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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding cum Raya

Wedding and hari raya. Chemistry 90%. Wedding, hari raya and public holiday, chemistry level of 100% and traffic jam will add up to 101%.

Anyhow, I'm getting older now. I received a lot of invitations to open house, weddings and all. A sign that I should start to know how it feels to appreciate those invitations and feeling the need of maintaining a good relationship.

Yes, one step further to my adult life. Hari raya with Ameerul's family and friends. God, I'm so old. Never thought hari raya will be this wide to celebrate in this 22 years old time. Hehe. 

Everything was in Seremban. I'm now memorize how much total of money that we need to pay to the tolls through PLUS and LEKAS. 

I went a lil bit annoying (and mental) when I replied some of my friends' text messages with "Selamat hari raya too. From Qissy, Ameerul and our children". My friends euw-ed me. Okay thanks. Haha.

This is Mariyah. Chemistry blended us into purple. 

Some of Ameerul's friends on Zara's Alang's wedding. Sort of Ameerul's life. He can never live without his boys. He dated me bringing all these boys, you see. And that's how I become close to them. By the way, they will have this kind of raya convoy annually and I missed it this year and for the next 5 years then. Sigh.

I love this picture. And this picture brings no message. That's all. 

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