Alya Qistina

Monday, April 25, 2011

Alololo thomel thomel

God, I swear I've got melt easily when it comes to kids. Tell me who can resist these cute kids? I'm too brittle for them. They are laughing when you play with them and sometimes crying over simple small things like being dumped by busy cooking mommy. How cute is that, huh?

And this is Adam Riqzi. A second child of my cousin. He is a good boy, rarely crying and loves playing hide and seek. I will go after him and say Adaaammm and he will just smiles while drowning the saliva all over the place.

Adam's elder sister named Damia Hanna is such a lovely little girl. She loves coming to me and says, " Kakak, nak lipstick". And Adam seems so much give in and give away to her sister to win in ANY situations. Toys, food and even their own Ibu. Heessh. Their mum will always get migraine everyday. Hehe.

The funniest part is when Adam who loves to put himself in the middle of flipped over chairs' leg. And he will cry right after he finds that he can't pull himself out of it then. Adam's so cute, I even bited his arms and they turned red. Kesian Adam ni.

I missed him so bad. Doraemon, lend me your pintu suka hati, please.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Volkswagen New Beetle


Awesome much, huh?

They pretty sure need to feed by a lot of moneyy. Money money money.

And I am absolutely don't feel like listening to Price Tag by Jessie J as money can actually buy me happiness. HAHA.

Oh God, I'm really blinded my money. Show me the right path please please pretty please. Hehe.

I automatically will get a bit convulsion everytime seeing Volkswagen Beetle running along the road. It was really awesome.

I wanna buy that car right after I get my job soon and my dad, like always, told me not to think about my own passion itself.

"You actually need to use money in such many important ways more. You have to buy your own house instead depending on other (my future husband lah). Just in case. And you, I know right, you'll spend your money on new clothes every month and so on".

"Dad, I will get about RM4k salary in a month, I think it's enough"

"You don't know. Listen to older people like me".

Okay, no need to elaborate more. I got you dad.

Tell me what should I do? I'm totally wrapped by lust. Hehe.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Dear siblings,

I might not be the best sister to you guys. I may not be as supportive as you want. Or I may not be as caring as you wish. But trust me, I love you.

I might be your fierce sister, who always ask you to do this and that, to take this and that for me. But I love being that way, nobody can't stops me, you know that right dear? But deep inside my heart, no one knows how much I care for you and how silly my jokes to you sometimes just to get nearer to you guys.

We are getting older and so do our attitude. We rarely talk to each other, we hardly find a time to eat together, we sometimes didn't even talked for so long since we didn't get to see each other everyday even though the technologies would always allow us. But just so you know, I missed you guys.

We might see the things differently. We were growing up slightly different to any other families. And I might be the black sheep among all of us where I, who grew up to a headstrong girl but believe me, I was gifted with a full loaded love in heart.

That's why I'm saying that I LOVE YOU SIBLINGS.

By the way, Happy 24th Birthday to my elder brother, Nik Hafre. I didn't even texted him, been busy babe. If you are happen to be reading this post, I wish you a great future ahead and grad as a stunning actuarist. YOU HAVE TO.

Nik Faris and Nik Ayuni, my love will always be with you guys. I would allow you to watch your favourite tv channel after this and never be at the bathroom for so long anymore. Trust me, I may looked like a heartless sister but just know, I love you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good bye, friends.

I remember 10 months ago when I was sent to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia for my 11 months of internship session, I was the one who felt so sad, I was all alone. I knew no one there, I had no friend to be with, I went back from work, usually with tears, I was so stress out by the pressure that I've got. I shouldn't be that weak, I know. Embarrassing confession, Qist!

Almost a year of practical training much less grows me as a strong girl. I get to know many people from my field and what's so awesome is that, they are all very nice.

Valuable thing that I've captured. I love how we could work in such an amazing working environment even though we have to face a lot of stressful things at work. See, you guys should actually enroll to pharmacy instead. Hehe.

