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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I can't wait!

Will be going back to Malaysia in about 2 months! Am so excited. Probably in Ramadhan. So the only thing that keeps playing on my mind is Bazaar Ramadhan. Ahh those yummy murtabak, ayam percik and somtam. Just the thought of them is enough to make my stomach growls. *wipes watering mouth*

My parents are excited too, of course! Mom even told me what we would have during our break fast soon. This made me insanely excited.

And so Ameerul. Hehe. Ameerul is a type of guy who is always fail to make a surprise. Either because I'm a good FBI-like agent or he's too excited so he accidentally reveals whatever he has planned. But the former is undoubtedly true.

One day when we was on Skype, he said he has made a list of places of where he would take me to for dates. I was curious, of course. I keep asking him about those places. Yeah, you know, until he got bored. My excuses were, "I have to know, this is all about my safety" or "You're going to kidnap me, arent you?" or "Well, I don't think I would go".

His reactions, "I'm no longer gonna get fooled by you. I'm used to all of your tricks. Not gonna tell you. These are my secrets".


If you understand me, you should know how mad I was at him. I mean, what if I wear a skirt and he brings me to hiking?

He was like, "You know I don't like hiking, so that's not gonna happen. Well, bring along your pant, just in case".

So I replied, "I'm not going back to Malaysia, period!"

Hahahahaa. He didn't bought my lies this time!

Wait, FBI-like agent doesn't get fooled easily. He accidentally slipped his tongue about this one place just after I asked him some questions. He's gonna bring me to a nice restaurant for my fav lamb chop and also to go cycling at this one park!


Now I can't wait. :)

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