Alya Qistina

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One for two

I was having a dinner with Ameerul and his friends on his birthday. And I was being the only girl there.

Suddenly a waiter came serving us a glass of watermelon-lychee juice. Only 1 glass whereas we were 8 people sitting on the same table.

 So I shoved the glass to Ameerul since he's the one that we're celebrated for. He dragged the glass towards me because I was the only girl there.

I said, "It's yours".

He said, " No, you take it".

I replied, "Please don't. You have it".

He replied, "No no, you take it".

Everyone was looking at us, and Syafiq came in, "What's wrong with you guys? Are you guys blind? Can't you see there're two straws there. It is meant for you both".

O man!

Hahaha. So we shared it.

Thank you Syafiq. 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 23rd birthday

Birthday shout out to Ameerul Ashraf who is currently turning 23 years old this year! Hoooray! 

So a very happy birthday to the best man ever and I wish you a great life ahead, get good grades, get a cool job and get married to only one girl (for the rest of your life).

We went out a day before his birthday and when we're in a car I suddenly heard someone sighed heavily, I turned to him. He said, "This is the worst date ever" and got me replied like, "What?!"

He said, "Nothing"



Pfftt. Why do you always think that I'm deaf? I heard what you were saying, clearly. My "What" actually meant "WHAT WERE YOU SAYING? WORST DATE? SO SEEING ME IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU'VE EVER DID?" but I played it cool (read: afraid).

He said, "You didn't remember my birthday"

God, I swear I remembered it. 19 September, 19 September, 19 September. In my whole life, 19 September is way more important that any other public holidays including Hari Raya and some sort but I was a sad girlfriend that I actually forgot that "tomorrow" was 19 September. 

Aaaaaa. I thought of jumping out of a car.

So I said, "O Lord, I've always remembered your birthday. I knew it's your birthday tomorrow and it's only 11 pm now right. Well, not even close to 11 pm. You're impatient I guess. No ones forget your birthday. And I don't wanna rush".

I continued, "In fact, I've already planned it with your friends. Long ago when I was still in Egypt. We wanted to make you a surprise. Now you're acting this way, you make me feel guilty. I feel like a real bad girlfriend, forever and ever".

I don't know if he was being too emotional or I was too nervous so I spilled out all the secrets.

Hell no you'd got the chance to fix the situation now.

He sent me to my doorstep and I wish him for birthday.

Guess what, I surprised him the next day! I went to his place (big thanks to Hasnan and Iqbal for fetching me) and had a small dinner with him and his friends. 

Funny that I had to hide inside Hasnan's car so he can't see me and only went out when we reached the restaurant. He's so surprised that he can only talked to me 5 minutes after that. 

I always wanna play like a cool girlfriend so I said, "I'm here just to check out if you're celebrating your birthday with the other girls"

Forever a queen control I am. Hahaha.