Alya Qistina

Saturday, May 31, 2014

More "Dear Future Me"

I suddenly remember that I used to write this entry. "Dear Future Me" entry that I wrote 3 years ago. And I reread it again. My life in 2011 was much less like what I'm in now. The past me and the present me are students. We are still addicted to shopping. We are still dating with the same guy.

Few differences of course, I'm doing a degree now. Degree in Pharmacy. Oh Lord, the one that I used to be crazy of. The one that I wailed about so much.

It was fun seeing how was I progressing. And kind of teary up reading how much I hoped for a better future. Ahhh yes, I'm becoming a little bit more sensitive now, my hormones are mature I guess - that would be another difference than the old me haha.

Hormones - another story. I like being an adult. I mean, when I was a little girl, I didn't grow up watching Sailormoon or Powerpuff Girls or any cartoons because I had no interest in them. I tried to watch them so I could join my classmates talking about how powerful those girls were, but I ended up switching the channel haha.

I was more like these - I adore Dian Sastrowardoyo so I kept my hair long just like her. I was amazed seeing how the ladies in the movies were able to have such wonderful wardrobe. I started to have a full facial set when I was 12 - my dad was afraid if my skin couldn't tolerate them, but I bought them secretly. I read teenager's magazines (Remaja, Marie Claire, Female), I wanted to wear what Puteri (Fazura in Gol&Gincu) wore (omg I was so much spoiled). I bought a slimming lotion when I was 14 - mom scolded and start to force feeding me hahaha. I decorated my room with fresh plants - things that my classmates would say, "Omg, you're like my mum". So basically growing up was the most thing that I was looking forward. Hahaha.

So being an adult, am I satisfied now? Hahaha. I really feel like an adult now. I've got pains from period, worry about money, getting headache about study, problems after problems. I was seeing these a lot in the movies when I was a kid, so no surprise but now it's real. So.. let's just face it.

Basically it's all about growing up. I will continue to grow up (or it's aging?) and there's so much more things waiting for me in the future.

Graduation. Job. Wedding. Marriage. Family. Kids.

And I know they will be a lot tougher than now. Imagine, how is it would be getting a period pain during an important meeting at work and getting a call from a nanny informing about my little baby is catching a cold? *faints*


So let's just live our present life beautifully and make sure our future will be proud of it.

And I thought of doing another "Dear Future Me". 

All in June

Wow! Must be very fun, huh June?

The first paper is the toughest with 4 credit hours. General Microbiology & Immunology (GMI) is a start of another nightmare, as seniors said. Basically, it's all about your immune system. It's quite interesting but the fact of memorizing all of them is horrible. I wish all my brain neurons are connected very well to each other.
Also, it includes Microbiology part. All those microbs, virus bla bla bla.

Explaining them is already tiring.


But these are my steps toward success. After all, they are knowledge, right?

Wish me luck guys.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Colours of Malaysia

I'm coming to the end of semester 4. The whole semester was a lot more relaxed than the previous one. I mean, we didn't really rushed for syllabus, less chaos and no more extra class. In fact, we even had 2 weeks of holiday. (For Egypt presidential election).

Of course, holiday is equal to happiness.

Well, not officially ended. I still have 7 final exam papers to go through. And they become tougher by semesters. So semester 4 won't never be as easy as semester 1. I dont know what semester 10 will look like then.

*biting lips*

Well, few things happened this semester. Few events involving me.

1) Pharmily Day for all Malaysian Pharmacy students. 
(as an emcee)

Since, we (Malaysians) are always being teachers' favourite (no, we are not perasan, this is a fact hahaha), so the lecturers seemed to never get enough of us. They basically wanted us more haha, so we held an event just to celebrate our presence here. With the lecturers and few invited Egyptian students.

I mean, more like a Malaysians Day or something, we introduced them our various traditional pastries (kuih-muih) and other foods. My classmates were in charge of making curry puffs, it was fun but man, I was so tired, we stayed up late to roll the dough over hahaha.

Yeah, of course, when it comes to foods, it's always fun. 

From left: Dr Hesham Ezzat (Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator), Dr Abdellah Al Shanawany (Dean of Fac of Pharmacy) and Dr Maged Abo Hashim (Foreign Student Coordinator)

** My friends call Dr Hesham as Ayah Kakqis. (Tu, ayah Kakqis datang, something like that hahaha). Because they said Dr Hesham only being good to me. I don't know but at the end of this Pharmily Day, I've got a present from Dr Hesham cause he said I was doing a good job being an emcee.

*laugh my heart out*

The presenter of Pharmily Day, it's me. And my partner, Shamira.

My housemate, Ain.

 2) Zagazig Charity Day (ZACHAD)
(as performance unit committee)

What I love the most about Malaysian students events/gathering is foods! I mean, where else on earth would you find various kinds of Malaysian food in a foreign country like this?

