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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Doesn't this looked so cute? Hehe.

Imagine you're eating this while watching your favourite movie. Yummy. Awesome, isn't it?

My younger sister with the age of 17 taught me how to do this at home. I mean, I should feel a lot more like a loser, shouldn't I? I'm 22 and I have no clue how to bake. But never mind.

This was my really first time looking at this stuff. I was speechless like I found a new great invention. I wonder who on earth was being creative enough to invent this? I don't care if it's not that accurate cause it's just cool. Teaspoon and tablespoon and bla bla bla. What I know is teaspoon is 5ml and tablespoon is 15ml if in case you're going to give your children any syrup medicines. Nothing more than that.

My sister was doing this and I was just sitting besides her. I didn't knew how to do it, so silence is golden, am I right? Hehehe.



And LATER will be in your stomach! :)

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  1. cutenya nak jugak :') im 21 years of age and no nothing too :P