Alya Qistina

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wherever I go now, everyone will ask me when I'll be going to Egypt. Second question is, are you prepared enough? Then they will say, Egyptians will wear veil and jubah. And, the weather there is hot, two times to us. 

Same. Things. Ever. 

But I thank them. At least they keep reminding them about the environment there. How tough the condition will be. How strong should I be. Truth be told, I'm half ready. 

And I make sure that I'm getting used to certain things like time, temperature and many things more so when I reach there, I won't feel so awkward. 


So everytime when I look to my cellphone for time, I'll automatically can see what's the time in Egypt. And I'll start wondering what I'll be doing then. Haha.

Yes, dictionary. Very very important. This dictionary was provided by AQM during our orientation programme.

And everything is almost done. I'm readyy! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another one year

So today is Ameerul's birthday. That man is getting older. Booo! But pity him that this whole week is such a challenge to him, busiest week ever. Test after test, presentation after presentation. Phew.

So boy, I wish you a very great happy birthday. May Allah bless you always. Allah has made your life perfectly, so just be grateful on whatever he has given to you. One thing, remember Him, then He will always remember you. :)

And boy, I wish you for a better life. We are getting older, we have commitments. Please, don't put yourself in stress conditions. Be cool and work hard. Take care of yourself when I'm not here. Don't forget to set alarm on your phone so you won't be late for classes cause I won't be here waking you up for classes anymore. Take your meals on time. 

If you stay up late at night, don't forget to wear sweater so you won't get cold and flu. The most important thing is, don't forget to comb your hair, okay? HAHA

Now I sound like a mom.  K. 

I'm happy for you of what you have achieved so far. Your family, friends and ehemm me. Hehe. So now, just keep calm and work hard for your future.


P/s: 5 years may seems so long, but let's just fill it with working hard for future. Shall we? :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anak Mithali

You know what, in our closing ceremony of our orientation programme, they had this session which they would called some students and awarded them with "Anugerah Tokoh Kepimpinan Pelajar". They had selected 18 students out of 300+ of all. 

So, Iffni and I, as always was talking to each other and laughing and giggling, then suddenly I heard my name  was called. Like what? I didn't dare to ask Iffni to slap my face and got me back to reality, but I carried my ass off to the stage. Very funny, I know. 

I didn't know how they did it. 

Iffni said, "Hey, it that really you that they just called? Wow HAHAHHA"

Shushy said, "Yeah, must be based on height"

Fayyad, my senior said, "Maybe because you're really old among all. HAHA"

Wani, my new coursemate, "I was shocked when they called your name. You? Tokoh? HAHAHA"

Not funny, guys. 

I got this book. So I showed to Ameerul. He laughed. He said, "Sesuai la dengan you. Learn from that book okay?"

Seriously, these people. I'm already a good daughter, kan? :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Palazzo pant and flying fox

When they told us about the tentative of my orientation programme, I was like, wow, flying fox. Must be really fun. Never tried it before so this was really my first time.

I'm not afraid of height but I'm afraid of death and I believe that the higher you climb, the higher the tendency of you falling down, getting hurt and higher possibility of dying. Seriously, my most stupid hypothesis. But well, blame my science subject because it taught me to predict.

And it's not about height now. It's a about my pant. 

I wasn't told about my schedule of flying fox turn, so I wore palazzo pant on that evening. Flying fox and palazzo pant are surely can never get along to each other. 

This was what they call ukhuwah. Luckily, my friends voluntarily tied my pant so I won't step on it. Thanks guys. I owe you my life. Hehe.

Yeah, fashion victim ever but I was safe.

It was fun, I swear. No matter how scary it would be at first, it would end up being the most satisfied thing cause you're doing it by your own, yes with the help of those safety equipment.

The most important thing is I'm still alive now! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tanned skin

I've mentioned before about the location of my orientation programme. Yes, near to the beach. But it never crossed my mind that my skin would change one tone darker. Haha very funny. Well, it's not actually. On the 5th day there, when I looked into the mirror, I felt something different with my face but I just couldn't tell what. 

My face looked pale, a lil bit hollow and my eyes were about to come out from their sockets and eyebags of course. So I thought, I must be lacking of sleep, maybe.

Ameerul picked me up (it was another story. It wasn't him who were supposed to show up. He said he was in Penang and he asked Aiman, his brother to help him picking me up. So I thought Aiman would come taking me, well, it's not Aiman, it's Ameerul. Oh you liar. Surprise ha ha ha! They were manipulating me, but seriously, they were forgiven, I was happy then).

So, Ameerul told me, "You're darker now. Hahaha. Serve you right".

I stared at him for a while. Yes! Skin tone. I was a lil bit darker and that had changed my face.

I was like, "But I'm still brighter than you".

Him, "I'm a man. Well, no one wants you after this. You just imagine, this is only Morib, when you're in Egypt soon, 5 years there, how your skin tone will be?"

He's such an evil, wasn't he? Sigh..

Well, he's right. Until I'm writing this post, my skin tone is still the same and face moisturizer doesn't help at all.

This picture. This is the point when my skin tone was about to change. Thank God that I was thinking to capture a picture at this particular moment. A new chapter of my skin tone revolution. Hi sawo matang. Goodbye kuning langsat.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orientation programme

I needed to go to Pantai Morib for an orientation programme. A week of an orientation programme. A week. 

