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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good bye, friends.

I remember 10 months ago when I was sent to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia for my 11 months of internship session, I was the one who felt so sad, I was all alone. I knew no one there, I had no friend to be with, I went back from work, usually with tears, I was so stress out by the pressure that I've got. I shouldn't be that weak, I know. Embarrassing confession, Qist!

Almost a year of practical training much less grows me as a strong girl. I get to know many people from my field and what's so awesome is that, they are all very nice.

Valuable thing that I've captured. I love how we could work in such an amazing working environment even though we have to face a lot of stressful things at work. See, you guys should actually enroll to pharmacy instead. Hehe.

I hate when the saying goes, "Everything that begins should has its end", because it's true. I know a bunch of wonderful friends with the same background as mine: they are having an internship there too. But it has ended last week. *starting to cry*

So we planned a farewell lunch as a symbolic of our leaving. I went there early in the morning since there were so many things to be setteled of.


Cutting off some fresh fruits to make a salad. Yummy.

Preparing a slideshow

Be with Ridhuan as one of the emcees. Ridhuan is my closest friend there. He is funny, he talks to me as he is younger brother of mine and I will scold him like a fierce elder sister. Hehe.
Guests were started to come by 12 pm and they were all from Pharmacy Department. It was hillarious when we were all gathered and the atmosphere suddenly turned out so lively.

A bunch of amazing friends that will be leaving me soon. I'm really gonna miss you all guys. Take care there.

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