Alya Qistina

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty pretty wow

This entry is special made for this girl above, Nurafiqah. Because she kept telling me to write a blog post bout her. She's the only wacky friend that I have. But still, the one that I love so much.

Her birthday fell on last hmm 2 weeks and now I only have a time to update about it. I've been busy, I hope she will understand. But still, I should be ready for some nags. Haha.

And at that particular time, she was in KL! So Ibtisam and I took her for a dinner.

Some dramas were included.

Me and Ibtisam.

And her fruit juice that made her diarrhea after that night. Poor little girl.

I was working evening shift at that time, so after I came back at 9 pm, Ibtisam took me out from Tawakkal. See, I'm too love in Tawakkal and I was wearing the uniform without feeling even slight embarrassing. Sigh.

Happy birthday Ficha. You know how much you mean to me. I love yaaa!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ultrasound check

I had a mammogram appointment last month and I was so concerned about my health and this wasn't my first time doing breast check.

Call me health psychotic but honestly I was detected with 2 lumps on mine. Gosh, I should be worry, am I?

Since it wasn't new to me, so I may be less worry about it. I have been diagnosed about this since last 2 years where my lumps were getting bigger and sometimes it hurt.

But when the doctor said, I was too young for mammogram test, (I'm only 22, so mammogram will be a little bit dangerous to me), so they changed it to ultrasound test. Pheww. I was allllll thankful. Ultrasound was much more exciting and a lot less painful. And a bit ticklish.

I chortled a lot during the test.


Seriously, you can't bring me anywhere or else you'll end up regret with embarrassment. Hihi.

But good news, everybody. The result was out and I'm all breast cancer-free! Or even the symptoms. Alhamdulillah.

But since I was detected with lumps (and now I still have it), so I keep doing the manual breast checking all the time.

Girls, this is serious. Taking care of your own health is important. Learn how to do self-checking. Remember, beautiful isn't only about physical appearance but mentally and health too. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ameerul told me a story..

When he was eating at this stall, this makcik who works at the stall called him. She said, 'Ada budak ni minat kat hang. Hang nak ka?'.

Ameerul asked her, 'Siapa makcik? Anak makcik ke?'

Makcik, 'Eh dok eh, tu ada budak sekolah, suka kat hang'.

Ameerul, 'Haha yeke makcik. Biarlah dia belajar dulu'.

HAHAHA. I was laughing so hard.

Then Ameerul said to me, "Oh now you don't feel threaten, are you? Because she is just a high school student, so you feel secure."

I said, "No, I mean, this is funny. Somebody fancies you. You're hot. Oh Gosh".

Ameerul replied, "But you still don't care. I hope someday that those girls at university will fancy me too. I want you to feel insecure".

I said, " I don't care on how many girls would have a crush on you, they get a right to fancy anyone they like. Because I know you'll always love me. And I love you too".

Ameerul, "Oh whatever".

HAHAHA. Sometimes, man needs attention too. Maybe I'm not a jealousy woman type. But that doesn't mean I don't care about him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Y U NO Study Earlier?

I was scheduled to work on night shift and guess what, I'm having insomnia. My eyes refuse to sleep. Because maybe I stay up on night, and the next day, when everybody wake up to go to work, I'm just starting to sleep. It's like, my world now is slightly on reverse.

I found 4 pm as my new morning. Sigh. Maybe I should live on Pluto. It has day longer than other planets. But since it was stripped as one of the planets, so come back to Earth. That's better.

I couldn't sleep, so I rang Ameerul, but he had loads of assignments to be done, too many lab reports to be completed, so I thought of giving him some space.

So I texted my best friend, Shushy.

Me: Hi gemuk, dah tidur?
Shushy: Not yet. Assignments. Anything happened?
Me: No nothing. Okay, good night.
Shushy: I know you miss me. I miss you too, Pendek. Night Q.

And I texted Syadie.

Me: Hi gemuk, dah tidur?
Syadie: No. 2 kilos of assignments. Why?
Me: Oh no nothing. Okay, good night.
Syadie: Err? Okay. Good night babe. I love you. Okay bye.

I played games. Game over. Then I flipped through all my university's pictures and suddenly I realized how Ameerul, Shushy and Syadie and maybe some students out there, work so hard to complete their assignments. They sleep late, they sacrifice their sleep time just to make an infallible outcomes.