I first thought that it was the long one. I mean, 1 week there, what we're really going to do? I knew I would faced some sleepless night, tight packed schedule, I knew no one there except Iffni and countless talk that I needed to listen to. Normal perception of orientation so far.

But seriously, this one's different. My first super cool orientation programme ever. God, I'm pathetic. I only found the cool one after 22 years. Haha. 

300+ participants. But it's really okay. Everyone's okay. The facilitators were really great. And the hotel room was really okay. Haha.

But we turned it to be this bad. Sorry, this was happened when I tried to be punctual.

One thing that they emphasized, it's about a relationship between us. They said, ukhuwah is very important, cause apparently we have nobody there. Just us students. We're like a family there. Oh God, I've found my mom, hello Iffni Suraya. :)

Truth be told, I heard a lot of people saying on how hard it is to survive in Egypt. Patient is a key.

*shed tears*

Well, this is what I choose. Everytime I ask Ameerul about my decision of going there, he'll say, believe in your heart. You are chasing your dream.

Yes, I am so all I've ever needed now is to be strong.

At least I have Iffni with me.

Iffni's funny. One time when we were listening to a talk about the daily life/routine in Egypt, they said, Egypt has this one animal called lamar. I'm not sure what lamar is. Camel maybe. Donkey maybe. So I whispered to her, "Khloe and Lamar" maybe.


We sat beside each other in almost all talks. She's so funny and always came out with crazy jokes so I couldn't help giggling then. Please, don't do this in our class soon. Hahaha.

Seriously, I need to grow up. :p

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bawal revolution

I didn't really wear bawal headscarf since my diploma life. So when I went to KPJ Tawakkal for an interview, one of HR people told me, "We wear tudung bawal here. No Tudung Ekin or shawl like you wear"

"Haa? No shawl?"

"Yes, no shawl".

That's when I started to wear bawal headscarf again. But, only during my work shifts!

And now, everyone is in bawal headscarf back. I don't know what happened. Most of my friends wear plain colour of bawal headscarf. Everyone is so crazy with AidiJuma. Rita Rudaini went to the court wearing an adorable bawal headscarf. Datin Juma looks so stunning in simple plain bawal headscarf.

Why guys?

So I tried wearing bawal headscarf again. Tell you what, I'm addicted to AidiJuma now. 

I have more shawls compared to bawal headscarf. And I actually wear turban too. So I think it's really good to have more collection of shawls cause they function more than just a simple headscarf. They can be your body hugging blanket in cold environment or maybe just a simple head cover.

But I just can't resist the gorgeous temptation of AidiJuma's collection, so I think I must get myself some. 

My name is Qistina and I'm a fashion crime. Hahaha.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding cum Raya

Wedding and hari raya. Chemistry 90%. Wedding, hari raya and public holiday, chemistry level of 100% and traffic jam will add up to 101%.

Anyhow, I'm getting older now. I received a lot of invitations to open house, weddings and all. A sign that I should start to know how it feels to appreciate those invitations and feeling the need of maintaining a good relationship.

Yes, one step further to my adult life. Hari raya with Ameerul's family and friends. God, I'm so old. Never thought hari raya will be this wide to celebrate in this 22 years old time. Hehe. 

Everything was in Seremban. I'm now memorize how much total of money that we need to pay to the tolls through PLUS and LEKAS. 

I went a lil bit annoying (and mental) when I replied some of my friends' text messages with "Selamat hari raya too. From Qissy, Ameerul and our children". My friends euw-ed me. Okay thanks. Haha.

This is Mariyah. Chemistry blended us into purple. 

Some of Ameerul's friends on Zara's Alang's wedding. Sort of Ameerul's life. He can never live without his boys. He dated me bringing all these boys, you see. And that's how I become close to them. By the way, they will have this kind of raya convoy annually and I missed it this year and for the next 5 years then. Sigh.

I love this picture. And this picture brings no message. That's all. 

Monday, September 10, 2012


I broke off with Ameerul for 3 hours yesterday.

Very funny. 


We are 22 years old, please, but we're really acting like a child. Breaking up everytime we got into a fight. Haha. 

So I texted Shushy,

Me: The rain is crying with me.
Shushy: Hey wassup darling?
Me: He's not for me.
Shushy: Why? Did I missed something?

Few hours later..
Me: He's for me back. Bye.

Seriously, am I annoy you much? HAHA.

But don't worry, we made up 3 hours after that.

I texted Ameerul too.

Me: Thanks for everything.This wonderful 29 months. I can't never find your replacement bla bla bla... 3 to 4 long text messages. 

Ameerul: Cut the drama please. Don't want to waste our time while you're still in Malaysia. 

Me: (I know that. Hehe).

Well guys, I have LOADS of things to update. Am so excited. Raya with Ameerul and few things more. I've told you that I needed to attend this one orientation programme and I'll blog about that too. It was fun OMG.  But my skin is a little bit darker now. Orientation programme means you can't never choose the venue, so when it was being held near to the beach, you are expecting to say, Oh God, thanks to beach wind breeze, you tanned my skin. One of the preparation to Egypt, huh? Haha.