Alya Qistina

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farewell Iftar

Let's not focus on my pimples now. 

Well, as an ex Tawakkal staff, I think I need to always maintain a good relationship with my ex colleagues. Hm that's maybe too formal. No, but hell yes, I missed them. So bad. I mean, I missed the urge and excited feeling waiting for ThePopLook parcels to arrive and everybody will gather  at one place, waiting for the parcels to be opened. And of course, the war that they create during makan makan time! Haha.

So we had an iftar together. So called of me and Iffni's farewell dinner as well.

Look at these hungry faces. Iffni was sitting next to me, she was being all quite. She told me then, "I'd never thought that it would be this surprise, I'm touched now".

Yes, you softhearted girl. But still, abnormal eating pattern of her, never change. -__-

Some pictures guys! Click! Click!

One senior colleague, I called her Kak Mas, she gave Iffni and I a cute monkey teddy one each. I was like, "This gonna be a good brother to Orix!". Haha. God, nobody knows I love monkey so much, so I wouldn't want to sound so weird. But, no secret now. Thank youuuu Kak Mas, you made my day!

I'd really appreciate the time you guys had been spending on me on that night. Thank you so much for the effort and support from you guys. I'm so gonna miss you all. This may not be the last time that we meet. Someday, we'll meet again, I know. I always know that. :)

And, everybody was recording some words, advice and spirit to me in videos form, that I keep in my handphone so I can keep viewing them wherever I go. Abang Sem said, "Jangan balik Malaysia kalau belum jadi pharmacist". God, please. Haha. But my most favourite vid among all was this!

"Kahwin sama-sama"

Okay. :)


  1. ehmmm, was that "kahwin sama-sama" from meee?? ahaha im serious okayy.

  2. pharmacist to be! good luck in ur future undertakings! :D

  3. I have been reading your blog, seems like you're going to Egypt soon eh? :) I'm currently a student in Egypt too :) Which part of Egypt are you going to?

  4. Zuraini: Thank you so much. :)

    Qurratu: Thanks for reading. True, I'm going to Egypt this Sept, to be specific, it's Zagaziq. Glad to know that you're there too. Any tips, senior? :)

  5. Hehe ohh I'm in Alexandria, nanti kalau nak datang shopping boleh drop by :) haha baru kenal enn. Seriously Qistina I think you are more well prepared than I was masa I first time pergi Mesir. hehe. Good job good job. :)

  6. Qurratu, happy to hear that. Dekat Alex amik apa? Alhamdulillah, so far so good, sebab kawan-kawan kat sana banyak share experiences dorang. And now, you too. Thank you. :)