And I remembered my uni life last time, I was bad. I studied last minute. I didn't care much about my class timetable unless my classmates told me. I didn't know what time those tests would be. I stayed up late to play games on laptop and sometimes doing self-manicure rather than studied what lecturers would teach us the next day. Maybe because I had such great housemates cum classmates so they took care of me and always told me important things about studies.

But at least, I'd never missed to go to classes. *clap

My uni life was great. Everyday was like a miracle. It's wonderful. I had such amazing friends, cool lecturers, wacky housemates and I met guys there. Ehem. Ehem. But I played a lot. No wonder my dad called me more than 3 times in a day before, just to ensure that I was doing okay.

Like in the lecture hall,

We snapped pictures in every 15 minutes. Sometimes we played games on paper.

Playing around with Mr Skeleton in lab while everybody was busying with experiments.

Playing with those pharmaceutical stuffs rather than complete the medication on time.

But then..

Studied and memorizing weird terms 15 minutes before test.

Sometimes, in group.

But once they were done, I was doing it alone. This time, all that I could think was, "Next time, I'll study earlier".


But it never happened.

I was still, last minute study-not enough sleep-regret-got the results-results were okay-last minute study again.

And I didn't graduated as a best student. Hehe. Well, as expected. But really, I had 6 semesters throughout my diploma program, and only 4 semesters were allowed to have pointer. Final year didn't count, we had internship. So these 4 semesters in rough, I only scored Dean List on semester 4. Semester 1, no but 3 pointer. I told people, "Pharmacy is tough". Semester 2, no. 3.49. Shit, so close. But I didn't felt guilty, I kept playing like I had no feeling towards my education life. What was I? Cow? And semester 3, no Dean List but still 3 pointer. Forth semester, 3.71. Dean List for the first time. I studied on semester 4, I swear.

My dad was the first that I called. Because he's the only one who knew really well how playful I was. And when I say I got Dean List, he was like, "Huh? Really? Was it real? Double check. Already? Okay good. Good."

Now, when I think about it back then, I just wanna shout, WHY I NO STUDY EARLIER? Or else I wouldn't end up working like this. *cries a river.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why now?

Honestly, I don't check my emails everyday. I mean, there's nothing I could log in and check for everyday. Facebook notifications? No thanks. Unless, if I buy things online and only I could log in to see how things going on.

So, I've signed up the Johor Premium Outlet VIP Club. So think they think they can keep sending me those emails about their promotions, products and whatnot.

And I received this..

Too cruel and much tortured me. I mean why now? Why should it be now? In the middle of me have to get my things settled up.

And then I realized, the promotion is for Valentine's Day and it can't be changed.

More promotions please?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of a Palazzo Pant

I saw this on the online shop and I bought it.

Because I found this unique and cute. Not because I wanna be one of those unique fashion crimes, but please, sometimes we have to give people a try. Why don't we?

Though I had no idea what to match this pant with, what handbag should I paired it with, but I was still happy and stupidly felt so nervous waiting it to arrive from the day I bought it.

Since I was staying at UiTM hostel during my visit to Penang, so everytime I wanna go out, I should met a lot of UiTM students but I kept pretending as if I was still a student there. No one recognized me. But when I wore this pant, why was everybody kept staring at me?! As though I didn't wore anything!

And Ameerul said, " You walk far far away from me lah okay". This man's crazy!

Shushy said, " Oh wow, you actually wear that pant "

Shushy's guy friend said, " Qis, that pant. Haha. What's UiTM students said? Hahaha".

Seriously, you guys.

But I love it. Who cares? :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Book worm

Things have changed so much. You know what's Ameerul new hobby? Reading. Oh my God, for real?

He even brought his lecture notes when dating me. I was so embarrassed. I mean, how that pieces of papers could be more attractive than me? Hehe. He told me something like, " This is for future. You don't want to eat sand, don't you?" Yeah right, right.

And guess where we went?

Book store, for God sake.

See, even made this book store as his own place. He spent more than one hour choosing out what's the best book to buy. So I said, " Buy all that you want. If you find that you don't like it, then sell it."

He didn't listened. He didn't care. He's just biting his thumb finger reading the back of the book and ignored me. What should I feel now? Unwanted?

He asked me to hold his potential-interesting-to-buy books, and out of my kindness I secretly took some books that I like. Sophie Kinsellla, who could deny?

I've done with all shopaholic series except this one Mini Shopaholic. Last time, when I was on my way to MPH, my friend Shushy called me and said, "Don't go buy that Mini Shopaholic, you'll end up regret. Please, don't buy it". She said it half begging. I know right, she wanted to buy me that book as a surprise. So I didn't buy. And I feel so happy that I knew I would get that book. But later that I found there's no more surprise for me, because she didn't had a time to go out and buy. She just said that!

