Alya Qistina

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Volkswagen New Beetle


Awesome much, huh?

They pretty sure need to feed by a lot of moneyy. Money money money.

And I am absolutely don't feel like listening to Price Tag by Jessie J as money can actually buy me happiness. HAHA.

Oh God, I'm really blinded my money. Show me the right path please please pretty please. Hehe.

I automatically will get a bit convulsion everytime seeing Volkswagen Beetle running along the road. It was really awesome.

I wanna buy that car right after I get my job soon and my dad, like always, told me not to think about my own passion itself.

"You actually need to use money in such many important ways more. You have to buy your own house instead depending on other (my future husband lah). Just in case. And you, I know right, you'll spend your money on new clothes every month and so on".

"Dad, I will get about RM4k salary in a month, I think it's enough"

"You don't know. Listen to older people like me".

Okay, no need to elaborate more. I got you dad.

Tell me what should I do? I'm totally wrapped by lust. Hehe.


  1. Volkswagen New Beetle
    will be mine ; oneday,,

    angan2 mat jenin saje,,
    klo na jgk kete tuh,
    tolong kawen ngan anak tan sri,, =D

  2. hahahhaa.. :) semoga dapat kereta tu k

  3. Hunny: Alamak, mana la kita kita ni nak cari anak tan Sri pulak? Hehe.

    Bunny: You're so mean! HAHAHA

    Inspirationalefeks: Ameen. :)

  4. Terlalu banyak sangat kehendak berbanding keperluan,
    boleh buat kita tersasar dari landasan yang sebenar. ^^

    p/s : Use your money wisely, k.