Alya Qistina

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Dear siblings,

I might not be the best sister to you guys. I may not be as supportive as you want. Or I may not be as caring as you wish. But trust me, I love you.

I might be your fierce sister, who always ask you to do this and that, to take this and that for me. But I love being that way, nobody can't stops me, you know that right dear? But deep inside my heart, no one knows how much I care for you and how silly my jokes to you sometimes just to get nearer to you guys.

We are getting older and so do our attitude. We rarely talk to each other, we hardly find a time to eat together, we sometimes didn't even talked for so long since we didn't get to see each other everyday even though the technologies would always allow us. But just so you know, I missed you guys.

We might see the things differently. We were growing up slightly different to any other families. And I might be the black sheep among all of us where I, who grew up to a headstrong girl but believe me, I was gifted with a full loaded love in heart.

That's why I'm saying that I LOVE YOU SIBLINGS.

By the way, Happy 24th Birthday to my elder brother, Nik Hafre. I didn't even texted him, been busy babe. If you are happen to be reading this post, I wish you a great future ahead and grad as a stunning actuarist. YOU HAVE TO.

Nik Faris and Nik Ayuni, my love will always be with you guys. I would allow you to watch your favourite tv channel after this and never be at the bathroom for so long anymore. Trust me, I may looked like a heartless sister but just know, I love you.


  1. wah2. may alya qistina jadi nona yang cntik

  2. Hey Inspirationalefeks, thanks for reading. Gue suah bertukar jadi nona yg baik. HAHA

  3. we r growing up kn,wit different attitude,
    but still blood relati0n tu kuat kn, :D

  4. Raja Ellysya, you're so true. Macam mana pun, air dicincang takkan putus. :)