Alya Qistina

Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Aid Kit

When I was in my diploma years, my ex housemate cum my ex classmate had this magic box that had almost everything inside. It was her own First Aid Kit! It was really wow because she was like a real pharmacy, I mean like, whoever got sick or ill or fever or something, they would looked for her for some medications. 

Great much, huh? Haha.

She was really cool cause I saw she made one for her boyfriend. Oh we were so young and in love, what do you guys expect? Hehe.

So started from that, I realized that everybody should have at least their own spare medications too. I mean, it's a basic need in life and whoever on this green earth will get a chance of falling sick, right?

So I dragged Dilah (my best partner ever) to help me created my own First Aid Kit! 

And it's like a habit of mine of keeping at least a strip of Panadol in my handbag wherever I go now. 

So, I thought of upgrade my very old First Aid Kit and I have a new one now! Sooo excited to travel, huh? Haha.

So I made a list......

Very bad handwriting ever. The lists were made according to my common illness; period pain, UTI for sure, and who knows the environment there can be so dirty and water supply might has too much chlorine inside, so I prepared for some diarrhea attack too! Ha Ha Ha. 

Laugh at me now. Paranoid everrrr.

Important meds for travelling; sore throat, fever, cold, allergic, diarrhea and muscle cramp. 

Two packs; one for external drugs and one for internal drugs. Okay, I knowww, too much. Haha.

But one thing, don't be too depending on medications. Use them if and only if you can't really bear with the pain anymore. Eg:

1) Exam's tomorrow, period pain today - should take.

2) Light headache, take Panadol - not necessary - try another alternatives first like taking bath and sleep.

3) Can't sleep, take medication that can cause drowsiness - crazy thing ever.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Raya with Dolls

I'm done with HALF of the preparation of going to Egypt. From the small thing like buying the stationary and toiletries to open a new bank account. Thank God. But still, need to settle up few things more. 

And raya must go on. 

Dolls time. It was really fun cause we're actually hadn't meet each other for so long. So basic question was, "So what's up now?" or "Psst any new gossips?". God, I missed them. So we are planning for some holiday getaway or gathering before I fly off to Egypt. That's too mainstream. And after this raya, everybody will be so busy with their own life, work and all, including me.

(I have a week of orientation programme next week! Godd, I know how boring that would be. Orientation is never can be compatible with me.)

See you next raya ladies, insyaallah, if I come back here. Or maybe next 5 years. *cries a river.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Old old friends

Guess what, I've got the least duit raya among all! They thought I was a big girl, working now and had my own money. I felt like pasting a piece of paper on my forehead saying, "I'd resigned and I need donation" as thought they would give me a bunch of money then. 

So I convinced myself, raya wasn't only about money and let's not put money as the main priority hihi. 

2nd Syawal. Well, I spent most of my time at home - people kept coming to my house and my aunt held a BBQ session at her house and she lives nearby to my house - less than 100m to mine, but still being the last one to arrive. Too mainstream!

I was at Syad's place after that and suddenly I got a phone call from Nadya, my very ex elementary schoolmate. Guys, a very long long friendship ever. Nadya told me she was at my place with the other friends. I was like, friends? Do I have any other elementary school friends beside her and 2 to 3 more than I knew? Questionable friends.

So I drove back to my house and some nags across me, "Macam mana ni? Tetamu tunggu tuan rumah?" - In front of my 'questionable friends'.

Guyssss! They were my elementary school classmates that I didn't meet them for almost 12 years! And no, we didn't recognize each other! It was Nadya who dragged them here. Haha. It was like a small reunion and I needed ice-breaking session. So we started to introduce ourselves and some updates about us now.

We are old now.

"Qis, you are still the shortest!"

I know.  -___-

A part of my family members. My mom's family is really huge. I wonder if we are all together, I can't imagine how many we are and in a picture, I know that my face must be really small and un-spotted! Haha.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1 Syawal

I was a little bit depressed. My outfit for raya couldn't be ready on time. I was like, that baju was surely intended for hari raya and it was just couldn't got to be ready on the day that I should be wearing it. What's the point of having baju raya then? God! And most of my outfits are still in KL. 

