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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A year friends

Oh my, I haven't blog for so long. I missed that. Seriously, when you get older you actually have to sacrifice in almost everything. Time for friends, time for yourself, work and sometimes whatever you do, you actually have to consider everyone in your surrounding. Yes, we are not like kids anymore that crying wanting a sweet without considering anything. But still, parents give them what they want.

I'm 21, still young and I actually still learning and just started my life. I mean, I have to squeeze my brain thinking about my own future, it's complicated you see. I wonder how everyone survives their 21's well. Sigh.

And I, at 21, Alhamdulillah I finished my diploma. I'm thankful for what I've reached today. I met new people, making friends which I think is what I love and appreciate the most.

And last week, I officially had finished my a year of internship at Hospital USM. I mean like, I felt so sad to leave them. They were very nice to me. I learned a lot, it was fun you see when you've been surrounded by the bunch of great people in your field.

What I love the most is, I find friendship is like an oxygen to me.

This is 9 of us. Frankly speaking, we didn't actually talked to each other before. I'd never talked to Wahida even though we were in the same batch like we were sitting at the same lecture halls, listening to the same lecturer but seriously, we didn't even looked at each other.

Haha, it's funny how when we first met and we didn't knew how to address each other. Awkward, you see!

But yes, after being attached together, we were close like we holding hands to cafeteria. So girly.

Thanks for everything, friends. A year of everything that taught me to be a better motivational person. Love much!

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  1. ishh terharu gile tau...... even though im not in the pic i cn still feel the sadness when you all have to separate. anyway goodluck for your life afterwards. :)