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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Y U NO Study Earlier?

I was scheduled to work on night shift and guess what, I'm having insomnia. My eyes refuse to sleep. Because maybe I stay up on night, and the next day, when everybody wake up to go to work, I'm just starting to sleep. It's like, my world now is slightly on reverse.

I found 4 pm as my new morning. Sigh. Maybe I should live on Pluto. It has day longer than other planets. But since it was stripped as one of the planets, so come back to Earth. That's better.

I couldn't sleep, so I rang Ameerul, but he had loads of assignments to be done, too many lab reports to be completed, so I thought of giving him some space.

So I texted my best friend, Shushy.

Me: Hi gemuk, dah tidur?
Shushy: Not yet. Assignments. Anything happened?
Me: No nothing. Okay, good night.
Shushy: I know you miss me. I miss you too, Pendek. Night Q.

And I texted Syadie.

Me: Hi gemuk, dah tidur?
Syadie: No. 2 kilos of assignments. Why?
Me: Oh no nothing. Okay, good night.
Syadie: Err? Okay. Good night babe. I love you. Okay bye.

I played games. Game over. Then I flipped through all my university's pictures and suddenly I realized how Ameerul, Shushy and Syadie and maybe some students out there, work so hard to complete their assignments. They sleep late, they sacrifice their sleep time just to make an infallible outcomes.

And I remembered my uni life last time, I was bad. I studied last minute. I didn't care much about my class timetable unless my classmates told me. I didn't know what time those tests would be. I stayed up late to play games on laptop and sometimes doing self-manicure rather than studied what lecturers would teach us the next day. Maybe because I had such great housemates cum classmates so they took care of me and always told me important things about studies.

But at least, I'd never missed to go to classes. *clap

My uni life was great. Everyday was like a miracle. It's wonderful. I had such amazing friends, cool lecturers, wacky housemates and I met guys there. Ehem. Ehem. But I played a lot. No wonder my dad called me more than 3 times in a day before, just to ensure that I was doing okay.

Like in the lecture hall,

We snapped pictures in every 15 minutes. Sometimes we played games on paper.

Playing around with Mr Skeleton in lab while everybody was busying with experiments.

Playing with those pharmaceutical stuffs rather than complete the medication on time.

But then..

Studied and memorizing weird terms 15 minutes before test.

Sometimes, in group.

But once they were done, I was doing it alone. This time, all that I could think was, "Next time, I'll study earlier".


But it never happened.

I was still, last minute study-not enough sleep-regret-got the results-results were okay-last minute study again.

And I didn't graduated as a best student. Hehe. Well, as expected. But really, I had 6 semesters throughout my diploma program, and only 4 semesters were allowed to have pointer. Final year didn't count, we had internship. So these 4 semesters in rough, I only scored Dean List on semester 4. Semester 1, no but 3 pointer. I told people, "Pharmacy is tough". Semester 2, no. 3.49. Shit, so close. But I didn't felt guilty, I kept playing like I had no feeling towards my education life. What was I? Cow? And semester 3, no Dean List but still 3 pointer. Forth semester, 3.71. Dean List for the first time. I studied on semester 4, I swear.

My dad was the first that I called. Because he's the only one who knew really well how playful I was. And when I say I got Dean List, he was like, "Huh? Really? Was it real? Double check. Already? Okay good. Good."

Now, when I think about it back then, I just wanna shout, WHY I NO STUDY EARLIER? Or else I wouldn't end up working like this. *cries a river.

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  1. My pharmacy jacket! i'm still wearing that jacket up until now okay! rindu!