I hate when the saying goes, "Everything that begins should has its end", because it's true. I know a bunch of wonderful friends with the same background as mine: they are having an internship there too. But it has ended last week. *starting to cry*

So we planned a farewell lunch as a symbolic of our leaving. I went there early in the morning since there were so many things to be setteled of.


Cutting off some fresh fruits to make a salad. Yummy.

Preparing a slideshow

Be with Ridhuan as one of the emcees. Ridhuan is my closest friend there. He is funny, he talks to me as he is younger brother of mine and I will scold him like a fierce elder sister. Hehe.
Guests were started to come by 12 pm and they were all from Pharmacy Department. It was hillarious when we were all gathered and the atmosphere suddenly turned out so lively.

A bunch of amazing friends that will be leaving me soon. I'm really gonna miss you all guys. Take care there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I know a place where the grass is really greener. :)

Finally I managed to get myself out of the freaking stressful-tired working days! Pheww. I'm sick of getting pressure of work. I was in the PMS mood lately, mood changes had really turned me out as a fierce lady like I didn't really felt like talking to others. And I got scolded by my family and boyfriend for that. That's so unfair. My boyfriend has never experience PMS, he doesn't really know what to feel for it. But I love him for who he is. Sweet much, huh?


Because I was born as a lucky young lady and I have my awesome friends who still love no matter how fierce I am, how bad I am sometimes, and they had invited me to go for a picnic with them. PICNIC? No way I could say no.

They said " You're really wanna go for a picnic at the waterfall with this blouse and handbag? You are in a wrong occasion lah"

I was like, "Fazura baru balik shooting tak sempat tukar". Everybody suddenly made a disgusted faces, as expected. As if I didn't felt disgusting towards them. Hehe.

I'd really fell in love with the waterfall. It was so wonderful and clean. I even saw a group of boys praying on the huge stone there.

It was funny when Kak Yuyu who was preparing for our food and she actually wrote our names on our polysthyrene glass so we could found it easily and no changes of glass would occur. Haha. And the others would said, no we don't have HIV, you don't have to worry if you drink by using mine. Duhh, lame joke guys. Hehe.

Swimming time.

It was so cold swimming in there and everybody was shivering right after that.

This was the funniest part because the model actually didn't really suit the message in the signboard, sorry. HAHA.

They are more than colleagues. They are my true friends who I wish to stay in the friendship with them for my whole life. Knowing them is such a bless for me. We'd really had a great time, didn't we? *cries*

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sick tummy

I've mentioned before in my previous entry that I'd suffer from UTI for years long. I don't have any idea why those bacterias love my urinary tract so much, they won't leave me. Stop loving me this much, can you?


I woke up at 6 am last Wednesday and found my stomach hurts badly and dyssuria a bit. I usually will drink a lot of plain water before I get to sleep. And I was fell asleep a night before that and I missed my dose of night drink.

See, I'm too dependent to water. You guys can imagine how I've been through the fasting months all these while.

I was scheduled to have a MUET test at 8 am and I had to be there at 7.30 am. With the pain in my stomach and I started to feel cramp on my abdominal body part. It was so uncomfortable you see. Having MUET with the hands kneading the tummy like non-stop?

I was exausted. My body was so weak. I went back home and having my soundly asleep. The bacterias might fell asleep too, I bet. HAHA.

I woke up and pampered myself with this





So heaven.

And this too

I was in fatigue and I couldn't move myself even to the bathroom. So I just let this friendly Chinese doing her job.

I still suffered from UTI, and I slept with the pain in stomach and stiff legs. Sigh.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Of boyfriend and a year relationship


Thanks for everything love.

You teach me how to love again, you show me the right path for love. You're the one who treat me like a princess that I doubt any other man would do the same for me. The one with nice heart, loyal and lovely, that's you.

One year won't never get enough. Thanks so much sweetheart. :)

p/s: This vid is special dedicated for you.