Keep calm and ransack the cupboards!

I was just being at home on 1 Syawal and people came to my house instead. Families, relatives, cousins, mom's cousin bla bla bla. 

So basically my place was in the kitchen. Yeahh, I'm a good girl.

 And daddy's good girl too.

Adik Ejaah! Comelnya dia. Look at her hair pins, good choice huh? *blow nails.

Everybody was so geram and wanted to play with her, including her Tok Pa. My dad left her on the floor and never wanted to take her back. She whined few times and lifting her hands as a sign of "please take me out of here" but nobody wanted to take her then. Naughty ahh you guys. Haha.

By that look, we knew she hated us haha. But still, she's such a sweetheart to us.

Well guys, this might be late. But selamat hari raya. Maaf zahir batin. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Malam raya

One day before Eid. Mom was starting to nag. Haha. She woke me up early in the morning telling me to do this and that. And the other siblings too. So we rearrange some furniture, clearing up the house and all.

We bought pelita too! Am so excited cause we will celebrate Eid at my mom's kampung. At my mom's house. Which is a total happiness - we rarely celebrate Eid here, so this time is a bit different, k?

Much less looks like this.

And Eid this year with our new baby girl, Hafizah, our cutest cousin. She's so brilliant and her eyes are so naturally big, I'm so jealous (glaring at my fake contact lenses). 

So after everything was done, Mama said, "Wash your feet and slippers before entering the house! I'm afraid the sand will stick on yours!" (With widened eyes!)

This is a proof, am never gonna delete this pic. Hah hah!

Meanwhile, malam raya in the kitchen is a little bit like this...

Phew. A lot of things more. And as I'm writing this now, Mom's still waking up cooking.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last week

A week to Shawal. A very last week of Ramadhan 2012. So, Alhamdulillah, my Ramadhan goes so smooth so far, except for the UTI attack. Phew. God gives me so much strength to face it and I'm still alive now haha.

Well, if Allah wills, I'm starting to be busy from 15th Syawal and one month after 1st Syawal, I may be fly off to Egypt. God, so fast. A lot of things I need to settle off. And I don't know how to start.

Anyhow, life must go on. Let's focus on Hari Raya first, which is a total excitement! And I guess, more duit raya for this year. please? Haha.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hedgehog! In my house! Euw. Seriously. My two brothers keep this and feed them everyday. Please, get a life. Haha. I don't really like the idea of keeping them as pets. You see, they are not friendly. With thorn everywhere.

But what to do. I'm not living this house alone.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm home

On my way to Kelantan 2 days ago. I received a text message from my Shushy.

Shushy: Welcome home, best friend! :)

Qissy: Not yet. Am waiting for the bus. Janji malay ever.

Shushy: I can't wait to see you.

Qissy: Me too. Sad leaving Cikna. We both cry.

Shushy: Hahaha. Yes you should. And hugging Paksu too?

Qissy: Paksu's not here. I'm crying now.

Shushy: Hoiii! You're not going to Egypt yet.

Qissy: Practice makes perfect. How's your relationship?

Shusy: I'm gonna save the story for the pillow talk!

Qissy: K c u. I continue cry now. Ttyl.

Shushy: Pathetic! Tc.

Old picture btw. Just wanna show you guys how weird she was.

Obviously, I'm in Kelantan now! Welcome home, baby! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet speeches!

One week after leaving Tawakkal. I received loads of phone calls from my ex colleagues everyday (Obviously, I picked up with a sleepy voice and they said, "Hoi, still sleeping?"). Everyone was asking when I would came to Tawakkal ever again. 

Guys, please. Don't miss me this much! At least, do give me some space to sleep. Hahaha.
To my colleagues, Nurul Zamri, Iqa Atiqah, Wahyuni Riandi, Iffni Suraya, I miss you too! A lot! Whole-heartedly! But please, I'm still a teenager and waking up late is still my hobby. Hehe.

You know what Tawakkal team has given me? 


