Alya Qistina

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new world

I just finished my diploma. I’m freshly graduated, young-noob, first-time-working lady, you name it, that is me. I was blurred with my future. I wanted to continue my degree study and hoping to be accepted in Degree in Pharmacy list. That was a dream, an impossible dream.

You see, doing Degree in Pharmacy is not that easy. With 3.8 CGPA condition, competition and what so ever, I grad with just 3.36 CGPA, boo me, I’m not that brilliant Pharmacy student that couldn’t managed to get myself into the list.

I’m confused. If you were be given three choices, what will you go for? First, continue doing degree in ANY COURSES but not Pharmacy. There is no way for me changing the course, Pharmacy is a part of my life, like an oxygen to me, I live with it. I don’t want to switch to any other course, no matter what.

Secondly, continue doing Degree in Pharmacy abroad. You see, Malaysia has fixed the condition; private or government the entrance condition is still 3.8, the only way is going overseas. Look, this is too sudden. Going abroad is such a risk. You investing so much money that you should get in this short period of time on something that you’d really blur of. The thing is I can’t go now.

Thirdly, working with my diploma certificate for an amount of time, get enough money from that and continue doing degree abroad. And this is my current decision.

Alhamdullilah, everything seems flies so fast. I finished my diploma and managed to get myself accept to work in KPJ Tawakkal Hospital, KL. As a Pharmacy Assistant, clearly. Where else to go with only diploma certificate level?

I’ve sent my resume to another 5 to 6 hospitals excluding Tawakkal Hospital but only Tawakkal called me out for an interview so far. I went for the job interview on Wednesday and received the job offer on the next day. Wohoo, I’m so grateful. Allah has made it so perfectly for me. I have no idea, how easy that could be with actually the heart-broken of mine for the hopeless degree continuation study. Allah let me work here so my heart gets enough mending for what happened.



  1. aww. veryy inspiring. Allah xwi rezeki alik koktu, Dia wi alah kokni pulok. anyhow, congratulations, qist! :)