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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two things

"Two things that I'd really afraid about you. First, I'm afraid of losing you. And second, I'm afraid of you getting mad-it's scary"- Ameerul Ashraf, 2012.


Somehow I still look at him as that's the first time we meet. Those gentle smiles, friendly eyes and sincere laugh. Truth be told, he's actually one patient guy. I admit that it can be the scariest moment when I get angry. He said, "It feels like you don't know me anymore, as if I'm not your boyfriend. The way you talk, the way you yell, as though there's no more love in it".

True. I can be as scariest as the beast. Or more.

But there's something in him that I couldn't help myself feeling so lucky. He's so patient. I mean, how many times do we fight and he gives in without keeping scores? Almost all the time. And for that, he labels me as an ego lady. Unfair, yes but it's forgiven.

Like one day..

Ameerul, his friends and I went all the way down to Cameron Highland and you can tell me how crazy their roads were, I felt like vomit, I belched few times and I was being one annoying girl. My head was spinning like it wouldn't wanted to stop.

Once we reached there, everybody went out from the car to get the fresh air, Ameerul and I sat inside the car and I told him, I wanted to vomit. I was so serious. No kidding at all. He handed me a plastic bag and I asked, "Don't you feel disgust?", he said, "No, but make it fast".

Then, like a car crash, it happened. Haha.

This was really one embarrassing story in my whole life. But never mind.

As I hold my head up, I saw he's heading to a dustbin with that plastic bag in hand. I was like, oh God, he'd really did it.

Ahha, this moment. If you can still remember. This was the moment when I felt that I was one lucky girl.

Ameerul Ashraf, you know what's scariest about you? When I overspent on something, and you scold me for that. And that time, I will run out of words to coax you. We are fair now. Win.

P/S: Happy 28th month anniversary. 28 months but I still don't recognize your handwriting.

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