And ZACHAD was a day event created for charity purposes. Students were setting up their booths for selling foods and preloved items, and some of the profits were donated to the orphanage. 

I was donating a lot! (on food). Hehehe. Told ya, I was having such a blessed day. Breakfast with nasi kerabu which I hadn't had for months long. Then I bought pavlova, pasembur, nasi lemak, and a lot more I couldn't remember.

ZACHAD 2014 team.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weak week

While everybody is being busy thinking where to shop or where to eat or how the new OOTD poses should be, here I am in my little room being so busy living my dull life.

(Mid term exams for April and May. Blue marks indicate exams)

Having numerous tests in a month is normal. But it was abnormal this month, where I had some uninvited 'test' coming from I-don't-know-where-who-asked-you-to-come? like period cramp (double Panadol doses this month - which I actually trying hard to avoid. Ahhh I hate it to take painkillers for period. I don't need extra toxics to my body), also diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and mild fever.

I cried once. Then I had no more energy to cry. Also, crying is for weak, so I thought, "Let's just sleep".

I tried to eat for energy, but my abdomen kept rejecting the foods so I vomited. My body hated water so much so I had diarrhea also. I was really weak. My body felt like drying out of water. I drank some plain water to counter the loss, then I threw up again.

I ate bread, I threw up. I took medicines, I threw up.

My head hurt so much.

The moment when I was about to lie down to the bed, there came a rush of rejected foods coming up from stomach impatiently wanting to go out, forcing me to run to the toilet.

One minute I was crawling to get my water bottle, the next minute I was sitting in the toilet clearing my stomach.

I remember I was shaking when holding the test tubes during my lab test.


I didn't want to sound so manja, so I didn't skip classes, I tried to pay attention to the lectures, I walked 15 minutes to school, I tried to move to the kitchen, I tried to clear the room up.

After all, I'm not a robot. I have limits. I'm also susceptible to disease cause I'm obviously not immune to everything.

Being ill once in a while is good. Because Allah loves me, He wants me to be strong. Yeaa yeaaah medicinally it builds up our immune system. Those antigen-antibody must work also once in a while.

But this may not be that rough. I was imagining to have the same exact situations with 3 4 kids around you wanted to be nursed and cry for foods.

Hahaha must be a headache. So this may be nothing.

p/s: Didn't tell my parents. Didn't want them to worry. Plus, I'm ok now. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I can't wait!

Will be going back to Malaysia in about 2 months! Am so excited. Probably in Ramadhan. So the only thing that keeps playing on my mind is Bazaar Ramadhan. Ahh those yummy murtabak, ayam percik and somtam. Just the thought of them is enough to make my stomach growls. *wipes watering mouth*

My parents are excited too, of course! Mom even told me what we would have during our break fast soon. This made me insanely excited.

And so Ameerul. Hehe. Ameerul is a type of guy who is always fail to make a surprise. Either because I'm a good FBI-like agent or he's too excited so he accidentally reveals whatever he has planned. But the former is undoubtedly true.

One day when we was on Skype, he said he has made a list of places of where he would take me to for dates. I was curious, of course. I keep asking him about those places. Yeah, you know, until he got bored. My excuses were, "I have to know, this is all about my safety" or "You're going to kidnap me, arent you?" or "Well, I don't think I would go".

His reactions, "I'm no longer gonna get fooled by you. I'm used to all of your tricks. Not gonna tell you. These are my secrets".


If you understand me, you should know how mad I was at him. I mean, what if I wear a skirt and he brings me to hiking?

He was like, "You know I don't like hiking, so that's not gonna happen. Well, bring along your pant, just in case".

So I replied, "I'm not going back to Malaysia, period!"

Hahahahaa. He didn't bought my lies this time!

Wait, FBI-like agent doesn't get fooled easily. He accidentally slipped his tongue about this one place just after I asked him some questions. He's gonna bring me to a nice restaurant for my fav lamb chop and also to go cycling at this one park!


Now I can't wait. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More romantic

Another Doll just tied the knot! Hayati or we call her Mc Ah get married to her decades boyfriend. Not sure how long exactly their relationship was. But it was so damn long, I swear. Her husband was my ex elementary school colleague.

A night after the solemnization, our Whatsapp group was flooded with silly messages from everyone who trying to disturb the newlyweds. I must admit, they were dirty messages. Euww, I mean, I still consider myself as a teenager and the rest of Dolls (aunties they are) were so cracked. Hahaha plus Syad and Nynaa are wives.

And newlyweds sent us few pictures of them eating a dinner at Cameron Highland and one more picture of a lappy lying on the bed. With the caption, "We are now watching a movie thru a lappy in our hotel room"

And the rest of Dolls were like, "Omg so sweet" and "I can't wait" and "How I wish I could do the same too" and "I want!!" things like that, including the so-called teenager me. Hahaha.

It was perfect, isn't it?

That's definitely like what I've dreamed of. Just little things that actually mean a lot.