Alya Qistina

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Broga Hill

So, I've told in the previous entry that we, I mean my friends and I were planning to go hiking at Broga Hill.

Ameerul wanted us to go early so we managed to see the sunrise. Oh myyy, so sweet of you boyfriend. And what's not so sweet was, I had to wake up early. I mean it, like we were departed from house at 4 am.

But he's cool, he still managed to smile even he was having such long day and just having 2 to 3 hours of sleeping throughout the day. Good boy!

The 4 of us. From left, Syafiq the talkative-cool one, Qissy the small one, Ameerul the messy-caring-sweet-boyfriend and Ermin, a new friendly buddy of mine.

Taking picture while enjoying such beautiful sunrise coming up from the skyline. So beautiful.

The bodyguards.

They're mean, they're making fun of my height. This was my first time meeting up with Ermin (the man with a cap). We knew each other via Ameerul. So we're like making friends through Facebook and I realized how funny and cool he was in person outside. Hi buddy!

Oh, next. Skip this. Hehe.

Boy will always be boy, whenever, wherever you are.

See, this guy was making such annoying face when he had to carry my bag. Haha. You cute man.

I wanna go there again, it was such a peaceful place to go to and I wish I was having a home up there so whenever I feel so tired after coming back from work, at least I have such peaceful, breezy place to rest myself of. Nice, isn't it?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Daddy and his girl's conversation.

Daughter: Papa, may I go hiking this weekend?

Dad: Where?

Daughter: Broga Hill.

Dad: With who?

Daughter: Ameerul and friends.

Dad: Kakak, please, don't disturb Ameerul, let him be in Penang, studying. Don't ask him to go back to home every weekend just to meet you. Pity him.

Daughter: Dad, he's now having his mid sem holiday.

Dad: Oh, hahaha. Okay just go. Take a good care of yourself. Remember to always keep your relationship in a good way. Be nice to Ameerul, don't ever cheat over him. Jaga hati dia.

Daughter: (Now what? Am I his child or him?)

HAHA. Funny, that man loves me, I know. And I love him too, or even more.

Fire! Fire!

Oh my, what have you gotten yourself into Qistina? With those red things above that you clearly can't afford to carry them.

But well, Tawakkal Hospital actually has something to do with these. They had organized a so called campaign that needs to be attended by almost all staffs, I mean by turns. So my turn was last Saturday. See, they'd really wanna hire such quality, well-discipline staffs. Haha.

So they started with some talks. Huarggghh! I was half conscious. Sleepy all the way, tell me, who can stand lending the ears for such too long of time? They'd still nice after all by providing some refreshments.

My new colleagues, from left, Kak Aisyah, me and Kak JJ.

And followed by some demonstrations.

Oh my God, what this small girl was doing? She was barely able to lift that up. Poor her.
And realized that girl actually was me. Boooo.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beyond friendship

I was having such tired days lately. Waking up early in the morning, going to work and only come back at 7 pm and rarely got the chance to update my blog. Poor me, a young-fresh working lady.

And yes, I think I have sacrificed a lot. I lacked of time for my friends. They were asking me to go out together but too bad, I just can't.

Dolls. I missed them.

I came back from work one day and signed in my FB account and have been tagged on this photo.

Hahaha, so cute. I miss them.

Friday, July 8, 2011

new environment

Oh yes, I haven't blog anything about my work. Well, been for almost 3 weeks in a new work place much less giving me sort of happy feeling, everything was great so far. The team's wonderful, they work really hard for the patients. Please, if you're being admitted to Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, please, be grateful.

Since we just have moved from the old building of Tawakkal Hospital, everything seemed loosely prepared. Everything might be still on the plan. So, I was lucky, em not really lucky, because the moment I joined Tawakkal Hospital, they're actually planning to move to another floor.

Outpatient Pharmacy Dept was actually at level 5, and they planned to move it to level 1. So, just imagine, we moved all the belongings by using lifts and you don't have any idea how much and dangerous our things were. Medicines, books, chairs and what so ever.

AND IT'S ON SUNDAY. So that means I had worked for 7 days in a week? Gosh, killing me.

Medicines' containers. Some of the them that safely moved. That's all money, take note. :p

And we're moving this cabinet and table too.

And yes, after the things had been fixing up. This was a syrup-preparation area that we arranged them together according to their pharmacological classes. Like, antibiotics, antiemetics, antihistamines and all. Much less recalling all the pharmacy knowledge back.

ENT area. Ear, Nose and Throat.

She's Hajar. A new colleague of mine. She's cute and was being all nice to us.

And the thing was settled at 7 pm. Tired, yes but can claim overtime then. Money-minded of mind. Wohoo.

Welcome to Outpatient Pharmacy KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital guys. And this lady above's definitely not a receptionist.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Us,

Dear Boyfriend, happy 15th month anniversary. Thanks for this lovely 15 months. You're my dream ever. I love you. :)

Dear Me, this guys's really nice. Please be good to him and never ask him for a handbag and clothes again because he's so fragile and doesn't have a heart to leave you hunger for shopping. Stay to love him because it's all that you want.

p/s: Babe, your photo above looks great, you'd got chubby cheeks. Haha. I LOVE YOU.