Alya Qistina

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures' story

Saw the old pictures of ours. I have a main folder in my lappy entitled "Ameerul Ashraf" contented with all our pictures from our first date and until the last time that we met each other, that was on our recent dating last month. 

I would name the folder as, "place, date" so it would be easier for me to refer them back, you know I actually have this sort of investigator/lawyer attitude, like, "Do you remember when was our first date?" or "Our last date in Penang, you're wearing a black shirt, you know why?" or "Do not wear again the shirt that you wore when we went to Broga Hill, understand?", that he'll left speechless cause he absolutely has no idea about.

(Cause he's a man, I know)

Haaa, I know, now you're scared of me too. Haha. 

Okay, amendment. *cough cough *

I actually see every pictures with emotions. One minute I could laugh when the pictures weren't that funny and the next minute I could shed tears at the next pictures appeared. Cause that's when I can recall our memories back. I swear, we had a picture of me crying that he snapped after some fight. 

(No way, I won't reveal that-thickest-eye bags-with-red-nose-some-more picture even until the technologies would forever disappear from the earth)

One year ago.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer effects

I'd never know summer would be this cruel. Few days before we departed to Istanbul, I started to feel itchy on my face and few pimples grew. So I thought, yeaa must be due to my upcoming period.

 It was silly when we're in Istanbul, a few more pimples started to conquer my face. Goddd, what now? PMS was never this bad, I thought. Plus, this wasn't even near to my due yet.

Hormones, maybe.

Wait, hormonal changes of what?

Of weather u mean?

Another pimples grew.
Sunburn got severe.

My face was at its worst. It's like my face was being a site where the workers were doing a construction at, the place that they built up building, burning and digging. It hurts! I stared to my reflection in the mirror and counted as much pimples as I had. One, two, three... ten. Wait, were the scars included? Okay, countless then.

No one knew there's a scary line behind the scarf. The line that separated my sun-exposed skin area which was super burn, scary and moon-crater like one. The other line was the safe one, protected from sunburn and that was the area that I missed the most. 

It was like "before-after" skin ads on TV and I'd got them both on mine. The burned area would take "after", of course. 

I lost my mind. My skin was never as this worst. It wasn't me!

I lost my confidence that I changed my 4 entire outfits just to go out dating with Ameerul. Not a single picture that I took. Not even one scarf now that would go matching with me. Not even a single blouse that suited me anymore. Contact lenses didn't help! 

As Ameerul said, "Oh noo you're darker now. Serve you right. Haha". Reverse psychology u mean? Not my game!

I wailed like a panicked woman who just recently lost her son. Tried on my mom's skincare, my lil sister's masker, my aunt's foundation. Moisturizer after moisturizer. One cleanser after another one.

4-seasons country wasn't for me. Haha. Malaysia's khatulistiwa is the best.

Well, having scars and pimples wasn't that scary as death. It's just that we are not that adaptable to the situation yet and definitely it will freak us out. Experiences, babe. Now I know how to handle it. Bring it on, SUMMER! Hahaha.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Butter prawn

One thing that I'll never say no to: Prawn.

Anything prawn. Prawn sambal with petai, Tomyam Prawn, Grilled Prawn, Whatever Prawn you name it.

Thank goodness that seafood actually love me back. No allergies or whatnots like some of other people will have (read: Ameerul who finds himself itchy after eating prawn. Soo not cool haha).

Ameerul is a picky eater or at least he has to, I must said. He cannot eat durian (he'll throw up), he cannot eat squid (he'll get itchy), he'd rather choose chicken instead of fish. And ice tea forever.

Unlike me, I'm a big fan of durian yumms I could finish one whole durian at one time and craving for more, my love for seafood is endless, I love every type of fish including shark (only his fin) and Pepsi/Coke/Slurpee forever hahaha.

So yes, Chicken Tomyam is a must menu if we'd get to eat outside. 

And to satisfy my own craving for prawn, I made butter prawn. Oh Lord, I was so nervous, my very first time making this and what I was afraid the most was the egg floss! Cause that's where you can get your point from, the main part of the dish. And my fav part too.


Butter (3 tbs)
Milk (3/4 cup)
Eggs Yolks (2)
Garlics (4)
Curry leaves
Sugar & salt


1. Egg floss. Heat up butter (1 tbs) and oil. Pour down the beaten up egg yolks and stir them continuously. Drain them.

2. Fried half-cooked prawns.

3. Heat up the melted butter (2 tbs). Add chopped garlics, curry leaves and milk. Put (2).

4. Drain them and put together with the egg floss in a plate.

Yummms. Forever favourite!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Syawal 2013 story

I'd done with my Ramadhan pretty well. My most productive Ramadhan so far. Productive in terms of never failed to wake up for sahur (that happened when I was fasting in mom's place), breaking fast on time (absolutely), terawikh and done with half part of Quran (yeaaa should be more). Alhamdulillah, still. At least, Allah has given me a strength and I'd managed to make most of it, especially with my family. 

Coming to Syawal, exciting part yeahhh. Especially on raya outfit one. Sigh. My bad. I actually have this habit of scrolling on fashion sites (Hatta Dolmat, Jovian Mandagie, FashionValet, etc etc) but never gonna buy anything from them, cause apparently the petite me finds it so hard to get the outfits that will suits me well. So I love taking some inspirational from them, and adding some extra imaginational design on that. 

That turned out to be like this...

Leopard print bottom and a plain mini kurung with gold roses lace. And it took me 2 days long to just sew the lace on. Slowpoke me. Well, you can add beads on the sewn lace if you like, I thought of doing so with few red/gold/yellow beads, but pleaseeee, 2 days was enough. My life wasn't only revolve around that bloody piece of kurung haha.

Wait, sweetest picture ever.

Ameerul and his mom.

I love the idea of having the lace of the scarf also. Like the one that Ameerul's mom has. Attractive and classy. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


Guyssss! I'm homeeeeee! *half shouting as I sandwiched my face within my two palms*

Well.. Last 2 months.

Great, it has been months since I come back and I only update about this. Irresponsible. I know, haha. Nothing much has changed, it's just that the exam result has out, I'd got to spend my short break in Istanbul ( which surely needs the blog posts of its own!), I've done with my Ramadhan here, and just begin with Syawal here, and I'm working now (part time), and few things going on with Dolls, wait woowww.. It seems a lot actually. Haha.

Well okay, for a start. I'm safe and sound here.

Ramadhan was great. One thing about fasting that will always bothering me, my UTI. The last Ramadhan was included, UTI somehow took its toll on me, I just have to bear few hours of no drinking, means my body lacked of water and less urine secreted. Painful, I swear. And I thought that maybe Allah has a special count on me on this, so I relaxed a bit. Psychology, you knowww.

And the result for my first year's exam. I didn't managed to get Mumtaz (as expected haha) but it was quite near to Dean List, so Alhamdulillah. But still, that was a sign that I should work more. More. More. Or maybe less Running Man, less sleeping, less online window shopping.  Yeahh, I'm tired too, of listening the same promises again and again, cause I knew I'm never gonna do it, well.. at least I try, no I mean, at least I promise haha.

(OOTD by Mum)

Hahaha, I know!