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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Malam raya

One day before Eid. Mom was starting to nag. Haha. She woke me up early in the morning telling me to do this and that. And the other siblings too. So we rearrange some furniture, clearing up the house and all.

We bought pelita too! Am so excited cause we will celebrate Eid at my mom's kampung. At my mom's house. Which is a total happiness - we rarely celebrate Eid here, so this time is a bit different, k?

Much less looks like this.

And Eid this year with our new baby girl, Hafizah, our cutest cousin. She's so brilliant and her eyes are so naturally big, I'm so jealous (glaring at my fake contact lenses). 

So after everything was done, Mama said, "Wash your feet and slippers before entering the house! I'm afraid the sand will stick on yours!" (With widened eyes!)

This is a proof, am never gonna delete this pic. Hah hah!

Meanwhile, malam raya in the kitchen is a little bit like this...

Phew. A lot of things more. And as I'm writing this now, Mom's still waking up cooking.

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