Oh Lord, I'm so gonna faint! Never thought they would give me something so special like this. I mean, I went there for only 1 year, that's just only a short period of time. Thank you guys. God bless you. 

"Qistina.. I'm gonna miss you! Like hell. I mean seriously in hell. See u in heaven! Kalau kau masuk"- Shuk

"All the best bro"-Nas

"Qis, PopLook pass kat I ok. Hehe. Tc tau"-Sherry

Guys, please. Hahaha.

Still, I'm so going to miss you all. Seriously. I mean, seriously like hell. See you in heaven! Btw, I'm Shuk's alter ego. Kbye.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farewell Iftar

Let's not focus on my pimples now. 

Well, as an ex Tawakkal staff, I think I need to always maintain a good relationship with my ex colleagues. Hm that's maybe too formal. No, but hell yes, I missed them. So bad. I mean, I missed the urge and excited feeling waiting for ThePopLook parcels to arrive and everybody will gather  at one place, waiting for the parcels to be opened. And of course, the war that they create during makan makan time! Haha.

So we had an iftar together. So called of me and Iffni's farewell dinner as well.

Look at these hungry faces. Iffni was sitting next to me, she was being all quite. She told me then, "I'd never thought that it would be this surprise, I'm touched now".

Yes, you softhearted girl. But still, abnormal eating pattern of her, never change. -__-

Some pictures guys! Click! Click!

One senior colleague, I called her Kak Mas, she gave Iffni and I a cute monkey teddy one each. I was like, "This gonna be a good brother to Orix!". Haha. God, nobody knows I love monkey so much, so I wouldn't want to sound so weird. But, no secret now. Thank youuuu Kak Mas, you made my day!

I'd really appreciate the time you guys had been spending on me on that night. Thank you so much for the effort and support from you guys. I'm so gonna miss you all. This may not be the last time that we meet. Someday, we'll meet again, I know. I always know that. :)

And, everybody was recording some words, advice and spirit to me in videos form, that I keep in my handphone so I can keep viewing them wherever I go. Abang Sem said, "Jangan balik Malaysia kalau belum jadi pharmacist". God, please. Haha. But my most favourite vid among all was this!

"Kahwin sama-sama"

Okay. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two things

"Two things that I'd really afraid about you. First, I'm afraid of losing you. And second, I'm afraid of you getting mad-it's scary"- Ameerul Ashraf, 2012.


Somehow I still look at him as that's the first time we meet. Those gentle smiles, friendly eyes and sincere laugh. Truth be told, he's actually one patient guy. I admit that it can be the scariest moment when I get angry. He said, "It feels like you don't know me anymore, as if I'm not your boyfriend. The way you talk, the way you yell, as though there's no more love in it".

True. I can be as scariest as the beast. Or more.

But there's something in him that I couldn't help myself feeling so lucky. He's so patient. I mean, how many times do we fight and he gives in without keeping scores? Almost all the time. And for that, he labels me as an ego lady. Unfair, yes but it's forgiven.

Like one day..

Ameerul, his friends and I went all the way down to Cameron Highland and you can tell me how crazy their roads were, I felt like vomit, I belched few times and I was being one annoying girl. My head was spinning like it wouldn't wanted to stop.

Once we reached there, everybody went out from the car to get the fresh air, Ameerul and I sat inside the car and I told him, I wanted to vomit. I was so serious. No kidding at all. He handed me a plastic bag and I asked, "Don't you feel disgust?", he said, "No, but make it fast".

Then, like a car crash, it happened. Haha.

This was really one embarrassing story in my whole life. But never mind.

As I hold my head up, I saw he's heading to a dustbin with that plastic bag in hand. I was like, oh God, he'd really did it.

Ahha, this moment. If you can still remember. This was the moment when I felt that I was one lucky girl.

Ameerul Ashraf, you know what's scariest about you? When I overspent on something, and you scold me for that. And that time, I will run out of words to coax you. We are fair now. Win.

P/S: Happy 28th month anniversary. 28 months but I still don't recognize your handwriting.