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Friday, July 8, 2011

new environment

Oh yes, I haven't blog anything about my work. Well, been for almost 3 weeks in a new work place much less giving me sort of happy feeling, everything was great so far. The team's wonderful, they work really hard for the patients. Please, if you're being admitted to Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, please, be grateful.

Since we just have moved from the old building of Tawakkal Hospital, everything seemed loosely prepared. Everything might be still on the plan. So, I was lucky, em not really lucky, because the moment I joined Tawakkal Hospital, they're actually planning to move to another floor.

Outpatient Pharmacy Dept was actually at level 5, and they planned to move it to level 1. So, just imagine, we moved all the belongings by using lifts and you don't have any idea how much and dangerous our things were. Medicines, books, chairs and what so ever.

AND IT'S ON SUNDAY. So that means I had worked for 7 days in a week? Gosh, killing me.

Medicines' containers. Some of the them that safely moved. That's all money, take note. :p

And we're moving this cabinet and table too.

And yes, after the things had been fixing up. This was a syrup-preparation area that we arranged them together according to their pharmacological classes. Like, antibiotics, antiemetics, antihistamines and all. Much less recalling all the pharmacy knowledge back.

ENT area. Ear, Nose and Throat.

She's Hajar. A new colleague of mine. She's cute and was being all nice to us.

And the thing was settled at 7 pm. Tired, yes but can claim overtime then. Money-minded of mind. Wohoo.

Welcome to Outpatient Pharmacy KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital guys. And this lady above's definitely not a receptionist.


  1. baju biru tu uniform kerja ke babe? kena pakai hari2 ey?

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  3. hmm oh da keje kat tawakal ni? bestnye da byk pnglmn kje hosp da. :) keep it up

  4. Semalam sy pg sana .. anak sakit .. berkenan dengan baju sorang kakak ni.. dia pakai uniform for pregnant.. bleh ke post kan pic baju tu... :)

  5. Hi Mrs Ayra World, happy to know you're coming to our hospital. :D Jumpa doc apa? Ye, uniform tetap uniform even tgh pregnant. tapi sweet kan? Haha. Boleh, sya boleh post. Nanti saya cuba. :)

    1. my son, dia sakit mata.. sy lupa plak nama doktor tu. bilik 27 tkt 5. tq.. :) tgh berangan nak preggy lagi..

    2. I see, so your son dah sihat sekarang? I bet ada appointment coming kan? Insyaallah kalau ada masa, berjumpa lah kita di Tawakkal ni. Hehe. Bagus jgk kan kalau dapat pregnant lagi, dapat adik baru la yr son. Ada teman nak bermain. :)

  6. mmg la ada.. tp mcm malas je nak pg... :) .. dr. kanchana my children punya paed. kalau ada serious case mmg without fail la ke tawakal.. sakit- sakit biasa prefer pg klinik swasta biasa je