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Friday, August 16, 2013


Guyssss! I'm homeeeeee! *half shouting as I sandwiched my face within my two palms*

Well.. Last 2 months.

Great, it has been months since I come back and I only update about this. Irresponsible. I know, haha. Nothing much has changed, it's just that the exam result has out, I'd got to spend my short break in Istanbul ( which surely needs the blog posts of its own!), I've done with my Ramadhan here, and just begin with Syawal here, and I'm working now (part time), and few things going on with Dolls, wait woowww.. It seems a lot actually. Haha.

Well okay, for a start. I'm safe and sound here.

Ramadhan was great. One thing about fasting that will always bothering me, my UTI. The last Ramadhan was included, UTI somehow took its toll on me, I just have to bear few hours of no drinking, means my body lacked of water and less urine secreted. Painful, I swear. And I thought that maybe Allah has a special count on me on this, so I relaxed a bit. Psychology, you knowww.

And the result for my first year's exam. I didn't managed to get Mumtaz (as expected haha) but it was quite near to Dean List, so Alhamdulillah. But still, that was a sign that I should work more. More. More. Or maybe less Running Man, less sleeping, less online window shopping.  Yeahh, I'm tired too, of listening the same promises again and again, cause I knew I'm never gonna do it, well.. at least I try, no I mean, at least I promise haha.

(OOTD by Mum)

Hahaha, I know!

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