Oh God, seriously. Giving other people some hopes is cruel.

But Ameerul bought me another book, Very Valentine. Thank you but I didn't have such chance to read it again.

Happy face he made after buying those books. Win.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 am conversation

Her: You know what, my late grandfather had this one shop. Basically it sells groceries. Now, it has been 8 years since my late grandfather leaves us, my grandmother is still going to the shop. She sits on her own chair, eating, greeting the customers. She may be to old to help doing the things, but she never fails to go there everyday.

Him: She misses her late husband.

Her: Yes, I think so.

Him: It must be really hard. If we lose someone that we really love. Someone that lives with us, sleep together, eat together, doing things together, even raising kids together. Now when he's leaving, it must be really sad.

Her: Yes, right. My grandmother must feels really alone.

Him: Lucky that she still has their children. But that won't be same.

Her: What if I'm leaving?

Him: What if I'm leaving?

No answer.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short date

So we'd met after a month of not seeing each other. It's awkward. I didn't remember what I called him before. Hehehe. No, I'm kidding. But yes true that after a month of not seeing each other, there were so many things to update and to share.

And I, as always, just couldn't stop talking.

Until he got bored. Haha.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When sotong and kangkung mixed

Somebody advises me to never take Vitamin C containing food together with seafood. Because it will produce some reactions that can cause you bleeding inside. A serious case was reported that the blood didn't stop flowing from the patient's ears! I can't imagine how it happened. So start from that, I'd always note what I'm taking.

Like, this is chicken and I eat this with sayur kangkung, so okay, pass. And like, this is fish and I'm taking it with mixed vegetables, okay pass.

I'm in trauma, am I? Haha.

Last time when I was in Penang, I could tell you how much I loved eating Sotong Kangkung. It's basically a mix of sotong (seafood) and kangkung (vegetable with the slight Vitamin C only) and they pour yummy sauce onto it. Obviously, pass with high mark!.

And I went Penang the other day, there's no way for me to miss this!


Monday, February 6, 2012

First Night

I was scheduled to work on night shift on last 4th February. My really very first night at Tawakkal Hospital. It was a scary experience when you need to stay up the whole night (where you usually sleep at night) and what's worse is you need to work. I mean, we used to stay up late at night but we did it for fun, am I right? We go lepak with friends, surfing the internet, doing assignments while eating and listening to our fav songs. But now, tell me how am I going to do this?

So I thought I'd prepared enough...

I brought these. My fluffy pillow, haha. Boring novel (so I will feel sleepy and go sleep). Nasi that I ate at 3 am, packets of 3 in 1 coffee. I was all caffeinated all night long and since I'm not a coffee person, it left me such bad effects. I suffered from the shortness of breath for the whole night and my hands shivered non stop. My first night went all wrong. -__-

I swear to not take coffee again.

Logically, patients don't really come to the hospital at night except for emergency cases. So, while waiting for the medications top up from wards and patients to come, I'd went on Facebook and tell everybody how nervous was I to work on night shift for the first time. And suddenly I received a text message,

"It's not good to go online while you're working" - Obviously by my dad! -___-

Kak Hajar cut her nails while waiting for the patients. Maybe I should try manicure on my next night shift! Hehehe.

And I played Zombies vs Plant to help myself from fell asleep.

And some series of pictures of me and Kak Hajar.

Now you can tell me, how cool night shift is. Except when it leaves you this bump face!

At 3 am. -___-

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Why is everybody keep complaining about my lappy desktop?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bear statues

I'm not a big fan of teddy bear or what. But I found a lot of cute bear statues, they were cute so I went crazy.

Like this:

This was funny. This bear represented a country of Sweden. I didn't get why each bear statue had to represent each country. But never mind. Not too important to think of.

See, fat bear but still look good.


Uh oh. Was there a thin bear in between that? Hehehe.

Friday, February 3, 2012


This girl is Nurul Hajar, my colleague at Tawakkal Hospital. Just a colleague, I know her here. No blood relation and family bond.

But too many people asked us, "Are you two siblings? Or twins?"

"Do you have any family relations to her?"

"You resemble each other. Sibling or what?"

And we said, no. We only know each other here.

But sometimes when we are too tired of explaining to people, we just go like, "Yes, we are siblings."

"She is my sister. We both taking Pharmacy".

Easy right? Hehe.
Now tell me, do we look alike?