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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ameerul told me a story..

When he was eating at this stall, this makcik who works at the stall called him. She said, 'Ada budak ni minat kat hang. Hang nak ka?'.

Ameerul asked her, 'Siapa makcik? Anak makcik ke?'

Makcik, 'Eh dok eh, tu ada budak sekolah, suka kat hang'.

Ameerul, 'Haha yeke makcik. Biarlah dia belajar dulu'.

HAHAHA. I was laughing so hard.

Then Ameerul said to me, "Oh now you don't feel threaten, are you? Because she is just a high school student, so you feel secure."

I said, "No, I mean, this is funny. Somebody fancies you. You're hot. Oh Gosh".

Ameerul replied, "But you still don't care. I hope someday that those girls at university will fancy me too. I want you to feel insecure".

I said, " I don't care on how many girls would have a crush on you, they get a right to fancy anyone they like. Because I know you'll always love me. And I love you too".

Ameerul, "Oh whatever".

HAHAHA. Sometimes, man needs attention too. Maybe I'm not a jealousy woman type. But that doesn't mean I don't care about him.

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