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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Colours of Malaysia

I'm coming to the end of semester 4. The whole semester was a lot more relaxed than the previous one. I mean, we didn't really rushed for syllabus, less chaos and no more extra class. In fact, we even had 2 weeks of holiday. (For Egypt presidential election).

Of course, holiday is equal to happiness.

Well, not officially ended. I still have 7 final exam papers to go through. And they become tougher by semesters. So semester 4 won't never be as easy as semester 1. I dont know what semester 10 will look like then.

*biting lips*

Well, few things happened this semester. Few events involving me.

1) Pharmily Day for all Malaysian Pharmacy students. 
(as an emcee)

Since, we (Malaysians) are always being teachers' favourite (no, we are not perasan, this is a fact hahaha), so the lecturers seemed to never get enough of us. They basically wanted us more haha, so we held an event just to celebrate our presence here. With the lecturers and few invited Egyptian students.

I mean, more like a Malaysians Day or something, we introduced them our various traditional pastries (kuih-muih) and other foods. My classmates were in charge of making curry puffs, it was fun but man, I was so tired, we stayed up late to roll the dough over hahaha.

Yeah, of course, when it comes to foods, it's always fun. 

From left: Dr Hesham Ezzat (Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator), Dr Abdellah Al Shanawany (Dean of Fac of Pharmacy) and Dr Maged Abo Hashim (Foreign Student Coordinator)

** My friends call Dr Hesham as Ayah Kakqis. (Tu, ayah Kakqis datang, something like that hahaha). Because they said Dr Hesham only being good to me. I don't know but at the end of this Pharmily Day, I've got a present from Dr Hesham cause he said I was doing a good job being an emcee.

*laugh my heart out*

The presenter of Pharmily Day, it's me. And my partner, Shamira.

My housemate, Ain.

 2) Zagazig Charity Day (ZACHAD)
(as performance unit committee)

What I love the most about Malaysian students events/gathering is foods! I mean, where else on earth would you find various kinds of Malaysian food in a foreign country like this?

And ZACHAD was a day event created for charity purposes. Students were setting up their booths for selling foods and preloved items, and some of the profits were donated to the orphanage. 

I was donating a lot! (on food). Hehehe. Told ya, I was having such a blessed day. Breakfast with nasi kerabu which I hadn't had for months long. Then I bought pavlova, pasembur, nasi lemak, and a lot more I couldn't remember.

ZACHAD 2014 team.

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