Alya Qistina

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

zoo, again.

So guess where did this happy boy went last weekend?

We were spending our Sunday at Zoo Negara! Haha. We were like almost die thinking where to go out. I was like, "Cameron jom" but "No lah, it's too high, jauh some more".

He went like, "Genting?" continued by "Cannot, jauh jugak, kereta tak service".

Because he had to go back to Penang on that night. Sigh, this student never failed to make me melt over him. He went back to Seremban and going all the way down to Gombak just to give me some presents that he bought for me during his past holiday. :D

I'm the luckiest girl ever. *blow nails*

So, is this that lucky girl? Hmm, not lucky anymore, with oily face and pimples some more.

Seeing the animals on the photo above, we were like, "Orix!". Haha. Everybody was being all jakun.
Giraffe. So tall. His tongue was too long and his neck too, obviously.

Savannah Park. Camels with only one lump. They weren't get active so much. I wonder why.

Alala, so cute... that elephant.

And tired face that he made after walking around all zoo's place. But still handsome even with half-open eyes. Hehe. In love with you again and again. Oh God, forgive this fragile heart.

And we went to this one nice shelter. It was so calm and peaceful. It might be because it was located right in front of nice, clean lake. BEAUTIFUL!

It was so clean in there and some storks flew happily and triggered a jealousy of freedom feeling on mine.

In front of that shelter. He was like, " Oh thank God sini ada kipas"

Boy will always be a boy. -____________________-

Going to some peaceful places was such a good stress reliever and therapy for me. I tend to spend my time on these kind of outdoor activities. So I was like, "Next time kita pergi rock climbing nak?"

He was like, "HAH?!"

Haha. Because I know he's not and won't be interested. Hehe.

But thanks for the beautiful weekend, boyfriend. You are the best ever. I love you forever and ever, babe. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

I love your angry face.

I often cry myself to sleep and wake up with huge bumps over the eyes in the morning and feel so empty. Orix is badly injured. His hand's almost break with the hanging threads while the cotton wool inside seem leaking out from it. Hehe, no, I'm not crying, don't be fooled.

This is old Orix. When he was still fine and new. I'll grab him every night and caress him like he might strokes like that.

And now that I got a new addiction; Angry Birds and Orix should really feels threaten.

See, doing researches towards Angry Birds, oh, I'm so addicted like that. And I kept mentioning Angry Birds like a lot in my every conversation and my boyfriend seemed to get very tired to hear it anymore.

Then he asked, "Do you want Angry Birds' teddy bear?"

I was like, "Nak!!". Like a hopeless child wanting sweet chocolate from her parents, duh. I was so not immature! Haha.

So he sent me this:

Hehe, seee. His angry face was so cute. :)

And I love that!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being noob working lady

So, I am now a working lady. Sounds old. WORKING and LADY some more. I missed the old times being university student and having fun all the way in everything. Sigh, old me.

Started my first day at Tawakkal Hospital last Monday, 20th June 2011. Remember the date please so everybody will please me with annually gift as a working lady every year. Haha. Boo.

I waking up that morning, wearing all new uniform's set and felt nervous towards everything! Colleagues, work, attire and everything, you name it.

But still, I have so kind-hearted people by my side who still love me the way I am. Mama texted me early in the morning and telling all of sadness messages. I almost cried! But thinking of make up that I have put, so let the tears remain in heart. :p

Papa, my lovable man on Earth. He texted me with a lot of useful advices. My uncle, aunty, friends, sisters and the rest were very nice too, wishing me good luck and all. I felt appreciated and flattered! Duh! Haha.

I'm grateful to Allah, He sends me these beautiful-inside-out people around me. Allah let me breath in those fresh, healthy environment with secure and warm relationship with others. I thank God for that.

My first day went great. Everybody was so nice to me, they were funny and warm in person. I fell in love with my new work environment where everybody seemed enjoying their works and having fun in helping patients. I love that!

I hope Allah bless me and leads me to the right path. Amin. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new world

I just finished my diploma. I’m freshly graduated, young-noob, first-time-working lady, you name it, that is me. I was blurred with my future. I wanted to continue my degree study and hoping to be accepted in Degree in Pharmacy list. That was a dream, an impossible dream.

You see, doing Degree in Pharmacy is not that easy. With 3.8 CGPA condition, competition and what so ever, I grad with just 3.36 CGPA, boo me, I’m not that brilliant Pharmacy student that couldn’t managed to get myself into the list.

I’m confused. If you were be given three choices, what will you go for? First, continue doing degree in ANY COURSES but not Pharmacy. There is no way for me changing the course, Pharmacy is a part of my life, like an oxygen to me, I live with it. I don’t want to switch to any other course, no matter what.

Secondly, continue doing Degree in Pharmacy abroad. You see, Malaysia has fixed the condition; private or government the entrance condition is still 3.8, the only way is going overseas. Look, this is too sudden. Going abroad is such a risk. You investing so much money that you should get in this short period of time on something that you’d really blur of. The thing is I can’t go now.

Thirdly, working with my diploma certificate for an amount of time, get enough money from that and continue doing degree abroad. And this is my current decision.

Alhamdullilah, everything seems flies so fast. I finished my diploma and managed to get myself accept to work in KPJ Tawakkal Hospital, KL. As a Pharmacy Assistant, clearly. Where else to go with only diploma certificate level?

I’ve sent my resume to another 5 to 6 hospitals excluding Tawakkal Hospital but only Tawakkal called me out for an interview so far. I went for the job interview on Wednesday and received the job offer on the next day. Wohoo, I’m so grateful. Allah has made it so perfectly for me. I have no idea, how easy that could be with actually the heart-broken of mine for the hopeless degree continuation study. Allah let me work here so my heart gets enough mending for what happened.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A year friends

Oh my, I haven't blog for so long. I missed that. Seriously, when you get older you actually have to sacrifice in almost everything. Time for friends, time for yourself, work and sometimes whatever you do, you actually have to consider everyone in your surrounding. Yes, we are not like kids anymore that crying wanting a sweet without considering anything. But still, parents give them what they want.

I'm 21, still young and I actually still learning and just started my life. I mean, I have to squeeze my brain thinking about my own future, it's complicated you see. I wonder how everyone survives their 21's well. Sigh.

And I, at 21, Alhamdulillah I finished my diploma. I'm thankful for what I've reached today. I met new people, making friends which I think is what I love and appreciate the most.

And last week, I officially had finished my a year of internship at Hospital USM. I mean like, I felt so sad to leave them. They were very nice to me. I learned a lot, it was fun you see when you've been surrounded by the bunch of great people in your field.

What I love the most is, I find friendship is like an oxygen to me.

This is 9 of us. Frankly speaking, we didn't actually talked to each other before. I'd never talked to Wahida even though we were in the same batch like we were sitting at the same lecture halls, listening to the same lecturer but seriously, we didn't even looked at each other.

Haha, it's funny how when we first met and we didn't knew how to address each other. Awkward, you see!

But yes, after being attached together, we were close like we holding hands to cafeteria. So girly.

Thanks for everything, friends. A year of everything that taught me to be a better motivational person. Love much!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favourite Man

Ameerul Ashraf. This picture was taken before we knew each other. He sent me this photo while we were chatting up on YM and that was after a month of our relationship.

I actually fell in love with him right after seeing this photo and he never knew that. I mean, this photo strengthen my love for him. Whoaaa.

And this is him, after a year of our relationship. He still look good, err at least for me. Hihi. Because I love this face and I'm gonna keep him with me FOREVERMORE.