Alya Qistina

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pre Graduation Photos

Let these pictures do all the talking.

Euww much? Okay bye. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


I hate the word LAST. It's kind of sad. You'll feel awkward and you're about to feel to lose something! It's terrible.

I remember the last times, when I had to leave Penang, the last moments in Penang was miserable. I cried when I thought of leaving Penang and clearly my friends.

So did when I had to end my internship training. Been a year at the hospital that I'd been attached to, I was sort of glue to it and I hate to leave that place!

And now that I have to face the same situation!

Vince and Man, our boys are now leaving Tawakkal after 2 months of practical training.

So the generous us went dinner to celebrate these kids. Hehe.

I'm gonna miss them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back to basic

Him: Sayang, what if you loss your memory? Would you still love me? Would you still remember me?

Her: *started to cry

Him: No, don't cry. I'm just asking.

Her: If I loss my memory, please do everything just to remind me back about us. Do each things that we used to do. Wear the same clothes that we used to wear.

Him: Okay sayang, will do. Stop crying, I'm bad in joking, am I?

Her: *don't want to talk to him. Serve him right.

So this is the boy that should actually attends himself to joking class. Hehe.