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Friday, August 24, 2012

Raya with Dolls

I'm done with HALF of the preparation of going to Egypt. From the small thing like buying the stationary and toiletries to open a new bank account. Thank God. But still, need to settle up few things more. 

And raya must go on. 

Dolls time. It was really fun cause we're actually hadn't meet each other for so long. So basic question was, "So what's up now?" or "Psst any new gossips?". God, I missed them. So we are planning for some holiday getaway or gathering before I fly off to Egypt. That's too mainstream. And after this raya, everybody will be so busy with their own life, work and all, including me.

(I have a week of orientation programme next week! Godd, I know how boring that would be. Orientation is never can be compatible with me.)

See you next raya ladies, insyaallah, if I come back here. Or maybe next 5 years. *cries a river.

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