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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Awh God! Been a while since I catch a cold. Though my antibody is strong enough, then nahhh, "Don't underestimate us huh!", says antigen.

Last night was terrible. I woke up several times in the middle of the night just because I felt so uncomfortable with my dry throat, so did my nose; it was too dried I felt like something was stuck inside my nose. Euwww. Plus my nose is getting redder since I wipe it too much till it's so hurt to even touch it. Feel like my skin is being peeled.

Loratadine (antihistamine) works best for me so far. Last time when I catched a cold was 6 months ago in Malaysia but it only lasted for 3 days (roughly) after I tried Loratadine (generic one - usually I don't get along well with generic drugs, for example, when I tried Piriton, awwwh such a waste! I was just adding some toxics in body! Same goes to generic Paracetamol. Yeahh, cetrizine also! Hmm. **worries about medical expenses in the future).

So okay, I woke up at 4 am last night feeling so weak, I'd got headache as well as blocked nose. With my barely-opened eyes, I grabbed 2 PCMs and spray Sterimars Nasal Spray into my both nostrils. Awwwh! Best feeling on earth! I continued to sleep then I woke up with a dried mouth, tasting slightly salty! Hahahah! Because Sterimars is ocean-based product.

Ya Allah hahaha.

This is sick, really. I'm getting tired of being so rush to grab a tissue whenever I feel like sneezing. Sometimes it just flow out by itself. Umm, so I usually stuck the tissue inside my nose.

Okayyy I've got to go, new batch of mucus is coming. Ah Choo! Hahaha.

p/s: I don't advise you to self-medicate yourself unless you really know the exact indications of those drugs. So go seek your medical treatment from doctors. Be healthy everyone. 

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