kesian to these people. How on earth that you ever thought of creating such piece of shit from other people's stuffs? 

I was speechless when someone pm-ed me thru FB to inform me about this. And Ameerul (my new PA - Personal Assistant cum Qistina Fan Club President hehehe) had stepped up and made some investigations  (he even interviewed that faker), so we hoped he could solve this. Ameerul, my friends, his friends and I had reported this account as impersonation. Phew.

But wait.. 

He found one more fake account that was using my pictures. Oh my god. This is really crazy.

So we reported them. 

Ameerul and I pm-ed these people and  their reactions were. "I'm not the only one who use Alya's pictures"

Yes, rude, isn't?

Those accounts are still exist, but they have removed my pictures. 

Report them as fake accounts, if you think these people shouldn't exist on social sites. Thank you.. 

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