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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Butter prawn

One thing that I'll never say no to: Prawn.

Anything prawn. Prawn sambal with petai, Tomyam Prawn, Grilled Prawn, Whatever Prawn you name it.

Thank goodness that seafood actually love me back. No allergies or whatnots like some of other people will have (read: Ameerul who finds himself itchy after eating prawn. Soo not cool haha).

Ameerul is a picky eater or at least he has to, I must said. He cannot eat durian (he'll throw up), he cannot eat squid (he'll get itchy), he'd rather choose chicken instead of fish. And ice tea forever.

Unlike me, I'm a big fan of durian yumms I could finish one whole durian at one time and craving for more, my love for seafood is endless, I love every type of fish including shark (only his fin) and Pepsi/Coke/Slurpee forever hahaha.

So yes, Chicken Tomyam is a must menu if we'd get to eat outside. 

And to satisfy my own craving for prawn, I made butter prawn. Oh Lord, I was so nervous, my very first time making this and what I was afraid the most was the egg floss! Cause that's where you can get your point from, the main part of the dish. And my fav part too.


Butter (3 tbs)
Milk (3/4 cup)
Eggs Yolks (2)
Garlics (4)
Curry leaves
Sugar & salt


1. Egg floss. Heat up butter (1 tbs) and oil. Pour down the beaten up egg yolks and stir them continuously. Drain them.

2. Fried half-cooked prawns.

3. Heat up the melted butter (2 tbs). Add chopped garlics, curry leaves and milk. Put (2).

4. Drain them and put together with the egg floss in a plate.

Yummms. Forever favourite!

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